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  1. Hey guys, a lot has happened while I went on vacation and had a short trip on labor day as well. I wanted to provide my outlook on the situation at hand for Crowfall right now. Here is a link to my article on my website where I discuss their latest transition as a game and company. https://www.ezzogaming.com/articles/news/from-launch-to-live Thanks for the read!
  2. I 100% believe that as the game grows and they get more feedback ACE will recognize the importance of some kind of randomly generated public dungeons that allow anyone to walk in and out of, but lock people into an area to fight with one way in or out. As well as a system similar to Hellgates in Albion as it's really evident the game loop is super enjoyable involving these aspects of the game(competitive PvP), and these systems would require much less population to support so I do not see how it would impact individuals who only favor large-scale dynamics of Crowfall. This is about offering people more ways to play and enjoy the game, not changing any core mechanics.
  3. Choosing a Class in Crowfall (2021) | Beginner's Guide to Classes Enjoy the video guys! I'm working on a written versions for these guides on ezzogaming.com again. Sorry for being in the dark after ECS so long! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8wKyLVfxZ0
  4. I'm pretty excited to see what massive battles take place inside of these Castles.
  5. I'd like to add to these questions as they are good ones! <Question 4> Quality of life improvements on the UI still? It's still pretty rough around the edges and sometimes laggy. <Question 5> In-game Social system for friends, guilds, as mentioned above mail, guildmates online (and maybe a chat remake?) <Question 6> The delay between seeing yourself use an ability and seeing/hearing the damage take place currently feels off sometimes, as well as sometimes when you see other's use abilities it has a delay before you see yourself take damage. Is there plans to improve this? Thanks!
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