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  1. ACE, take all the criticism knowing that the compliment is in the fact that people are here, responding/playing. We care about this game and want it to be everything we all hoped it could be. At this point in the game development, I don't want to see ACE have to rewrite/toss out the book. It's just that so many things are broken, or poorly implemented. Siege windows? I played SB and don't wish to go back to the days of a seige beginning at 3am and lasting 12 hours. Allow for different map zones to have different siege windows to reflect different time zones. Up the siege window to an hour and a half. Character diversity? Make stats matter and BALANCE THE DISCIPLINES!!!!! If you can do that now, then you can add more and tweak stuff down the road. Here's a handful of other issues ACE needs to address for quality of life: Intuitive Information: Never enough info. Items, skills, etc. should have more details in the tooltips. Should be directional information to help people progress in this game. Instead, we're constantly in the dark, always asking questions and unsure what things mean? Personal Power Modifier vs. Power Efficiency? Maybe a bad example, but you get my drift. Storage: Need more individual storage. Every item that could stack, should. Make stacks much higher. Add Guild storage!!!!! Crafting: Don't really know where to start here, but I've lost hair trying to get started in this crafting system and it's still a mystery and very little of it makes sense. Get more info into the game on recipes and have the tooltips show what other 13 crafters you need to engage with to make a pot pie and tell me what phase of the sun I need to be standing in and what God I need to sacrifice a small child to. I don't want to have to spend more time Googling something nor do I want to come home to play a game and open up Excel. I want to get to the fun stuff. Also, you have too many peaks and valleys with crafting being hand-tied to the passive system. Lack of availability of key items due to no campaign or no mobs/nodes of the appropriate type because someone forgot to include that in the game at this time. Interdepedancy: I get it. You guys don't want any one person able to do everything. However, it's somewhat of a joke where you have to align the planets to get something done. The Passive System is too limited. If I want to be a dedicated harvester, allow me to specialize in two things in the same tree after I complete the Exploration page. Maybe make the Passive system apply to a character instead of the whole account? Having interdependancy is good... to a point! When I feel forced at every turn to rely/nag people for things, you're making this not fun, wasting my time and the 13 other people needed to craft a sword. Zergs and PvP: No game has solved this issue as of yet, so we don't expect ACE to write the book on how. The forthcoming Alliance system will help, I hope. Or, it will break things. We'll see. However, unless something is done to help even the field, then this will be a numbers game like every other game of this type. I guess when you have no better strategy, you can't ignore that numbers win. That is a start. Most of the things I mentioned are not requesting a rewrite. I'm just hoping ACE takes the time to properly implement and fix what they have in place. If you can do that, we have a game.
  2. Balancing doesn't purely mean continual nerfing just to even things out. I feel like you guys have the same philosophy in balance/implementation as my wife does with the A/C. It's on, or it's off. A broadsword is applied where a scalpel is needed.
  3. Bullet points: 1. The Bubble: Devs/Core Community are out of touch with a broader playerbase. This issue streams into most of the rest. You're operating in a bubble that doesn't take into consideration what will appeal to the critical number of players this game will need to succeed. Do the Devs even play their own game? 2. New Player Experience: The actual NPE they are creating will not even scratch the surface of the questions new players will have when starting this game. Our guildmates, who've played continually since the start are already going insane answering questions. I've played for 2 months and I'm still in the dark about so much of this game. 3. Lack of flow: If I want to craft, there's far too many bottlenecks, intended or otherwise. I spent the first several weeks constantly asking myself what there was to do. 4. Poor Implementation: Simply, all too often it seems a broadsword was applied where a scalpel was needed. 5. Balance: Same as implementation. Powerful now, useless next patch. Characters. Crafted vs. wartribes. Big guild/small guild. Needs focus. 6. Communication: We want to know what you're working on, what we can expect and the timeline we can expect it. It's been 5+ years and we're getting closer to release and are still in the dark. 7. GvG Game: For a game that was supposed to be all about GvG or FvF, where's the content? I have to access guild functionality via the webpage? Can't see guild names on player tags? I have to have a scorecard for guild crests to know who's who? No guild storage? 8. What I paid for: I bought numerous accounts and a few of those are the $200 package. My guild bought some of the highes level packages. Where's our stuff? EK's are basically useless? I'm riding on a mount? VIP? I guess I can write it off as just supporting the game, but I'm getting bitter about the money I spent and wary about throwing dollars into future projects like this. Give me a great game and I'll forgive that, but as it stands.... 9. Why I'm here: Like many here, my guild played UO and SB and we're here for the continuation/evolution of that. Coleman, Gordon, Koster are all names that carry a lot of weight for me. To borrow from a guildmate, when I ask questions to the nature of "Why?", I often get the response, "Blame Blair". Is this the person who is responsible for much of the frustration? 10. What Next: ACE needs to focus on tweaking and getting things right. I'm not looking for them to rewrite the script. Just tweak, implement and fix. Take the necessary steps to eliminate as much fat as possible. If it isn't fun, or the payoff isn't worth the effort, get rid of it. That's more than enough and that is all for now. All of that above is critique, but I am playing the game, so that should at least say I'm optimistic.
  4. So some guild jacked all the vendor spots in the single GR Temple? Did they know the details of the patch beforehand?
  5. Saw the Test Update notes for today where orange discs were finally added, got excited, and logged into Test only to see that the Crafting Discs were not included. Umm why?
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