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  1. thanks a lot Arkade to help me solve this doubts 👍
  2. hello could some one help me with a question? im new in the game, im an archdruid, & im not regenerating any essence, also have "quick burn" https://crowfall.gamepedia.com/File:Power_-_Druid_-_Quick_Burn.png (my food its full) any idea why im not generating any essence? also, "quick burn" should be in the DEATH tray right? ( becose on the text of the power say: " "Quick Burn: tips the scale to toward DEATH, increasing how fast you generate Esscence by 50%" while "Slow Growth: favors the forces of LIFE, reducing how fast you generate Essence by 50%" but i see "quick burn" is active on the LIFE tray as you can see on the next image ( not the best quality, but it can be seen) https://ibb.co/0fXJ6X8 some help here please about this doubts
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