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  1. The costs of an integrated VOIP with proximity detection is not a one time cost. The ongoing maintenance costs will be passed along in some form to the consumer including even the ones not using it, unless you make it some sort of pay to use feature. SOE has a lot more capital to utilize, and a loathsome and intrusive micro-transaction model. If that is what it takes to pay for proximity voice, no thanks. Plus, the quality was horribad. That argument works against proxy VIOP as much as it does for it. If one has no clue about the network hardware and software logistics it takes t
  2. Skype also has a limit on how many people can be in a conversation which in turn limits the impact it has on bandwidth for each person involved. So no, the server performance arguments are not invalid. Peer-to-peer does not automagically make performance issues go away, it just spreads them out by making everyone a client and server at the same time. Ever made a Skype session with a 50 people? No? Exactly. Once you get past a certain point, something like TS or Vent becomes more efficient.
  3. To be fair, in every open pvp MMO I've played there was always a substantial portion of the population practicing "kill first, questions later" to the point one could consider it a norm to expect. It's hardly unique to Shadowbane.
  4. You have an overly optimistic assessment of human nature. You are either being disingenious to get a reaction or setting yourself up for some pretty huge disappointments later in life. Plus, you are not being denied the opportunity to use voice chat; you are being denied the opportunity to foist the cost of a by nature substandard VOIP system on others for a very nebulous benefit in exchange. Now if you could persuade the developers to open up the API to allow a 3rd party plug ins that can potentially be utilized for a proximity comm system, sure I could grok supporting that as long it
  5. If I don't have time to add them to 3rd party VOIP, it means it was a combat situation, and thus I would not have time to either add someone if I defaulted to global off for in game VOIP, or mute them if I was unwise enough to leave the in game VOIP on by default- all of those options involve non combat involved keystrokes and menus, and thus taking my attention off of the fight. Have you never had someone drop down into your channel on a public TS server blaring music or otherwise being so audibly obnoxious that you could not hear vital comms and had to make the Faustian choice of either
  6. This is false unless you think there will be no text chat capabilities in game. That's a pretty huge and probably wrong assuption to make. Let's break this down to brass tacks: In game VOIP enabled by default is going to force me to mute more people (simple reason why) than I would end up adding to third party comms. Both require approximately the same amount of effort per player, and I am only going to have time to do both in spots/times where I am relatively safe (like most reasonable people) and won't have the time to do so in the middle of a fight so in game VOIP still loses bad he
  7. Cost, performance, and reliability. 1) Cost: This feature is not free to maintain and implement. This cost WILL be passed along to the consumer in some fashion. Some of us are not fans of even indirectly paying for a service we either have to turn off due to the obnoxious, or turn on and yet still have it perform in a fashion sub par to dedicated third party VOIP. 2) Performance. VOIP uses bandwidth. Good quality VOIP uses even more bandwidth - and it has to use it constantly, reserving that bandwidth, or you start getting massive lag the more people you have around and the server is c
  8. If I wanted to listen to a reenactment of Xbox Live voice chat and hear random pointless crap from people whom have not completely puberty phycially or mentally and are angry about it, I'd go be a console peasant and play Halo. I prefer my voip to be invite only (security and sanity), and separate from the game server since if the game crashes/locks/lags a standalone VOIP is not sharing the same issue and I am able to alert my team.
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