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  1. Why do you have to go to Solarium(or whatever "ium") in the first place to then immediately zone again to get to sky point. Seems to me they could make a direct portal and save everyone who plays in sky point some loading time!
  2. Glad your making it work mate. Best of luck.
  3. I wanted Crowfall to be good and had some fun, I grew up on DAoC, Warhammer Online so I felt like the core audience. I do really enjoy the pvp but the gear gap for a still level 30 in wartribe gear is just impossible. It really takes the fun out of it for me, even in shadows. Forget about dregs, people are so desperate for a some action its not even fun for lowbies. I wish you could jump into more evenly matched fights without sinking so much time into the PvE grind or needing the connections of a large active guild crafter. I've tried joining 3 larger guilds at this point since launch but still have trouble finding groups since I play mostly off peak hours. I feel like I gave it a fair shot. If anyone wants a month of VIP DM me, I'd rather someone use it, Won it on a twitch stream. GL after NW launches. I hope to see some success/growth at some point and I'd happily revisit but this just isn't approachable for a casual player in any way. ☹️
  4. After the debocle of the first campaign I feel like they're not super confident the system won't be exploited again in some way so by setting laughably low rewards it solves the problem and also avoid flooding the economy. Campaigns reset but flooding massive amounts of gold/dust to God's reach via unlimited exports is going to ruin things to a degree. I certainly don't want to have to farm anymore gold than I'm already doing to buy things like vessels/disc to carry over to future campaigns. Most of the stuff I buy tends to be from the larger mega guilds that have the player base and cohesion to pull resources and craft higher tier things. They're the ones going to get the rewards and in turn will drive up gold prices. I'm OK with the rewards, but like mention I'm old DAoC so the fun is in the combat win. Although I'm pretty bad still!
  5. Loving crowfall so far but I can see why a lot of people struggle to get started. I thought it was a fair review as well. I hope the devs can do some fast upgrades to things like chat. That would go a long way!
  6. Why wasn't any of this ironed out in beta? Seems like the scoring system should have well thought it at this point.
  7. I'm literally amazed at the tenacity of people who come here to post that no longer play or like the game. I don't understand why you use your time this way.
  8. I feel bad for the few white knights that are still disillusioned to think it'll ever be something(CU). That moment died for me when they thought we would be excited with the announcement for Ragnarok. I'm personally still waiting for my refund but I don't expect to receive it. Just glad I have some kind of a PVP game to play!
  9. Camelot unchained is a hot mess. I'm genuinely glad Crowfall at least has a game to play. I think they can build up to something great (I hope), they just need time and to listen. Small team and all... CU will probably never happen. DAoC 2.0 would have been an easy win for everyone.
  10. Don't the maps change with campaigns? I was hoping the map might look different someday. Like maybe it's a dice roll and next campaign your faction has the best setup. I agree it's sun / south side dominant with opportunity in sky point. Dregs feels like larger map size and more camp spawns (that drop gold) in general would be a huge help.
  11. Was speaking to the OP, not you @spawnq0459, sorry should have specified. Sounds like he genuinely is struggling to find a path forward. You just seem to be complaining this isn't shadowbane. Idk what to tell you.
  12. I suggest you find a larger guild and get involved. This game isnt meant to be solo and any guild would love to have such a hard working, dedicated harvester. Your expecting to progress in God's reach for higher than green gear which is basically impossible. Drops are significantly more frequent related to rarer pieces in dregs. Get out of sky point and I think you'll have more fun/meaning.
  13. Top 5 Likes1 . I haven't been able to put this game down since release. I love the concept of perpetual PvP campaigns. 2. Crafting feels deep and meaningful. It's a grind that could be toned down a bit for sure especially since things reset after ~a month. I like that gear is consumable and not perpetually repaired, it gives crafters a place in the world. I like the codependence on other crafting professions, it forces cooperation and trade. (related to #4 below) 3. Boost to 25 was an excellent QoL decision. Not making me grind through my alts was a real boost to me getting into this game. 4. The NPE is greatly improved, I struggled a lot at beta without the NPE, and I felt a lot better jumping back in on release. Room for growth but it shows that a solid effort was made. 5. Beheading players Top 5 dislikes 1. The inability to sort through the Dregg's campaign bank like the vault feels lazy and creates meaningless work when the code exists already. We want to get back to PvP/crafting, not looking through a list to find an item. Make it like the vault as a first pass. 2. Chat windows sucks.. as others have said. It's almost useless. I get we all use discord but there should be better chat functionality in 2021. It turns a lot of new players off with this oversight. MMO players or converts expect to be able to socialize in game. 3. Understanding God's reach and Dreggs, import tokens, and level requirements before jumping into Dreggs needs to be better explained. Level 25 is not suitable for Dreggs in most cases and the game shouldn't tell people they can move forward at that point. Some kind of pop up window at the server select screen explaining WTF a dreggs campaign is, how it's different that God's reach, level suggestions for harvesting tool/equipment and the impact of moving between the two is critical. Maybe I missed this but it took a lot of searching on youtube and other places to figure out the GvG , FvF setup. These concepts largely don't exist in other games so you have to explain them more clearly. 4. The cumbersome nature of EK's and trade. I love that we need to trade but the inability to do this effectively without zoning into a random trade EK to find it empty or poorly organised is terrible. I understand you want to avoid a global AH type thing and the free city exists as an option, but at that point what are you really proving? It's just a disorganised mess of vendors. This doesn't feel good in any way, it feels outdated and poorly designed. 5. Lack of War Tribes spawns in Dreggs. Conversely too many animal/non gold dropping spawns. I think we need more humanoids that drop gold, maybe it's just the first map that was generated. The ones that exist on the current dreggs map are camped very hard (for good reason) and close together making it easy to lock them down. This makes it hard to get gold for smaller guilds which means you quit before you even get into the fun of the game. More spawns, spread out, would help a lot. 6. Zoning through 2 portals to get to Sky point from the Earth temple is a waste of my time and your server loading power. I shouldn't have to go to Solarium (or whatever faction) to then walk immediately through another gate. Just give the option to go directly. Why would I ever want to load a zone to walk less than 6 feet? One Question: Do you have any plans to make this game more approachable for smaller guilds or is your overall concept of "Throne warfare" the idea that we should be forced to join larger mega alliances to exist/prosper?
  14. lets go FvF campaign! got enough players, sky point getting crowded.
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