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  1. I mean they can already do this kinda with disc's. I would prefer a choice in lockdown/suppression vs damage. If i lock you down to take you out of the fight then I would be sacrificing damage to keep you controlled. Or go the damage route with bleeds, dots, and poison and bonus damage with more stacks applied but less options to control. Still need a movement speed boost that can be applied in stealth or some kind of targetted teleport move from stealth. Better ways to survive large scale engagements, and ways to get back into stealth during combat. Maybe change how long
  2. The longer the wait the more better my passive tree gets.....
  3. Yeah bring them in line with WoW rogues and were good.
  4. You guys sound like you don't leave the house without a healbot at your side. 🙄 It's not like you can't try to run away... but if an assassin gets a jump on you and perfectly uses cooldowns and ult then cry me a river. Whats the point in being an assassin if I can't do that then? Would you prefer the assassin wreck groups instead? WoW Rogues got it right I had to CC then burst you then hit you with a blind re-stealth and do another burst. Even then it wasn't always automatic, but yall just sound like sissys that don't like getting stunlocked. Even with all that there i
  5. With the favorable condition I stated. If an assassin can open you up from stealth and use all cooldowns and ult unless there braindead I don't see how that would be a problem. Since it would take that exact scenario for it to work, it wouldn't work if someone got the jump on the assassin....you see where i'm going here?
  6. Neither is low skill aoe spam from range classes. If an assassin gets the jump on anyone in a 1v1 they should be able to kill them no questions unless they are braindead. The problem is group fights and picking the right target. And yeah if I blow all my cooldowns and use my ult I should be able to 100-0 someone.
  7. Certainly should be easier to re-enter stealth while in combat as long as YOU haven't been hit or taken damage or caused damage(dot damage you caused shouldn't keep you in combat). Should have more control over keeping someone locked down or going for more a more damage approach. Assassin would be better if some of the skill trees got combined. Like imagine cutthroat/vandal with suppressed backstabs and better poisons and a CC stun coming out of stealth.
  8. Well if thats the case then queue the counter meta. Good metas have some resemblance of balance and more then one path to victory. We shouldn't require a class or build to compete. Better options should make things easier not make it mandatory. Random thoughts - Channeled ranged AOE's or longer cast times = more damage but more vulnerable - Close AOE's more instant cast options but less damage - Less escape options = require support help to evade pressure - Get rid of dodge rolls everyone should get an escape but on a decent cooldown - Hard CC require support help
  9. So if the devs are taking there sweet time patching issues why doesn't the community take it upon itself and not use these overpowered class(es)? Or just make them unavailable next campaign.
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