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  1. The Damage numbers are very small. Maybe because of the Resolution (1440p)
  2. I feel like that is enough to make them viable. Thinking about big scale fights having those extra hp can make the difference.
  3. The Human dodge seems to be fast than the Half Elf Dodge. Hope this clip kinda shows it.
  4. How did you get that result? I just tried it with my archer and everything worked fine. I used a Basic Bow, no gear, no disciplines and got consistent Damage increases from 18 (basic arrow), 34 (advanced arrow), 42 (Slashing Quiver), 50 (Bleed quiver)
  5. Reverberating Blow: Tooltip does not say range cant be extended. Range is fixed at 6m. (So the "bug" is either the tooltip (more likely) or the missing added range (less likely)). Reverberating Blow with range would be nice. Pushing the missing archer double shots talent.
  6. Where has the ranger double shots talent gone? Seems like it is lost. This should be a bug as the trick shots talent still improves the (nonexisting) double shots. Edit: Thats 50% missing damage.
  7. Probably a bit outdated and only a tooltip bug, but the Ranger ultimate tooltip says 500 Cost, it does however drain 3/4 of the bar (if my math is correct that would be 750).
  8. Rooq


    I only had a quick glimpse at the disciplines yet but from what i have seen you will not only be missing the 10% from talents (arcane archer has the same problem) but also will be missing on some disciplines that seem essential to work with a poison build. If it worked that would be awesome tho.
  9. Rooq

    Archer Quiver

    Executioner is/was a Confessor only Discipline very misleading name though. Sorry for the late answer i was on a break
  10. Why would you give a "healing" domain like nature to the archer spec? Wouldnt something like wind make much more sense?
  11. Unfortunately i am unable to find the link where i found it but about 2 months ago i had a similar discussion with a guildmate and we found that they explicitely stated that any program/macro etc. that provides players with an advantage (e.g. retaliate macros/loot macros whatever else you can think off) are 100% not allowed to use.
  12. Seems to be related to the Frostweaver Ice., Ranger Flare: When planting more than one flare at a time, once the first flare disappears every other active flares visual effects will become invisible, while the effect itself will remain active until the time is up.
  13. I just wanted to show you this awesome screenshot i made when i stumbled through the Winterblades EK. Looks awesome.
  14. Rooq


    Maybe i went a little over the top with what i said. I apologize if you felt that way. Let me rephrase. By the time you gathered all the ressources and used your time to craft it yourself, you could have farmed more gold, paid someone for the craft+mats and would have gained a better one for less gold. Fastest way is to have a guild where everyone specializes in doing one thing (e.g. farming wood/farming ore, woodworking/leatherworking etc.) and by the end of the day you throw together what you gathered and craft some weapons/quivers for everyone. Using around 5 hours (estimation as start
  15. Rooq


    I actually did some recent testing on this: Crushing will stun for like 3 seconds? Retaliate cancels that though. Piercing damage is 100% the highest damage output. Due to the fact that you can charge your 3 attacks faster than your bleed finishes your damage gain is lower than one would think. With my testing setup (Quiver with 16% Bow charge speed) it resulted in 3-5% more damage than the slashing quiver. When using bleed you have to keep in mind the following two things: 1) You are applying a severe bleed which will overwrite any existing "normal" bleed. This means a to
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