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  1. If I can’t block cancel on my knight at the end of animations it actually decreases my survivability by a lot in basically every size fight in this game. Guess I’m re-rolling again because they are going to need to completely rework this class now that they made this change. Interested to see how this all plays out in a fight but I’m not a fan of a blanket change to animation canceling. I agree with what @Hungry said. wouldnt it be easier to balance the few classes that actually had a real advantage from it rather than changing how it works and opening up an
  2. Wow lots of good info here. that Galvia's pretty alright huh? 👌
  3. Thank you for the video showing all of our (Visible) trebs firing on one wall section once the respawn goes down with only one treb alternating between ballistas and hitting that one section whenever the two ballistas are down. the farthest left treb that you see in that video firing on the other side of the gate was a W treb and not one of our Mk. 4's nor could it reach the section we were firing on anyway as far as ive been told. you cannot see our farthest right Mk. 4 treb firing for most of the video, infact the point you turn your camera far enough to have been able to see it a
  4. Just curious which vod this is from. Most vods had long intervals of time where they werent watching trebs firing due to deaths and fights with other players and I was just curious which vod you found that had a view of each treb in question firing for 100% of the video. a treb that was swapping between attacking ballistas and the wall section in question might appear that its constantly firing on the gate house when in actuality it was alternating every time a new ballista came into play between said ballistas and the wall section in question.
  5. i can’t make you understand what you refuse to understand. I haven’t once attacked you here. I’ve tried to make you see what you clearly refuse to see.
  6. I have clearly and concisely explained my point of view to you in my other replies. I’d rather not derail this thread any further.
  7. your opinion is based in a fundamental misunderstanding of game mechanics though. once an ability is on cooldown it can not be unslotted from your ability bar. you need to wait for the cooldown to be over then re slot a new ability. sometimes just the act of switching out an ability (like block / dodge for clerics) can lead to you or your team's death just because of the fact that you A. had to spend the time to slot the ability or B. made a bad decision on which ability to swap to. the choice to swap out abilities on your toolbar only serves to make the game more nuanced and in
  8. Just wanted to say that because you have single screencaps from singular moments during the siege that does not negate the mountain of video evidence that proves your point invalid. have a good day
  9. Im sorry but how would you know what is or is not intended by the developers. I dont mean to harp on you but i see you post your opinions all over the forums and i sincerely wonder why you come from such a point of authority on every subject when you yourself have admitted to never playing the game in a guild or outside of playing as a solo player. As we all know the game doesnt even really exist outside of being in a guild or at the very least being in a group of players. 90% of the games content is out of your reach. while this does not make your opinions invalid because all opinio
  10. You just don’t see it because you aren’t reading what Wilbur is saying or more likely it’s the fact that you’ve never been in a guild or played the game outside of being a single roaming player as you yourself have admitted. (Mix that with the fact that you’ve never been in a siege as well.) the bane tree health is shown at the top of your screen at all times so you can clearly see if it’s being destroyed. what you’re seeing there is 3 slayers I think I counted all concentrating on a target. Slayer damage is possibly the most broken in the game right now. So it’s not a stretch f
  11. I'm not advocating for its permanence but you do need to go down the FG tree for it to re apply its-self. so its only for FG's that it continues to re-apply on expiration, and even then the armor can be broken off and will need to be re-applied fairly quickly into a fight. what I do like and dont want to be changed is the way that its cast and applied. if you throw it on the group only timer then i can apply it to my group on command once it goes down and ill just do it on cooldown. even if it only lasts for a 20s period or something like that the ability to cast it on all party members i
  12. Honestly man. The entire game is designed around group play and pvp. you’re already somehow active on these forums but haven’t looked at the guild section of the website. if you are in dregs and you aren’t in a guild at this state of the game you haven’t actually experienced what the game has to offer. And if you have only existed as a solo player then how in gods name do you even have an opinion on how good or bad the pvp is? however this is completely off topic from this post and it’s really de railed the original discussion. So I re iterate my view on the original top
  13. So you’re suggesting that people don’t engage in one of the core activities in the game right now(open world pvp) because you feel that the population is too small? im sorry but I’m going to kill you if I see you out in the open farming mobs. Sure I’ll let you go sometimes to be nice but the game is an open world pvp mmo. If you don’t like getting killed then go make some friends and grind mobs with some protection. its not making the game worse for no reason like you say. It’s playing the game. you’re play testing this alpha to grind mobs over and over again. I’m playing
  14. I don’t mind the current delivery system for frost armor and I hope they don’t make it an active ability. It’s already extremely powerful. Having to physically pick up the armor makes it so that I can’t apply it to people with extreme ease in a tense combat situation. I have to actually try to aim it or use communication with my team mates to get them to pick it up and save their life. Also other team mates can accidentally pick it up and this just seems to add up to the player needing to work the ability into their team work. the fact I need to remove the ability and re slot it during co
  15. I didn’t mention anything about frost armor because I was under the assumption that the devs had mentioned current bugs and were aware of issues with it. currently I wouldn’t mind having to be more active with my frost armor casts when in a group fight and if they make the changes I was talking about above I can see this becoming more of a thing especially if they take a step further to weaken frost armor a bit.
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