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  1. There's always been something a tad off to me about pack pigs... those trunks, those feet... they're not really pigs, are they? And look at those feet! Pigs don't have toes, they have hooves! There's no way they're pigs! But there's a creature that explains all of this- Tapirs! that's right! we've been abusing our poor endangered friends, the snoothorses, this entire time! look at that face! they want nothing of our wars and violence! (in hindsight I realize they were originally called Guinea Beasts in the kickstarter, which is one of the places they come from irl. so I guess that explains if the resemblance was intentional.) thanks for coming to my ted talk
  2. Honestly I don't write much, and especially not about games- but there's something about the way the lore is built and everything is explained by it (where most games leave huge holes like "why does resurrection work, does this happen to everyone?") that made this story bounce around in my head. what's it like to become a crow? does it hurt? do they know who made them as they are? either way, I had to get it down somewhere before I went to sleep. not quite sure if this is the right section of the forum for it, but thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
  3. It lasted but a moment. A last gasp of a warrior left dying on the battlefield. A single glistening raindrop, hung suspended amidst a rainstorm. A string pulled tight on a bow or instrument, the finger prepared to release and allow it to sing, or pull harder and snap it. A single second that stretched on into infinity. A moment was all it lasted. A familiar voice I had never heard. A language I understood but did not know. Words that I could not hear, but still imparted meaning. I was offered a choice, that in hindsight, was not a choice at all. The being I am could not have made any other decision, and I'm sure they knew that. The choice was part of a ritual, a formality decided upon before any thought or speck of me had come into existence. A choice. I asked why, why this, why me, why now? I got the sense of a laugh in response. Not all of them would've laughed, would they? I will never know which one of them did it, but the laugh narrows it down a bit. Or, at least, I choose to think it does. There was a sense of considering. Of measuring something to be put to use, examining a tool or weighing out flour to make bread. The item itself does not matter, only the purpose does. To them, there was no more to me than the use they could extract from me, the purpose they could put me towards. I made my choice. It truly was no choice at all. There was no consideration, despite not being given any sense of impatience. It was automatic. Like the response to a call in a sailor's song or a prayer, the last step in a ritual. There truly was never any question. The tension increased. I'd like to think I screamed, but there was nothing left of me to scream. My perception grew to the size of the moon, to the size of Gaia herself, and shrunk to the point of a pin, all at once. I was being torn apart and pressed together, seared and frozen, deafening sound and the silence of the dead. I immediately regretted my choice. When my shattered being had pieced itself together, I hovered over my body. The world around me was distorted, tinted blue. Sounds warped and echoed like hearing underwater. My namesakes flapped among the field of the dead and dying, tearing at eyes, tongues, lips, innards. I considered leaving. I considered soaring to the shattered moon, and never returning- but something tugged at me, bringing itself to my consciousness. A simple tool, learning its intended use. I willed myself in the direction, my body forming aerodynamically behind me, my wings bearing me towards my destination. I wondered if I would even fall if I stopped flapping, or change course if I turned around, or if some invisible force carried me onward to the purpose I had agreed to. Strings reached out and tied me to the living world once again. In all my bodies, in all my lives, there's a moment at the edge of sleep and consciousness, where I can feel those strings. A crow suspended, trapped in a vessel, tied with threads fine as spider's silk and strong as steel. I wonder if I was always a crow, and the awareness was always there, I simply didn't understand what to look for. I wonder whether the choice never truly changed me, and I had been as I am from the start. As far back as my memories reach, though, that is the wall I cannot breach. That moment is where I end and start.
  4. Celuria


    @jtoddcoleman when am I gonna get to have a lovely little farm in my EK to tend between campaigns?? if you don't I'll reveal your greatest secret- what the so called "pack pigs" REALLY are... pls don't smite me my guild put me up to it on a non-joking note, it sounds silly but growing easy-to-find produce like onions, carrots, ginseng, potatoes, maybe even mushrooms would be a nice relaxing activity between campaigns, and go a long way towards making cooking feel less "run around in circles foraging in the woods for 2 hours like a hermit." there isn't a huge demand for these products, most players pass them up even though there aren't any buffs that make it so you get more than 1 per plant, so I doubt it'd have any huge lasting effect on the economy- especially if there were long grow times and EK produce wasn't importable into campaigns. and while I know EK's are tended to be static and not really grow, just kinda be a cache of your hero's stuff frozen in time, a little touch of something that you get to tend there would make the whole thing feel more alive- that and incentivize logging in on a daily basis to play, even between campaigns. I don't really have any concept of how hard such things are to implement, though, and I understand that this game is going in a more hardcore pvp direction, with crafters having a heavy role to supply all that, so farmville might not be conducive towards that atmosphere. But, from a normal gentle casual player who is picking up pvp (and enjoying it more than intended) for the sake of playing as a centaur, I have one argument- Please? thanks for coming to my ted talk
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