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    Overkillengine reacted to PopeUrban in Crowfall in a nutshell   
    They made a mistake going to beta invites without a real Shadows 3 faction campaign and the rest of the NPE (which I assume is a tutorial about campaign systems and their importance as everything else is covered) as the non-winnable nature of infected doesn't properly ease new players in to the core gameplay loop of crowfall which is, essentially, Join campaign and try to win it, then do that again.
    "Throne War Simulator" is the short version of that idea, and the game isn't communicating that very well to new players right now.
    PvP, PvE, Harvesting, Crafting, etc. is not about your progression. Your progression is simply a tool to win campaigns as part of a guild or faction team. The point of the game is not to run a treadmill of power advancement. Your power will vary wildly based upon what you have equipped (which will decay and need replaced) and relative to what you are fighting (Every character is not meant to stack up equally against every other character so that you are encouraged to run with a group)
    There is no long term PvE game. PvE exists as a form of gathering and a time tax on creation of new characters so you think twice about rerolling the FOTM meta for pvp. It exists to get you out in the world so other people can try to kill you for your stuff. You're not mean to PvE for the joy of PvE so much as you're meant to PvE to ready yourself to win campaigns. Similarly you're not meant to kill people just to get kills. You're meant to kill people to further your campaign objectives and take or deny their harvesting and crafting operations. You certainly CAN choose to PvE for fun or PvP just to collect skulls but the game is not designed around these motivations.
    The game is built under the core assumption that every player wants to win campaigns, and every system is built around this purpose. There are some edge cases, but at its core the game is about winning campaigns, not becoming stronger or beating the next boss or getting honor points or whatever. Those things exist, but they're there to win campaigns.
    For example, that legendary gear? You're not ever going to be permanently running around in legendary gear. The materials are too rare to equip your whole guild in the stuff long term. To equip just one combatant in the stuff permanently would take a whole guild's worth of harvesters just to support that one person. A guild that was structured that way wouln't have much time left over to actually play the game, and probably wouldn't be having very much fun. Most of the time the base of equipment once people are trained and have solid harvesting/crafting crews at work is blue armor and blue/purple weapons because the harvesting drops are designed around that. That's what the majority of people you'll be fighting are wearing long term because that's what they can reliably replace. That legendary gear is infrequent and mostly used for special occasions or because you just happenned to have the mats built up after playing a while. You COULD refuse to do anything but harvest and craft until you're kitted out in perfect legendaries, but you'd spend so much time grinding that it wouldn't be worth the tiny amount of time you got to use that perfect set of gear.
    The only real permanent advancement is your skill tree and vessel, and even vessels are purposely very difficult to maximize and pretty minimal in the difference between a good blue and good legendary vessel. They're there so you have a vector for very small increments of long term advancement, not so that you're intended to consider them a prerequisite for engaging in the main focus of the game. A Good vessel in terrible gear is still going to be bad at its job, as will a skilled account with terrible gear. Power is transient in crowfall, and exists to accomplish a task, not simply for the sake of having power. Those tasks are intended to be doable with much, MUCH less than perfectly optimal skills, vessels, and gear, even when competing with people who have those optimal setups.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from nomadmerc in Please be careful with overuse of Windows of Opportunity Mechanic   
    Arbitrary objective point invulnerability that are implemented by developer fiat at no overt game-play cost to the objective holder have always been a "solution" worse than the problem. The holder does not have to leave forces to defend or dedicate anything to maintaining the invulnerability, which leads to zerg/mega guild dominion over time.
    Instead of timed siege mechanics that are predictable, and as such immensely exploitable, do instead this:

    Players can pool their assets to create "generators" that emanate a protective bubble that consumes resources at a variable rate per time unit of uptime: base maintenance rate per tick + a per instance cost proc for performing the shield toggled function.

    Examples of shield functions would be as follows:

    Slow movement of hostiles within radius, 1 resource/tick base rate, +1 resource spent per hostile slowed per tick.
    Slow/impede range of hostile projectiles (arrows/siege) within radius, 1 resource/tick base rate, +1 resource spent per projectile slowed per tick.
    Stop movement of hostiles at border (Blocks off all teleports friendly or hostile though) 5 resource/tick base rate, +5 resource spent per hostile at border per tick.
    Stop movement of hostile projectiles at border (Blocks off all teleports friendly or hostile though) 5 resource/tick base rate, +5 resource spent per projectile stopped per tick.

    Etc, etc. each function could be toggled separately or together, but the cumulative costs must be paid or the bubble pops. City administrators can choose to stockpile the resources at a potentially attack-able supply dump within the perimeter instead of constantly hauling them to the generator.

    None of these functions stop an "ally" from passing though the bubble and then shedding their affiliation, though the slow ones would impede them somewhat.

    This type of mechanic would allow an organized group to protect their cities to a reasonable degree via planning and investment, while smaller groups can still cause meaningful economic damage if the larger one turtles to avoid risk of death/loss.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Super, Ultimate, and otherwise high-cooldown abilities   
    Long cool-down mechanics end up promoting "hide in the camp after blowing your wad" game-play.

