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  1. wonder how long it took you to type that with only one hand available. Glad to see the Zybak of crowfall guilds is still doing things no one cares about.
  2. I like all of these ideas. I also really like the theme of using pre existing game functions to do it as i feel like it makes the idea and the possibility for change more viable. I just wanted to also say that it would be nice to see resource nodes favor the outposts more. if resources were more abundant around outposts than they are now they would hold a lot more value in the eye of the player. if guards were slightly stronger it could make those outposts very nice to have for a harvester.
  3. I have studied at some of the top pizzerias in all of the tri-state area. I have felt the comfortability of the booths. eaten the slices. and therefore I know good crowfall builds and this build is definitely made by someone who lacks a basic knowledge of this class and this game. You can tell by the way he's meading the dough at 2:32 in the video. thats clearly not how you make a pizza. infact now that i take a second look at this video i dont even see a single pizza in it. what kind of crowfall build video is this? I think we all know what you did wrong here.
  4. im so confused by this post. whos point of view is this written from? are you putting out fan fiction patch notes?
  5. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). amount of time needed to level is nice loot distribution and availability level on the map has gotten better(post 6.2). It seems like most forms of loot have become a bit more scarce and that's made the gameplay feel more weighted and meaningful. all scales of PvP feel "good". I dont know how else to explain it but I can get into any scale fight in this game and(outside of frames at high numbers) no size of fighting in this game feels out of place.( A good example of the opposite of this is 5v5's in WoW. they never work and no one cares about them because the game isnt built for it.) You guys fill the opposite role in terms of gameplay compared to a game like that. variety of playstyles and classes has greatly improved as of the last patch. range of activities to do(plz see con number 1) Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? *Depth of activities* while the variety of activities are decently numerous, the actual activities themselves don't have much depth to them. once you've seen one warcamp and fought 1 mob in it youve essentially seen all warcamps and have fought all mobs in them(obviously with varying levels of health and damage) *low level of engaging gameplay* while this can be said about many MMOs I think this is one that needs particular attention. this may as well be tied for number 1. There are very little ENGAGING activities to do that dont require 4-10x more time spent walking to/ setting up for than they do participating in them. We need some kind of engaging activities to do in the form of PvP preferably (arenas or some other small man content some form of content that the consumer is already familiar with and wont alienate the current population) *Need for guild in order to play* This one is self explanatory. most of your prospective player base isnt going to take the plunge to join a guild when they just get into the game. Its a commitment to make that most people dont want to NEED to make right off the bat. The unfortunate thing about this is that if they DO NOT join a guild they will never get an idea of what the game actually is because ALL of the meaningful content REQUIRES a guild. *Campaign cards dont encourage fun gameplay* Grinding mobs on an endless loop to put them into a fire is not fun or indicative of who won the campaign and is silly. *passive skill system based on a time gate* Part of me loves the passive skills but also the other part of me thinks that a straight up time gate is a little silly and another point to make people not want to play the game once its been out for a while and original players of the game have accumulated lots of skills. YES I PUT A 6 *SOME FORM OF A MARKETPLACE* Some people's entire prospective game loop revolves around the in game economy. please make some form of an online market place or search system in game to find items more easily and create trades. this will facilitate an active economy and actually fulfill the second half of most players game loops. if you guys cant do it then reach out to the plethora of people who would work with you to create something like this there was a question how much we log on i think: almost every day and have been playing since infected was brought to live
  6. I was about to make a post on this but it will probably be better if I just tag onto yours. I like your suggestion if they move forward with it. and yes you would def need a mechanism to stop people from farming. heres my take on it. @jtoddcoleman I like the idea of chests at capture points but it doesn't take care of the issue that was raised in the question that you responded to today with this idea.(that sentence was janky) The question raised the issue that the low player count roaming around doing small scale activities for loot made it hard for people to find pvp outside of siege windows. I don't think that the remedy for this is to add chests to capture points. If players already aren't out there for loot then loot doesn't exactly add much in terms of incentive and even if it did then they would still have all the other issues that come along with roaming around as a small group in a game like this. In the end the result will likely be the same. Your small scale issue is more than just an incentive problem (although incentive is a large portion of it). for some its the fear of being constantly outnumbered but for most Its that the activities that they're based around eventually become lack luster when you don't need anything from the mobs your killing. or barely need the resources you're getting from those pigs. OR flat out don't need pigs because you have forts. Leaving just the motherload grind as meaningful content for small scale.(hitting rocks in a group of 5 isn't all that exciting for some people, especially when they aren't a crafter that can do anything with the materials they're out grinding.) I personally would love to see some sort of formal arenas for small groups or even a separate area with one capturable point that operates as a king of the hill type of area. Even just the addition of some form of a PvP rank will go a long way to incentivize people to go out and fight. If you don't like those ideas and think they're not in line with your vision then why not add some sort of lattice system to forts based on the capture points you hold in the area. The more points you own the more materials make it through to your fort for you to gather every hour. honestly I'm curious to know how many people on here are thinking the same way as me. To be completely honest I think the one thing that will ultimately hold this title back is the lack of a well developed delivery system for player vs player content outside of the scheduled sieges. The large majority of people that will come to your title to play it will likely not enjoy the idea that the MUST join a larger guild or alliance in order to participate in ANY meaningful content and will likely not stick around to see what they missed out on.
