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  1. I dont see any link to download the client as an Alpha 2 access backer
  2. For those of us with the Alpha 2 access, where do we download the client, for the play test?
  3. I have been playing it for close to three weeks now (minus about 6 days for vaction) and I am pleasantly surprised about the mechanics of the game. Gathering and Crafting make sense, and they are integrate well across the tiers. If you play like you're in a race, as many unfortunately do, than still to one weapon / armor build and grind away at it. The game isn't designed for you to do just one thing, but you can if you wish to. I personally believe you should be able to gather materials, and craft your own gear up to tier IV (at a minimum) and perhaps tier V, if you intend to do a to of PvP. You can solo the game up to tier V, in relative safety, if you have access to a player settlement that is right next to a safe zone. But, if you have to travel through three or more FFA zones, just to get to your settlement, you're screwed. That brings me to the biggest problem with the game. If you are not in a guild that has a handful of players in game, minute one, and don't get to the settlement locations with enough silver to start one, you will likely suffer that disadvantage for a long, long time. Or until your settlement gets sacked or your members leave and join a better positioned guild. The seem to be quite a few parallels between Albion and Crowfall, Btw. It remains to be seen how different they play.
  4. I've eaten squirrel and rabbit before, I'm guessing guinea pigs won't taste much different. But, like you, I'd have to be pretty hungry. I didn't like the other rodents that much to try a new one.
  5. Essentially, every campaign world is a tournament, isn't it? Every guild that enters the campaign world, starts from the same starting line and has the same end goal. If you are suggesting to have a tournament within the (tournament) campaign, then wouldn't that divert resources from the main objective of winning the campaign?
  6. I can't answer this until they finish the sub classes. I'd lean towrds Duelist, but being a furry was not exactly what I had in mind. I don't see any that are a dual weild dps build, so I'm waiting.
  7. I'm always up for some grog, although rum is my preferred libation. It is a terrible thing to be waiting for our much awaited games. Saying, "I'm playing this in the meantime" is like drinking non alcohol beer, a bitter taste and no buzz is all you have.
  8. Can I trade you an Obama Phone instead?
  9. Well if specifically talking about PvP combat, I would argue that any game that has a consequence for losing in PvP conflict is a real PvP game. That would not include, you gain less than the loser, as it appears CF might actually be. Time sinks in and of themselves may not be significant enough to be considered true loss. Any MMO that has partial or full loot is a true PvP consequence. Experience loss is essentially a time sink, especially in a F2P game. Experience loss in a game were experience points are gained through real time, and where there is a subscription cost, is not merely a time sink. Item durability is a true loss, even though it takes some time to feel it. The ultimate is obviously perma-death, which no MMO has, to my knowledge. To answer the OP's question, the only MMOs that I have played that are true PvP games were / are: EvE Online, Darkfall, Age of Conan, Fallen Earth, Star Wars Galaxies, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Pathfinder Online, and probably a dozen more I can't think of right now.
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