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  1. Agreed. However, smaller map will not help, that hurts the newer players and smaller guilds. You need the newer players to stick around and continue progressing after 3-4 months. If they run against the zerg from day one, they won't stick around. More map = more resources to fight over = more players having a chance to actually DO SOMETHING = more players sticking around. I have been part of a small hardcore gaming clan that has basically given up and moved on now because the Devs have completely ignored CF's major and yet fundamental flaws to the game. We were some of the stubborn few h
  2. aaaah the ole "I want to be elite and not have to work for it" argument. Good one.
  3. They were available after the end of Campaign last night. However, when the new patch went live today, it seems to have wiped the rewards. So if you didn't get it immediately after the end of the campaign, we are seemingly crap out of luck.
  4. Rewards from the completed (last night) campaign are not available after patch.
  5. Unsure if this is a bug, or working as intended.Impale "bleed" continuing to tick away after Assassin ulting twice. Was thinking the ult should have cleared, guess not?
  6. This Post is everything that is wrong with the Dev's "listening to the community".
  7. Incorrect. I AM part of a smaller guild, and the big guilds seemingly become so starved for PvP they roam to kill the solo's\small groups because that's all there is except for other big guilds which they avoid for some reason. You cannot farm, hence why we don't typically play on Dregs unless it's for something specific like searching disciplines. We will run away from one big guild\alliance group fielding 20+ just to find another. The two will stay at distance from each other and not engage, unless it's for control of a fort. But they have no problem seeking us down for their qui
  8. Yes, resources need to be available for people to harvest. But because of the nature of the game, where you have a handful of guilds that dominate the map and destroy\kill anything that exists, your playerbase finds other things to do... then the handful of big guilds complains that there is no PvP... Vicious cycle, where Player A is complaining about 1 thing and Player B is complaining about the opposite. There needs to be enough DEPTH to provide play for all. Currently, there's not enough depth for any. It's a shell of a game on Dregs, and the Makers just do not understand this.
  9. It's BECAUSE of the mapsize, and control the handful of big guilds have across the small maps that the rest of the playerbase doesn't go into dregs. That's the MAIN REASON, you're pointing at the RESULT and saying that's why it needs to be small.
  10. You dont die alongside MrErad. He makes dying difficult to bear, sir.
  11. From a character build standpoint. The core of the game has been dumbed down even further, though. My small guild used to run in campaign exclusively because there were things to do throughout the day that werent on a timer. Now with small maps/worlds and everything under the thumb of the half-dozen big boys, the game has been basically simplified to an unplayable state in Dregs for everyone but the You's of Crowfall. Just trying to bring some perspective that isnt from behind a keep wall and swimming in their passive resources like Scrooge McDuck, stating the world is great.
  12. Yes, but you need solo harvesters to be viable as well... and duos and all other o's. Depth!
  13. As a game, ya have to provide ways to keep people entertained. Gamers are a fickle bunch that they want gratification, and they will work hard to achieve gratification. But if the gratification becomes seemingly impossible, they simply lose interest. Player retention needs to be the 100% goal of the devs. To do that you need depth. We need viable options for playing of different styles. Not a lazy system forcing everyone to the same endgame.
  14. I can get on board with micro transactions if it is in a scenario like this... a replacement for having to redo something. Especially with an evolving game (changing of skills, balancing etc).
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