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  1. I tried to click "Join Today" on the website and nothing happens. Oh and beautiful website btw.
  2. Only the puny few that don't like getting Zerg'd will leave.
  3. Majority want Zerg, minority do not.
  4. If you want to see how James discusses things go check him out over here: http://forums.mmorpg.com/profile/discussions/2968498/JamesGoblin
  5. the crafting is awesome and will be awesome, I hope they don't change too much. If they stray from the concept that is tried and true they will lose many including me. The crafting is SWG, go google some videos before you knock this system. kthxbai!
  6. lmao, calm the custard down bro.
  7. I disagree and this is from someone who will only be a crafter for the life of his character. It is not something for most to dable in it is a whole profession. You are use to the watered down wow crafting.
  8. I guess im confused why so many commentors speak as they have no clue what a game in early development truely is. Did you folks think this game was full feature release ready? Please explain to me I am trying to understand your logic from some of the responses in this thread and many others all over the boards. Feel like I'm in a bad episode of the twilight zone. For example, imagine and going to stand in line to see a movie that many people want to see and there is that one person in line saying "This movie is going to suck poorly made socks bawlz" While everyone else is wondering why this person is even here to begin with. Sincerely, Beta
  9. Don't worry buddy is a tinfoil hat kind of guy. Ignore him.
  10. Great stuff! Exciting times ahead, thanks for the update.
  11. I like its current state better than the ideas proposed here. I have only played ranger exclusively. The way they are making it suits the style of FFA PVP this game is. Adding auto attack would be super stupid.
  12. Def not the game for you bub, just my 5 Canadian cents. This game is bigger the zerg wins but this is a tried and true formula. Majority enjoy zergs, minority don't. /shrug
  13. I stare at Kleenex.com and rock back and forth in my computer chair
  14. Not a solo character, meant for group play. Also leveling is all time sink not by killing and hunting. Plays alright imo. Of course all toons will get tweaks and fixes up t and after launch. We are a very long time from launch lets say a year or year and half minimum. Lots will change in the realm of balancing by then.
  15. Not a fan of your purposed ideas and too lazy to post a large write up why.
  16. I have used this EXACT crafting system before and it is the best hands down of all the iterations of crafting in all titles to date. This is my opinion of course but I have good taste so I feel comfortable with my stance.
  17. hope you have a clan to keep it running so you don't lose it or it is not available for use. Be an expensive waste if you won't be able to use it due to lack of up keep costs being met by army of one. Just saying you might want to investigate this further before you dump more cash on it.
  18. This game is so Alpha atm, have you ever been in an alpha? You people are hurting my head. This game will change drastically from now to release... /sigh You folks are so annoying seriously... This isn't beta or even close to beta. You think that the animations are going to be laffy like they are now come release? I am confused how your mind works please enlighten me how you think. I am sincere here...
  19. Welcome to the Eternal Kingdom
  20. Just read through it all nothing about anyone being able to buy and pay for two accounts and play them both from different PC's. You just can't be afk and leave the keyboard unattended using scripts or macros or key cloning. Good luck at stopping it, not possible when someone is paying and playing both in a logical manner. /shrug PS. also have to probably buy and play a third or fourth account for my spies as I will most likely have to infiltrate competing guilds in some way. In SWG I had 12 separate accounts when the game was at its peak.
  21. I don't use key Cloning anyways I have my own intelligent and very custom setup for multi boxing.
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