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  1. If allowed to be a thing, combat rezzing should take time, tie any ally up performing it, and be interruptible, or come at some extreme prohibitive cost to bypass one of the prior limits to encourage better gameplay than: run in, blow wad, die, get rezzed, repeat.
  2. Hehe, I remember Pac healers. Hilarious when you were the small group that got the drop on the Albion zerg and were able to AoE chain mezz them while your dps ran a train on them one by one. Not so fun for the Albions though.
  3. Long cool-down mechanics end up promoting "hide in the camp after blowing your wad" game-play. This is bad game-play. A cost that is circumventable is not actually a cost.
  4. Arbitrary objective point invulnerability that are implemented by developer fiat at no overt game-play cost to the objective holder have always been a "solution" worse than the problem. The holder does not have to leave forces to defend or dedicate anything to maintaining the invulnerability, which leads to zerg/mega guild dominion over time. Instead of timed siege mechanics that are predictable, and as such immensely exploitable, do instead this: Players can pool their assets to create "generators" that emanate a protective bubble that consumes resources at a variable rate per time uni
  5. Hybrid approach- Make it faction based banking. Example: Guild A has an economic treaty with Guild B. This creates trade routes that spawns caravans between cities owned by these guilds. The treaty allows (among other things) either Guild to deposit/withdraw at either city for as long as the caravans go unmolested. If the caravans are killed (be it by players or mobs); the unilateral deposit/withdraw function is suspended until the replacement price for the caravan(s) are paid for in a manner agreed to in the treaty terms. (You can only withdraw an item in the same city you deposited).
  6. Just make mining and the initial ore transport not handled by a player avatar. NPC's generally can't teleport hack or logout to preserve their inventory from raiders. So the farmers either have to stay logged in and defend their claim (hey 24/7 pvp on demand!) or they have to gank their own NPC miners/caravan to grab what loot they are carrying if they see people coming. Then make NPC hireling deaths cost a not insignificant amount of money to repop them.
  7. However, if you are replacing your player model with a bush, tweaking the gamma does the other player no good. Done correctly, you still look like all the other bushes. Conversley, a walking bush or rock is a dead giveaway. Try not to move while they can see you. There is your play/counterplay: whom is paying more attention? As it should be.
  8. That was my entire point actually; they have to be guarded. This raises the manpower expenses compared to the usual "teleport hack from node to node" common in themepark mmo's. Raising expenses reduces profits. Or they can take the risk of not guarding the fixed mining sites as well as they should and potentially losing everything.
  9. Has Artcraft actually specified how they are even handling resource extraction? The standard macro bots will be a problem if the player avatar does the mining directly and gets the ore instantly, but they could bypass that a bit via NPC mining site contracts that require an initial investment that can be lost before delayed dividends are reaped to player marauders. This makes the standard 3rd party gold/materials farming operations far less profitable than it would be in other games, since it forces far more attention and interaction by humans per client log in instead of being able to load u
  10. See, one of the things that could be done with "misdirection" themed stealth is depending on your skill rating, you pick a random item from the terrain list to look like when you activate it. Also on that list are things that do not normally occur in that terrain type. The higher your skill rank, the fewer "non-belonging" things are on the list. This means part of the counterplay is the enemy being familiar enough with the local terrain props to pick out what should be there and what shouldn't be, like a demented game of Sesame Street. Naturally this would dovetail well with any ski
  11. Hell yes. This will help a with curbing a lot of the traditional 3rd party business gold farming by making it way more risky to do so since they'll have to take and defend territory. And since currency has a high reward density, as a consequence, it will also have a high loss density potential to raiders. Just please ensure precious metal ores have a use in game mechanically other than only currency, such as for alloys used in gear/accessories/etc that are subject to the usual entropy all other gear is. You don't want currency or materials inflation, and gold coin would basically b
  12. The costs of an integrated VOIP with proximity detection is not a one time cost. The ongoing maintenance costs will be passed along in some form to the consumer including even the ones not using it, unless you make it some sort of pay to use feature. SOE has a lot more capital to utilize, and a loathsome and intrusive micro-transaction model. If that is what it takes to pay for proximity voice, no thanks. Plus, the quality was horribad. That argument works against proxy VIOP as much as it does for it. If one has no clue about the network hardware and software logistics it takes t
  13. Skype also has a limit on how many people can be in a conversation which in turn limits the impact it has on bandwidth for each person involved. So no, the server performance arguments are not invalid. Peer-to-peer does not automagically make performance issues go away, it just spreads them out by making everyone a client and server at the same time. Ever made a Skype session with a 50 people? No? Exactly. Once you get past a certain point, something like TS or Vent becomes more efficient.
  14. To be fair, in every open pvp MMO I've played there was always a substantial portion of the population practicing "kill first, questions later" to the point one could consider it a norm to expect. It's hardly unique to Shadowbane.
  15. That is how you do good stealth mechanics; none of this perma invis crud, and it can't be negated with client gamma or other graphics settings. You simply instead of making the player invisible, make them not look like a target! Or gave the stealth class so much burst coming out of stealth that the fight is over before the recipient realized they were being attacked. Then rip any durability the class has to shreds for "balance" as well as nerf their out of stealth damage so bad they become a crappy one trick pony that pisses people off constantly. Stealth should be a tool in t
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