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  1. i voted "no" reason: levels kill open pvp because of the power gap, levels create
  2. It's simple for me. I'm from the EU and don't think there will be beta-servers here. I'm somewhat burned on pre-ordering, so i will wait till release maybe. But if i would have more spare money i would hit it...
  3. these points are all very well put. especially the scounting/intel point. a strategy game is only half as good, without scounting.
  4. I'm (or was) an PvE player in mmo's. If there is themepark i choose the 'PvE-Server' - why? -> PvP Server are no fun. the only meaning of pvp in level-based themeparks is: High level players poorly made socks on you, while you level. If you go to battlegrounds or arenas, the veterans poorly made socks on you again, because they have a massive gear advantage. I had my fair share of fun pvp-encounters years ago in stranglethorne valley. but those even match ups are rare. But i really like the approach of crowfall. The first time someone tries something different. I think this can be a really good pvp mmo. Their concept is great. It looks like there are no huge power gaps in crowfall. It looks like there are no choke-points. a real open world. Will there be fair battles all over the place? that would be awesome
  5. How do you want to call your setting? the "hunger" games?
  6. ofcourse - when it would be hard to get back(or fresh) into game, there would be hardly much pvp
  7. if you can die and get full looted, your house destroyed - what would be diffrent from starting new?
  8. Everybody starts with 100g. If you want more, sell stuff to players or take their gold with violence
  9. the hunger games? sounds super awesome
  10. if the gap between no gear and basic gear is huge, and the gap between basic gear and better gerad is small, everything is ok
  11. There are options. - if you run naked, you can get i'll (debuffed) - you loose impact, if you charge for example - armor gives you protection like: - basic plate 60% - basic leather 40% - basic cloth 20% - armor gives always some protection vs fire/ice/blunt the improvements for better armor, are not so big
  12. Maybe every type of siege warfare has it's unique (dis-)advantages. - Katapult is mostly immobile but has awesome range. - Stone hurling ogre has short range and limited ammo (1), also it needs foot (hunger) to stay healthy and allied. The feeding aspect would apply to any living siege warfare. So - i like the idea!
  13. why not give the player the option, to spam "lol" or "annoying shouts" at your enemy?
  14. The only system i would prefer over "no stealth at all"
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