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  1. Thanks for the enlightment 😃
  2. Isnt this Diablo 3? Mhm.. Are you playing US servers? I know it sometimes might feel superior playing over there but once campaigns will be global we might run along each others way I never wanted to to deny your game knowledge or hurt your feelings. Rereading my commment i dont think i have done so and i would appreciate you doing the same. Just because we might be playing on different servers or we dont agree on some portions of the game we still should keep this civil and try to argue within the game not going through our lifelong history of gaming in general. If it seemed like i wanted to push those boundaries i apologize. BTT: I never played Shadowbane so i dont really understand the meaning of this. Is this any different in Diablo 3? Uh- Sry i mean Crowfall (Sorry again i couldnt resist :D)? You can get hit by aimed abilites. Seems pretty straight forward that every ability in crowfall that you happen to aim to in the right direction will result in a hit. Otherwise it wouldnt be a stealth but more like "phasing"? I dont think we will ever agree on this one as i feel like if you have equal skill (including positioning), equal luck etc. you indeed should never get away if the enemy has twice the numbers you have. If that would be possible or worse you can win a fight while being outnumbered 1:2 there would be severe imbalances. I think i cant imagine any situation where this would be a gamechanger. Could you elaborate on situations/encounters that would have a different outcome by changing this? From what i understand the outcome is the same as long as there is any way to become faster while not in a fight (like a mount).
  3. Wow is a really good point (had similar encounters in mind) but with the current state of retaliate stunlocking isnt really a thing (from what i feel). Being completely honest i admit that i dont really like rogues because of exactly this. It just doesnt feel satisfying at all. If you have a good fight with someone who barely kills can make you feel good or like you want to try again. If you get ganked by a rogue 100-0 while stunlocked and there is nothing you can do except watch the rogue show his extraordinary cc chaining skills does in fact not make me want to fight him again. Thats why i feel like players should at least feel like they have a chance. From what i have seen so far balancing rogues isnt always the easiest thing to do and while it sucks for sin players if they are underwhelming i feel like it would hurt the game economy more if they where overpowered, so tweaking small things is acceptable for me until balance is reached.
  4. Yup. Exactly what i said. I like them being viable, but i also like having a chance. Edit: Its a thin line to reach that point. Thats why i like the lunge approach.
  5. I always hated it when assassins where able to 100-0 someone. If there is no point in even trying you can also go afk as soon as you see an assassin engaging you. This takes away so much fun. I know some assassin players do love that but i hope they are the minority. I prefer to kill my enemies if they have a chance and give me an even fight. (I am no assassin player tho)
  6. Let me understand what you just said: You think its a fun game where every stealth class should be able to restealth WHENEVER they want. So basically if they get attacked they never die because they just stealth and leave? Same thing you want everyone who is skilled enough to be able to escape every threat even if that is a HIGHER player count than your own? But all of this doesnt count to ranged classes because they dont need to kite at all and should always be caught by melees? What do you think ranged classes do once a sprinting melee is hammering away at them? I feel like it has always been that way that there are several "skills" each class can have and they all resolve around "Survivability, Mobility, High Damage output, Crowd Control" (There are probably more but this will be enough for the case). Most ranges have Mobility, and High Damage (cc to some extent). If you now decide to take that Mobility (Sprinting) away they become turrets with low life. (Remember a single catapult in a siege? Exactly.) I dont feel like that is a good idea. In my opinion Lunge adds some spice to melees that dont have much survivability, the ability itself just went a little over the top being able to charge whenever, wherever you want. Forgive me if that sounded rude but i am not sure how much fun a PvP game would be where all you do is fighting but no one dies (except the ranged classes because **** them in particular). On a more constructive note i would imagine if stealth classes just had skills for "stealth" and for "not stealth" it wouldnt feel like you lose an entire portion of your skills but much more like you trade them for others. Being outnumbered doesnt mean you are more skilled than your enemy. There are fights where you can get away but if you ask me i think its ok to lose a fight if they have equal skill but more players. If they do have the communication that one person keeps chasing you and the other tries to mount its your job to 1) kill his mate in the meantime, 2) prevent him from mounting so you can keep em both infight or 3) search for terrain where you cant use your mount or 4) die trying. Last but not least: Lunge might need some tweaking but i can see where it might be going.
  7. it just happened.. i have seen things.. things from the future! They have vanished now but i have seen them crystal clear. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27792-5125-live-patch-notes-for-73120/ sadly i have no idea how to insert a picture here is the link for what i am actually talking about: https://prnt.sc/trxmxi
  8. Rooq

