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  1. My thoughts exactly teleporting everywhere, all the time is the quickest way to break immersion. make me have to ride through that dangerous stretch of forest between the POI and the main Keep
  2. LOL at screenshot. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  3. I like the idea but would like it to be bit more active. Like an ability that places a "footprint" around the player that locks in other players that meet requirements (such as shield wall or something) as they walk onto the footprint and then gives combat bonuses.
  4. Well it seems quite a bit of your concerns lie in specific campaign rulesets. Thats whats great about Crowfall theres tons of different campaigns each with different rule sets. So in theory if you don't like permadeath free for all, don't join that campaign. Hopefully when they drop more info on how choosing and playing in a campaign actually function (or are supposed to) alot of your concerns will be alleviated. Welcome to Crowfall mate
  5. Personally don't understand the appeal of panda races to many people. I think it looks so stupid (no offense)
  6. I would love more diversity but they have stated that using this system allows them to use less resources on customizing animations for every possible race/class combo and using those resources on other core gameplay features, which i whole heartedly agree with.
  7. Yah I would love to see the suggestion box forum be more like the Archetypes forums with specific subjects. Perhaps it would even help cut down the amount of "reposted ideas"
  8. Though all suggestions for campaign rulesets would be purely theoretical, I think it could be a good asset for ACE to see what campaign types are popular among the player base.
  9. I think it would be nice to see a new subforum for the Suggestion Box. Campaign Ruleset Suggestions This would obviously be an area for people to voice ideas and opinions pertaining to possible campaign rulesets. Perhaps someone at ACE could also sticky a post with criteria desired for new posts/ideas (For Example) -PVP/Faction type | 1v1 factional, guild v guild, free for all, ect. -Loot Rules | player looting -Decay Rules | Equipment/building decay -Victory Conditions | How to win campaign -Import/Export Rules | What you can take in/out of campaign -Campaign Length | How long a campaign will last (if no victory) -Other Rules | No magic, 50% faster building, Limited amount of lives. Would love to see a centralized area where people discuss possible rulesets and i believe it will help the devs see what players want.
  10. ohh boy oh boy oh boyy. And now im 90% sure they won't have fast travel <3
  11. Less memory for Graphics mean more memory for everything else
  12. hated this about AA. Attacking someone dressed in cloth while they actually have heavy armor equipped was frustrating because the combat approach to the two armor types was fundamentally different.
  13. I actually like this idea alot. It would ad a whole new dimension to the strategy involved during campaigns. Im imagining a fight between two groups each trying to target the "flag bearer" to decrease the overall effectiveness (moral) of the group. Edit: Think it would be easier to just run moral as a flat stat that would increase/decrease based on surrounding conditions (i.e. Hunger, exhaustion, allies lost, recent defeat/victory) once the stat dropped to say zero you would deal significantly less damage and have to retreat back to a fortification or something and get a hot meal or something.
  14. #17969... even though i've been on the forums way before the kickstarter.. I have committment issues
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