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  1. oh man... finding this thread has brought a smile to my face. So many familiar names and guilds. Had too many characters/alts on three accounts to remember all their names Baromar, Ihryk, Mikyn, Pestilense, Pestilence, Xanathos, Xanethos, etc etc.. This was, without a doubt the greatest gaming experience I've ever had, on Mourning server for so long. /cheers to all of you
  2. Guild criteria: Region: Midwest USA Atmosphere: I WFH so I Play a lot, yeah it's a problem, don't like to lose so i strive to be good and around others that are.. but I'm old enough to understand not take it too seriously when it doesn't always go your way (i wont throw a fit... usually) Casual / Hardcore?: Hardcore Size: I have been in huge guilds, have lead large guilds years ago in DAoC and Shadowbane... i enjoyed most the smaller "elitest" guilds that everyone wants to be a part of, however doesn't accept others unless they're likeminded (and good at what they do). They are comprised of active gamers who all strive to be the best. Not just the core of the guild, with a big group of randoms. Screw that. Play Style: Currently have one account. Am focusing on crafting and gathering, only have one computer atm and it's beta so... Commitment: I'm an idiot, i will play way too much. Miscellaneous: I play Crowfall beta\alpha whatever you want to call it. And I also play the Camelot Unchained Beta... Been waiting for too long for both, so i decided to just give in and become a backer of both. Crowfall is up most the time so most the time will be spent here until i either figure i don't like it or i like the other better and go that route. Experience: Tasted Albion online a bit, PvP was essentially EVE Online in a WoW setting. Gate campers and griefers if you're not running in a zerg. Pointless. I played EVE Online for years, also played Shadowbane for years (PVP Focused game) in the Silenz guild, WoW back in the BETA, Dark Age of Camelot (for like 8 years), Warhammer Online, and then have taken an extended break from the MMO's... life stuff, kids, jobs etc... i'm bored and have had my eye on this one for awhile... just tried Albion online and puked on myself... so here i am. Voice chat services: Discord. Can do whatever.
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