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  1. Darling, did you READ our 99 year marriage contract? Yes, I know it was long and had a lot of small print, but you have already given me.. well everything.. forever. You don't really have anything left, just what I LET you have. *kisses* good boy...
  2. Thorbienn! There isn't a lot of mind there to play with, darling husband mine. Just sayin' !
  3. Mongo! Go put your elf hat on *stomps foot*
  4. Damn... caught by the Ellestor! And after what you said last night...
  5. Hello, my freaky darlings! Here I am right beside Mongo... as always and still translating Mongo-speak for the masses.
  6. What else was Thanksgiving morning for.. .after you put the turkey in the oven at dawn.
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