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  1. Perhaps I am missing something, but my ranger, while in the Melee Tray, does not regenerate Energy. If I switch back to the Ranged Tray, boop boop boop up it goes. I hope this isn't another one of those systems where I gotta switch back and forth, like Druid. I dun figgurred it out!
  2. While I fine with the current vendor upkeep cost, I do not think the vendor should cost upkeep unless the EK is actually up and running. I understand that server capacity is low at the moment, and I am fine with unused EKs being offline to ease the load. However, the vendors should not be charging us on their days off. =)
  3. I can see your point. Maybe they could turn down the settings. IDK... But there has to be some happy medium. As APE suggested, No Exports. That would keep the everything out of PvP reach.
  4. I understand that time and money play factors. I am not demanding this to become the focus this instant.
  5. I see what you are saying, and that could be the caveat. Which honestly, would be fine. However, I do not appreciate you "quoting" me and then editing the quote code to make it look like I said something that I did not in fact say.
  6. Why do I want this type of zone? Because I do not care to PvP or be PvPeed upon. I like the crafting system and gathering. And, I do find fighting npcs to be fun. As do others, I'm sure. It might not be for everyone, and that's fine. Ultimately, what I am suggesting attempts to include more players. Currently, the wide open PvP excludes a huge market, us Care Bears.
  7. Yea, I understand this. But if this new zone has the same resources a normal infect has, then it will only go up to Rank 7, and most of the high end stuff will still come from Campaigns.
  8. Now, I know this is going to attract haters, which is fine, but please bear in mind that what I am proposing below should not impact PvP players at all. So really, just remember, "It's OK to not like things. It's OK, but don't be a d1ck about it." Also, I know this is a PvP game, meant to be a PvP arena. I would like to see an additional Infected Server for PvE. Same as the current infected severs, but Always up, regardless of Campaigns. Much more vastly populated with mobs, mob camps, etc. Mobs vastly more difficult, encouraging group work. No drops of items
  9. Today's update gets stuck at 100% and never finishes...
  10. OK, well, I think I answered my own question. Need Exploration Discs that also give HARVESTING POWER... Which I get by whacking level 6 nodes with rune tools. Then craft that bad boy in the disc.
  11. I have Energetic Harvesting unlocked via the Excavation Tree. I have the ability I can put in my tray that lets me spend harvesting pips. I have the UI circle with shovel/pick in it with 5 empty pips. I have the Harvesting Disc for Mining, which says I get 0.5 pips per swing. Noting I do generate pips though. Am I doing something wrong? TIA
  12. Twice today I have riden into battle on my mount and been unable to dismount because the O button is grayed out, presumably because 'm in combat. So I've had to just ride off to break combat.
  13. Still mobs stuck in the ground at 2081, 4, 2326 of Sun Temple.
  14. During quests, if they told you to craft something, it used to open the crafting window to the item. This no longer happens. At least at the Ring quest where you have to craft the ring. It used to open up to the ring when you used the BS station. No longer does.
  15. Caravans during the newbie quests have at least 2 major problems now. First, their nameplates are broken and are inside their bodies, so you cant see them. Second, they get stuck on a rock on the ramp out of the quarry at 2692, -18, 2297 Side note: Why does the data box in the upper left corner say XYZ but then display the numbers as X Z Y? Edit: Also, the pigs are like 1/10th the speed they used to be. Seems to me mainly on that same slope out of the quarry. They speed up on flat land.
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