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  1. I'm always up for some grog, although rum is my preferred libation. It is a terrible thing to be waiting for our much awaited games. Saying, "I'm playing this in the meantime" is like drinking non alcohol beer, a bitter taste and no buzz is all you have.
  2. Wow, now that should be the promo on the webpage front page!
  3. Baghdad Bob! Oh how I miss him so! As a Desert Storm veteran, he brought us so much laughter.
  4. Well if you are looking to join The Shipwrecked Pirares, I'd be happy to spend hours doscussing rum, it happens to be just about the only alcohol I drink on a regular basis. Now if piracy is your thing, well I actually earned my MA in History with a thesis on the subject. Although, that was 20 years ago, and my love of rum has dulled some of my memory.
  5. You make fine rum, that's all I got to say....
  6. Yarrr, the TSP will not suffer on the 2nd page... This is a fine crew to join, friendly and active and chomping at the bit for Crowfall!!!
  7. Can you give me some examples of other Disciplines? Sure. Here are a few examples. Standard Bearer Rune Caster Collector Lapidary Beastmaster Ratcatcher Blood of the Ancients Berserker Swashbuckler!!! Stonecutter Commander Can we take this as, there may be naval combat? Or will all Swashbucklers be Shipwrecked Pirates?
  8. I use one of these http://premaxltd.en.made-in-china.com/product/kvimXfPWgDcU/China-Wooden-Walk-Pirate-Kid-Wood-Toy-Children-Wooden-Walker.html
  9. Always reminded me of those Palmolive commercials. Yes I know that was Madge, but phonetically Maj works also.
  10. I'm former military, so I'm always up for a session of AAR. No, that is not After Action Review or Report. After Action Rum!!
  11. I'm planning on putting together a small gang of Skirmisher / ambush experts to engage primarily in economic warfare (raiding supply lines, harvesting areas and slaughtering enemy gatherers).
  12. Alpha Group 2 report'n fee duty, argh!! I always go fee Gold!
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