    This is bad game-play. A cost that is circumventable is not actually a cost.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Helix in A change to our forums - Official discussion thread   
    Putting a paywall up to join the community? Not sure I like this.
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    Overkillengine reacted to headlight in A change to our forums - Official discussion thread   
    I would imagine for that amount of money, you could rent someone else to listen to your opinion who's alot hotter.
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    Overkillengine reacted to facerip in Banecircle Stretch Goal - What Am I Missing   
    I hope it's less time window oriented and more of a degredation system.
    For example, you have times for various things, like building engines and infastructure for a siege, allowing attacking at various stages.  Bonus areas for both sides during specific times.
    You should have to work for a siege as an attacker, you shouldn't just have to show up with the right amount of people at a specfic time.
    Drop a Stone
    Attacker gets a zone control
    Attacker gets a resource goal for upgrades
    Defender gets defense resource goal
    Defender gets zone buffs
    Attacker gets prep opportunity with resource and population goals
    Defender gets opportunity to counterattacks against changing zone controls
    All of that happening over the period of the what is typically waiting for the bane to go active.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is we need something more along the lines of PEELING THE ONION and less DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Ziz in Banecircle Stretch Goal - What Am I Missing   
    $2.05 MILLION


    BANECIRCLE siege mechanic!
    Offering an alternative to the Bloodstone rules, the BaneCircle siege rules focus less on caravans, and more on city defense during the pre-negoiated siege windows.

    PRE-Negotiated Windows... WHY?!


    An open PvP game where you can build and destroy at will... but this ruleset LIMITS you to certain pre-negotiated times?


    Some one who played Shadowbane please tell me why this is a good thing and not a terribly stupid idea. I don't get it.
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    Overkillengine reacted to PopeUrban in Super, Ultimate, and otherwise high-cooldown abilities   
    I'd rather see "big hitter" style abilities either at the end of longer combo chains or simply massive resource sinks. In both cases it makes those abilities a gamble. Do you blow 80% of your stamina on "massive strike" at the beginning of the fight, knowing that it's going to leave you without much opportunity to block if it doesn't connect properly, or do you engage with lighter skills and play conservatively so you can use it as a fight shifter, or do you simply go with your mid-tier damage skills and forget it for this fight because it allows to to play more reactively and rely less on advanced planning strategies that might not work?
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    Overkillengine reacted to primal in Super, Ultimate, and otherwise high-cooldown abilities   
    Completely agree OP.
    I've played quite a few games where I've waited in hiding just to use that one special skill on an unsuspecting person(s). Combat felt like it hung on me having that skill, especially in open-world pvp where you have no idea what's around the corner, or worse, someone with their 'special skill' on tap and yours is still on cool down.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Adall in Super, Ultimate, and otherwise high-cooldown abilities   
    Why have cooldowns at all? This is a combo based system after all! Keep everything resource dependent and remove all cooldowns.
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    Overkillengine reacted to wolfuse in Please be careful with overuse of Windows of Opportunity Mechanic   
    Yes, in which there are games that don't use this asinine system to limit warfare. Being more so that this is a PvP game really makes this worse. You lack the element of PvE other than killing random mobs out in the field. With all the complaining on these forums about EKs this system just cements the issue further. Yes, i know if i don't like it i can go play one of the other games that don't use the system. I will still keep an eye on this game but if battles center around time frames like Aion did then i will take my money elsewhere, i know my measly amount of money doesn't matter in the thick of things but i am not the only person to hate this type of system.
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    Overkillengine reacted to taroskin in Please be careful with overuse of Windows of Opportunity Mechanic   
    Windows of Opportunity were used heavily in the past but have begun to be phased out in modern gaming in terms of core game mechanics, especially PvP related objectives.
    In Shadowbane, for instance, all of the PvP mechanics were WoO based. Originally, the game had Mines that lasted for 2 hours opening every night at a specific time your nation/guild gets to decide. Most of the time your guild felt the need to be online and at the ready for these 2 hours, ready to pounce on anyone about to take your mines. It made this process EXTREMELY tedious and unfun. 80% of your time spent with this mechanic would be sitting around in town, rallied and not doing anything. Then you might get one fight, if you're lucky more than half the time. Maybe. But mostly you just wasted your time because the game wanted you to be online just incase.
    The problem with WoOs is the feeling of needing to be online and dedicated to this one piece of the game for an entire 2 hours (for example, with the Bloodstone mechanic). It bleeds out from that to enforce a meta where certain times of the day are intrinsically more valuable in terms of time management, and suddenly you have a game that isn't anywhere near as interesting outside of those times (eg Shadowbane, again).
    The last issue is that they're incredibly non immersive if abundant in many of the content systems especially. They are arbitrary shortcuts, and they feel like it. Which is why they should be the exception rather than the rule.
    This is simply a thread asking politely for ACE to consider its use of the WoO mechanic in this game and not follow in Shadowbane's footsteps rigidly. It was a big problem with that game. The final comment here should be that we shouldn't be trying to pressure people to log on, day after day, at a very specific time, valuing this time arbitrarily as higher than other times (gl contributing to an NA guild as an EU player, etc).
    If the WoO mechanic is overused, it will encourage stagnation, discourage emergent gameplay and make the game feel far too routine / not dynamic. That is not to say don't use them at all, but please be careful about it. People have less and less consistent playtimes, and needs for shorter game sessions. Large or widespread pressure to be online during x y z time day after day will do a lot more harm than good.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Gold Sellers in Crowfall   
    Just make mining and the initial ore transport not handled by a player avatar. NPC's generally can't teleport hack or logout to preserve their inventory from raiders.

