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  1. When forums dissolve, life happens, and games dies (sniffle) people loose touch. When your not all friends on facebook, following the same games or talking over ts/vent with other games you loose touch. Black Devil and I had a brief chat over FB messenger and I am hoping he finds his way here I mean what would a game be with out them? Time differences and all its not a flowing conversation yet. Who have you lost touch with, that is still with us, that you are looking to find?
  2. Darby is in California have him on FB Yes it was me who sold sex toys. I have videos from the vegas trip (ba dat da da) and a couple stickers that we were putting on people as we walked down the strip... WTF found them behind a dresser when we moved. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/Mirandy/Vegas%20SB/th_LasVegas-OpeningComments.mp4 We had lots of amazing times and it would be great to have a forum we are all on.. OMG like here? or somewhere we can all catch up on. Vlad was a teacher and got married which took a lot of his time, he would sneak on the cpu then disappear like he had been caught gaming. I see lots of names I remember.. I am still my sassy self but have to be careful .. 13 yo kid is on the forums... yep thats right Mahbot has grown up and picked his own screen name.. have you met striderstar? thats my kid be nice to him or I will hunt your bottom down.... < 3 Vada
  3. I can see what I can rustle up from some old paperwork (yes paper) and see if I have emails on some people.... count me in peeps
  4. Shad didn't keep the servers that the forms ran on, it was Guilty. Nice to know people are still alive though.... FFS
  5. many of the good reasons to have a guild have been posted... to help stir up trouble, keep the game churning, community jumping into a guild and finding like minded people in SB I made life long friends all over the world that I can call in a minutes notice... that was the best thing I found with my guild.... I also found a few wankers that were on permanent ignore
  6. Pledged, tweeted, and posted on fb.. hashtaged and will continue to do so throughout the day.. #crowfall trending today... yes please
  7. arvada

    It's Vada

    Hell I dont remember my reply to the teacher.. I have never stopped the kid from using his imagination. He just turned 13 and is still outside using swords and spells all day long.
  8. http://thewertzone.blogspot.se/2015/02/wheel-of-time-gets-tv-pilot-out-of.html for your reading pleasure
  9. kid said it was right on with the book but there is drama surrounding it being on air see if I can find the link
  10. things are looking pretty.. was hoping for a little more sinister awaiting more
  11. On another note this update has me ignoring everythign I am supposed to be doing and reading the forums... can I get a note from you so I dont get in trouble? Yeah like one you get from the doctor... Please Excuse Arvada from daily life she has a case of Hungar for Crowfall X____________
  12. To show my maturity...the gamer in me stopped here and read this a few times with beavis and butthead.... naked
  13. This thread is like coming home to a nice warm fire.... like all my friends are back for a party and a nice roast or some poorly made socks like that....
  14. It has been said over and over the game is not going to be for everyone... some come from a place where the auctual game play was all there was, some come where they was more behind the scenes actions, some like to get together irl and roll dice, some got into cosplay... hell we all have our back grounds but we all have some backbone. An SB player saying to you and hte horse you rode in on is just a friendly greeting... s/he noticed your horse.
  15. well crap... me and my potty mouth are going to get in trouble on these forums... I assumed that there was a filter and that if we typed "naughty" words they would be stared out for those that were too sensitive to handle them.... If you cant handle a game where we are going to be killing how will you handle the players that are eager to do this.... I mean we do this in game so we dont do it in life (right?)
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