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  1. -Guinis can completely hide the stealth rubble by clipping through some rocks/slag and can hide 50% of it by hugging a wall and can hide a bunch of it by simply being on a hill. -Passive Perception definitely should be a thing, literally jump on your target's head from stealth and they won't know about it. \If Passive Perception is implemented, it should not invalidate stealth OR stealth detection
  2. You don't understand, if Mobile Banking is removed then the handful of memebers who carry the whole guild's Harvesting and Fort loot might get ganked and then I can't gear up the people who login just for Siege, my guild is literally gonna collapse if I don't have Mobile banking or a safe pvp-free way to get resources! I'll move my guild to infected if this goes through.
  3. Remove Mobile Banking / Make Recalling drop your inventory as a Cairn or something Earn your keep.
  4. It is not my intention to sling insults, but the fact of the matter is, The crafting in its current state is not intricate/innovative/complex It is tedious/weird/irritating/tedious/tedious Even if you liked crafting, its so expensive and only happens once in a while due to how expensive it is. It is by far the least fun I had while crafting in any game ever EVEN WHEN I HAVE ALL THE MATERIALS AT HAND IN THE TEST SERVER, not to mention that until 2 months from launch, you won't have enough training to do anything with the entire crafting part of the game, 2 months during which people will form opinions
  5. Actually, lets petition the devs to leave holes in the middle of the map so everyone can have a safe exit whenever they need it, yay! Lets not stop there, we need a hotkey that instantly destroys your inventory before you die, that way, no one can take your stuff in this game that has full loot on kill. Furthermore, pulling the plug on your router takes time and sometimes you might not make it before they chop your skull, I can Alt+F4 but my fingers hurt from stretching my thumb so much, do I demand a button that instantly spawns me back at a position of my choosing before they can take my skull. if someone took my stuff I'd feel sad, and sad backwards is das and das no good.
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