  7. If I can’t block cancel on my knight at the end of animations it actually decreases my survivability by a lot in basically every size fight in this game. Guess I’m re-rolling again because they are going to need to completely rework this class now that they made this change. Interested to see how this all plays out in a fight but I’m not a fan of a blanket change to animation canceling. I agree with what @Hungry said. wouldnt it be easier to balance the few classes that actually had a real advantage from it rather than changing how it works and opening up an entirely new can of worms? we already knew the abilities that stuck out and created massive imbalance due to the animation cancelling....(slayers and that’s basically it) so why not balance those classes and those abilities rather than resetting the test environment where we now need to figure out a whole new landscape of what might be screwed up. and as a last thing I do also feel like this makes the combat a whole lot more bland and just all around less enjoyable. a fix like this in this manner just gives me the feeling you guys are either listening to the wrong things in these forum posts and suggestions or you’re not listening to them at all. But this feels really tone deaf
  8. Wow lots of good info here. that Galvia's pretty alright huh? 👌
  9. You just don’t see it because you aren’t reading what Wilbur is saying or more likely it’s the fact that you’ve never been in a guild or played the game outside of being a single roaming player as you yourself have admitted. (Mix that with the fact that you’ve never been in a siege as well.) the bane tree health is shown at the top of your screen at all times so you can clearly see if it’s being destroyed. what you’re seeing there is 3 slayers I think I counted all concentrating on a target. Slayer damage is possibly the most broken in the game right now. So it’s not a stretch for its enormous damage output to be able to put down a tree. (Although it’s overlooked by the enormous damage mixed with the aoe of the FG right now) This particular slayer is using 2 majors that when used together create enormous damage due to a bug in the game.(I’m assuming the bug applies to the bane trees the same way it happens to enemy players.)(I’m also assuming that he used it here but I didn’t pay attention to his abilities during the video) you say they shouldn’t be able to just get away. The reason they can just get away is because a slayer can dodge twice with I think a (20m dodge? Correct me if I’m wrong) then ult and dodge 2 times again...... then ult again and dodge 2 more times yet again. So if they do that in a straight line literally no one can catch them. An assassin or another stealth class can’t do that which is why you should listen to the response Wilbur gave you.
  10. I'm not advocating for its permanence but you do need to go down the FG tree for it to re apply its-self. so its only for FG's that it continues to re-apply on expiration, and even then the armor can be broken off and will need to be re-applied fairly quickly into a fight. what I do like and dont want to be changed is the way that its cast and applied. if you throw it on the group only timer then i can apply it to my group on command once it goes down and ill just do it on cooldown. even if it only lasts for a 20s period or something like that the ability to cast it on all party members in range will actually wind up making it stronger than it currently is. with the ability the way it works right now it becomes a challenge to re- apply it to anyone during a combat situation because they need to physically pick it up and no other person from your faction can touch it or the ability becomes a waste. if my group is in need of new armor i need to communicate with them or have very good aim/timing to apply it to them again thus lessening its effectiveness in fights that last longer than 30 seconds or so. what im basically trying to say is that the way the armor works right now keeps it from being applied at will during combat and slightly hurts the ability because of its difficulty to apply to a moving teammate actively engaged in combat. Most of the complaints i hear about the class is "X ability should be changed because it doesnt work like Y,Z abilities from these classes" i personally enjoy the subtle differences that exist between all of these classes and i respectfully disagree with making them all more uniform just for the sake of uniformity.
  11. Honestly man. The entire game is designed around group play and pvp. you’re already somehow active on these forums but haven’t looked at the guild section of the website. if you are in dregs and you aren’t in a guild at this state of the game you haven’t actually experienced what the game has to offer. And if you have only existed as a solo player then how in gods name do you even have an opinion on how good or bad the pvp is? however this is completely off topic from this post and it’s really de railed the original discussion. So I re iterate my view on the original topic. 1: addIng a line in the passive skill tree for bounty hunting would help spice up the skill tree as well as give a time sync/ decision that needs to be made in order to even partake in the activity giving weight to the fact that you decided you wanted to hunt bounties. 2: add a consequence to being caught by a bounty hunter that is actually detrimental to the player and will negatively effect them if they are caught. Right now the only thing I can think of is adding a vessel durability that only lessens on the head chop of a bounty hunter when you are their target. but the community won’t like that second one because it gives you too much skin in the game and people don’t like to lose stuff.
  12. So you’re suggesting that people don’t engage in one of the core activities in the game right now(open world pvp) because you feel that the population is too small? im sorry but I’m going to kill you if I see you out in the open farming mobs. Sure I’ll let you go sometimes to be nice but the game is an open world pvp mmo. If you don’t like getting killed then go make some friends and grind mobs with some protection. its not making the game worse for no reason like you say. It’s playing the game. you’re play testing this alpha to grind mobs over and over again. I’m playing it to fight other players. the fact that you haven’t grouped with anyone or played in a guild like your comment leads the reader to believe says that you haven’t even experienced the core features of this game. the game is very much a game... you’re just not playing it.
  13. I don’t mind the current delivery system for frost armor and I hope they don’t make it an active ability. It’s already extremely powerful. Having to physically pick up the armor makes it so that I can’t apply it to people with extreme ease in a tense combat situation. I have to actually try to aim it or use communication with my team mates to get them to pick it up and save their life. Also other team mates can accidentally pick it up and this just seems to add up to the player needing to work the ability into their team work. the fact I need to remove the ability and re slot it during combat if I choose to play that way just adds a layer to the game that I feel shouldn’t go away. I think making the frost armor into an active ability that maybe needs to be aimed would be going in the wrong direction as far as balancing is concerned but I can see it working if they do it correctly.
  14. I didn’t mention anything about frost armor because I was under the assumption that the devs had mentioned current bugs and were aware of issues with it. currently I wouldn’t mind having to be more active with my frost armor casts when in a group fight and if they make the changes I was talking about above I can see this becoming more of a thing especially if they take a step further to weaken frost armor a bit.
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