    Archer Classes/Majors

    Wow this blew up overnight. Great to have some discussion on my favourite class 😃 Talking about races i have been testing a Half elf last campaign and i gotta say it was awesome. (Keep in mind that was when Woodelves still had 2 Dodges) Maybe only having a grey vessel is a huge point in this but 60 dex + 30 str more felt huge. Only once i had the feeling i wouldve survived with the Wood elf but other than that i was really happy. I also tested Shieldbreaker most of last EU campaign and it felt incredibly clunky. Wouldnt recommend, especially as i couldnt reach AP cap. Once i switched over to Forcemage i was baffled by how much dmg you can actually deal with a grey vessel (no quiver). Sadly i never made it to a "good quiver" as the ones i can craft on test right now dont really over much more in terms of dmg other than slashing/piercing/crushing. But it feels like SS and FM with a half elf is the way to go. You cap out on Damage Bonus% with the FM buff and you have some mobility. So you guys are talking about the 10 slots. With SS and FM i cant fill them up with "useful" spells (i dont consider the pig flute or the ricochet shot useful) Going with: Flare Arrow, Archers Stake, Hunker down (if that is considered useful),Force Wave, Rapid Fire, Binding Arrows, Kinetic Boost, Suppression shot. Ricochet shot feels so underwhelming, while Barrage would be a good spell if it wasnt channeled. (Arrow Rain that you just insta cast somewhere and the arrows keep going for 5-8 seconds while dealing little to no dmg (maybe a slow?)). So after all i feel like adding 2 skills is a slight nerf to the archer as there are simply no spells that we would want to use. Am i missing something?
  9. just checked with my guild and we got around 15 stacks of epic mats. You can just log in with a Hamster (+1) and the caravan buff (+1) to get +2 Pips on unloading. Dust seems to be a weird thing as you might farm more with elementals, but harvesting trees gives you some additional CE/Heartwood/Beeswax so efficiency wise it might still be better to go with harvesting. Note: Seems like the chests in the Campaign forts contain LOTS of dust. It feels so weird going into a campaign and not being able to harvest anything but knotwood.
  10. I am almost sure we got several stacks of epic materials out of the last campaign. You meant legendary?
  11. Melees seem stronger, so it might be time to have some melees again. Just had some scrims and that group with 2 Myrms did really well. Changes to dodge seem to allow more viability in picking races. Also allows for some nice plays around using 2 dodges and baiting that one big jump etc.. From what i have heard the lunge and possible exploits/sideeffects seem to play into this discussion having two large dodges (possibly 3) but i dont know much about this so ill just leave that to more informed players. Concerning our Frozen buddies i would say they cry really loud after being OP for a long time. Maybe they just need some time to cope with being mediocre like most other classes. Or the nerf really custarded em up. I would give it another week or two until they found some solutions or everyone stopped playing them. Truth is possibly somewhere in the middle. CC feels stronger. Even as an archer main i feel like my CC abilites became more meaningful. Also it doesnt feel like permaCC chains will become a thing, but who knows..
  12. Rooq

    Archer Classes/Majors

    Just did some scrims and i gotta say grey vessel, grey gear and the half feels so strong baiting out the dodges in on direction and dodging in the opposite direction immediately bringing 20m between you and the centaur thats chasing you. Felt good
  13. Hey Rangers, i'm back at it again, wondering what your ideas are as the new patch seems to shake things up a little bit. 1) Dodges and Woodelves: Do you feel like the new Dodge mechanism (1x20m or 2x10m) will change the view on "you need to play woodelfs for the dodge!"? - One quick look at the stats makes me think that woodelves seem to lack some stats early on, but have good caps going into purple/legendary vessels). 2) Retaliate and CC: With CC immunity being much harder to obtain and much shorter do you feel like Escape Artist is a 100% must have now? - I havent done scrims yet but i feel like those changes almost force us to have some kind of free action or we go to the elken 10000000m+ archer where our targets are outside of renderdistance
  14. I dont agree that you wont be able to compete. If you have a community that will join the same faction and joins voice regularly there is no benefit in having a guild at the moment. The only "downside" is that other players that randomly joined your faction might benefit without contribution. On the other hand some might just join you if you are organized and get things going. Most guilds in EU had around 10-15 players online, NA has a higher population and the next siege will be "global". So if you manage to bring at least 15 players together you have every chance to not be outnumbered. Btw: a new patch has recently hit the test servers and once those go live there will be an item wipe resulting in the best time to start the game being pretty soon. (Get a feel for it on test and you could already start passive skills)
  15. does that count for ek items that i currently have stored in my bank/in my inventory aswell?
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