    So the farmers either have to stay logged in and defend their claim (hey 24/7 pvp on demand!) or they have to gank their own NPC miners/caravan to grab what loot they are carrying if they see people coming.

    Then make NPC hireling deaths cost a not insignificant amount of money to repop them.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from Lephys in No invisibility, just camo.   
    However, if you are replacing your player model with a bush, tweaking the gamma does the other player no good. Done correctly, you still look like all the other bushes.

    Conversley, a walking bush or rock is a dead giveaway. Try not to move while they can see you.

    There is your play/counterplay: whom is paying more attention? As it should be.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from Stormcrow in Let's Talk Crowd-Control   
    Yup, plenty of non bog standard stale MMO stuff to use: Walls, ablative barriers, decoys, IFF falsification, information denial (blind, compass radar blackout), etc.
    Note that most of those do not require dealing damage or acting directly on a hostile player but can help win a fight.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Naval Combat   
    No for now as well. It would be great for an expansion; but trying to do too many things at once on release is a death sentence for a game.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    That was my entire point actually; they have to be guarded. This raises the manpower expenses compared to the usual "teleport hack from node to node" common in themepark mmo's.
    Raising expenses reduces profits. Or they can take the risk of not guarding the fixed mining sites as well as they should and potentially losing everything.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Lephys in No invisibility, just camo.   
    In anything else you try, you have to expend effort, for varying levels of results. Want to kill that guy over there? Better go at him and use combat abilities in an effective manner until he's dead and you aren't. Yet, somehow people have been okay with "Wanna be unseen by everyone? *Click* you are successful." for so long? I don't get it.
    Invisibility perhaps has its place in the game, but why shouldn't hiding yourself be something you can actually try and fail at? And I don't mean "someone else's effortless ability magically counteracted your flawless stealth."
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    Has Artcraft actually specified how they are even handling resource extraction? The standard macro bots will be a problem if the player avatar does the mining directly and gets the ore instantly, but they could bypass that a bit via NPC mining site contracts that require an initial investment that can be lost before delayed dividends are reaped to player marauders.

    This makes the standard 3rd party gold/materials farming operations far less profitable than it would be in other games, since it forces far more attention and interaction by humans per client log in instead of being able to load up multiple clients to bot, and be able to insta log them out the moment someone hostile shows up and thus preserve their gains.

    NPC miners can't log out; neither can the transport NPC's.

    It's not perfect, but it does not have to be- it just has to be enough of a profit throttle that they leave for greener game pastures.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Vuris in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    I would presume (and I really do hope this is the case.) That spammers will not have a safe place to sit and camp. Thus you'll simply have to hunt them down, and gank 'em. Also make if impossible to type in chat while dead. Most annoying custard mechanic I've met that spammers have used. Death should = silence. Not Death=easy way to continue to spam for 30+ min in chat before almost everyone mutes you.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Jihan in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    I don't think gold farmers are going to  be a serious concern in Crowfall. The amount you can farm in an EK will be trivial compared to what you can earn in the campaigns if playing actively (if there's any coin to be found in the EKs at all), but bots and dedicated farming characters will be nothing but loot pinatas in campaigns. Plus, you only get a decent export if your faction wins, and a faction weighed down with a bunch of gold farmers probably won't.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from yoh in Let's Talk Crowd-Control   
    Yup, plenty of non bog standard stale MMO stuff to use: Walls, ablative barriers, decoys, IFF falsification, information denial (blind, compass radar blackout), etc.
    Note that most of those do not require dealing damage or acting directly on a hostile player but can help win a fight.
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    Overkillengine got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    Hell yes. This will help a with curbing a lot of the traditional 3rd party business gold farming by making it way more risky to do so since they'll have to take and defend territory. And since currency has a high reward density, as a consequence, it will also have a high loss density potential to raiders.
    Just please ensure precious metal ores have a use in game mechanically other than only currency, such as for alloys used in gear/accessories/etc that are subject to the usual entropy all other gear is.
    You don't want currency or materials inflation, and gold coin would basically be both.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Zomnivore in No invisibility, just camo.   
    Prop-hunt is a fun game mode, I wouldn't mind seeing people disguising themselves as rocks and other things and if they could get the theme right, I'd be game.
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    Overkillengine reacted to Jah in Coin of the realm - Official discussion thread   
    I like the idea of crafting coins from materials.  Personally, I wouldn't make it too lossy to melt coins down.  Otherwise they might end up less valuable than the ore they are made from, and I don't see the benefit of that.
    I prefer to see coins as "small ingots of ore" that are convenient for trade.  In effect, you are still bartering with them, they are just very convenient barter items.
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