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  1. i send photos and the log files again with like 8 pages opening when i get after 10 sec of live server pages not even my own but some knight 30 lvl with 5 items in each inverntory like 5 weipon and 5 ... i have 3 caracters lvl 1 1 and 3 in my own world kingdom i succede stay in for like 40 minuts and i got again lost concection when i got near the statue of my area same pages that are not my own open and i got conection lost after i got to log in the pages was on screen with no posibility of closing the game let a fithback close DIDENT CLOSE OR DO FEATHBACK .. HAHA ,MY ENGLESH IS BAD BY I LIKE THE GAME IS GOOD CAN BE FIX IS SUPERRRRR PLEASE IF OK FIX THE CONECTION ERROR AND ILL PLAY FOR 10 YEARS I SEND MAIL TO SUPPORT AND PHOTOS AND LOGS TO MR GORDON WALTON I AM RUNINING WITH ADMIN RIGHTS AND EVERY TIME FIX CHECK IF YOU NEED THE LOG AND THE PHOTOS I HAVE THE YET
  2. Hi am very ubset to see whats happening to me is my first day i download the game first i do what is in the download menu i load the game i get to the 3 options i go to load the get to 30 lvl i press enter world it starts loading it makes like 2 minute i get to see myself in game first time with you have been disconected from the server on the test download the saame wee lost conection with the host what is thje problem and how it can by fix please some help i have 24 h right i now is alpha and developer mode for that im tryng to get it what is rong and how is to by fix this is my pc specs not the best near but i think it shold function sory for my bad englesh i have cpu ..amd a6-5400k with radeon 3.60ghz ram 16gb ddr3 grafic card gtx 670 gforce 2gb windows 10 pro 1909 os build 18363.836 The anser from the ps What's strange is this in your player log, though you are already connected to our server before this. It's not something we've seen before:Curl error 35: Handshake failed. UnityTls error code: 7WebRequestManager error 0 _||_ Unable to complete SSL connection uri:https://cs-live.crowfallgame.com/bank/lobby_vault_check_bank_mail_query(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)Client is disconnected from the server.
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