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  1. Umm... You mean I still have 27 days for pay? Well I am a bit mad at myself for not knowing this and not reserving an earliest bird earlier.
  2. First strech goal is a good example of a stretch goal. Something fun+expanding (female centaur) and some update of existing. It tells us, that they are not satisfied with their product yet, and this builds up trust in firther development, maybe -just maybe- builds up trust, that they are not going to sell ArtCraft + Crowfall to the highest bidder just before the game launches. Next strech goals should be focus to usefulness and spreading the already existing game-mechanics wider. Example: more siege weapons, more spells, weapons, and also visual cosmetics, and visual upgrades (demolishion looks better, etc.)
  3. Sad panda here. We here in my country we only receive monthly payment on 5th day of every month. Earliest birds are loong gone... So, I guess I have to go with the 250$ from now, well...
  4. The second image is trully fantastic, I am sure not the only one, who loves this style approach. It reminds me of the "Sunwell Trilogy". Well, if you guys going to build a Crowfall band, like with comics, t-shirts and stuff, I am going to buy some for sure.
  5. Well, Beta grp 6 means: "Welcome to ain't gonna happen land". I am in grp 6 too.
  6. Campaign idea: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women! Anyways, baerin's survival campaign is interesting enough, frankly, I have never seen a survive mode in MMO's before -might be my bad- and I think it would be an interesting option.
  7. 6 here too. Sarin seems right in this matter:
  8. Bow is mostly for PvE pull I guess.
  9. I think this means that the knight will be available for he "sunny" side only. Honor and stuff, after all. If you look at the cyrptic tree here, you can see, that bot the male and female knight has emblems in their armours from the "sunny" side of the tree, so sneaky_squirell has a point here. I really hope, that the "moon" side will have some kind of a knight type as well. Or I might have to play the good guy. Again. Meh.
  10. Lets go through your image. The way I see it: 1: Jon Snow hero style knight / hunter combo, not announced. 2. Classic knight, announced. 3. Berserker / reaver like very heavy non human(?) melee, not ann. 4. Classic mage, not ann. 5. Templar (paladin?) tank / heavy melee (I think they can "talent" for DD and some kind of a light healing as well), announced. 6. Kentaur heavy melee, announced. 7. Classic Assassin rouge type, announced. 8. Little rat(?), rouge / possibly pro crafter class, not announced. 9. Some kind of a Cenarius-like deer-human halfbreed, possibly some mage wielder (druid-like?), not announced. 10. Dark Elf (?) Shadow Elf (?) Frost Elf (lol?), possibly rouge / light melee class, not announced (OP shows announced, but I think its not officially presented yet). 11. Druid-like class, possibly best healer in all the crowd, not announced. 12. Forgemaster dwarf (only?), light heal, light DD, announced. I gues there will be some passive healing skill for the close combat classes, like "if you deal damaga, you steal 2% life" or so. I think the missing 7 will be presented to us in the remaining 12 days of the counter.
  11. Female knight looks savage enough, just the way I like it. It migh happen that I won't choose a templar after all...
  12. Well, as I said, rough calculations. However, the 150ppl. on the 10.000$ apckage is not that extreme goal at all. There are a lot of crazy ppl. out there. But lets say, ot is not 3%, let's make it 0.5% = 25ppl. That is not a very crazy amount, but with this, the 1.5 mil. lowers to 250.000$, so lets hope not 5000 ppl. will participate in the campaign, but 10.000 will.
  13. Hmm this Exploding Kittens is actually a very awesome game! Me lyk3! Anyways, we got 13,000 members in this forum, I guess lets go with Oridi's numbers: Usually it turns out the following: -50% lowest package, -3% highest package, -10% in top 3 highest package, except 1st, -Rest is between the lowest and the top-medium packages. Turn this into numbers (1st round, 5000 ppl. - rough calculation): -50$ pack. * 2500 ppl. = 125.000$ -75$ pack * 650 = 48.750$ -100$ pack * 600 = 60.000$ -150$ pack * 600 = 90.000$ -250$ pack *150 = 37.500$ -500$ pack * 150 = 75.000$ -1000$ pack * 150 = 150.000$ -10.000$ pack * 150 ppl. = 1.500.000$ Sum: 2.086.250$ - Kickstarter fee. (dunno how much, lets say 10%) = 1.877.625$ Considering the fact that their initial capital was 2.500.000$ , and considering, the current state of the game based on the screenshots, with the help of this campaign, they might finish the game.
  14. Dear Staff! I have a financial-like question. You (staff) said that they're going to sell licenses to EU based companies. It means that the possibility is open for EU based servers. My question is about this. What do I need to buy a license, so I can make this game available for my region with a low ping? I am talking about Easter-Europe. Also, do you think, that a start-up can afford your license, or you are looking for companies with the big money deep pocket to buy licenses? Thanks!
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