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  1. "Archer cavalry OP pls nerf" -the entire 13th century world facing Mongol invasion
  2. The tray swaps are on the global cooldown, so if you try to swap while your trays are in cooldown then nothing happens.
  3. Maxing your primary damage stat (in this case Dex) is the default assumption for any DPS build. After that, the rest go into Con, Int, or both, depending on whether you want more survivability or more damage.
  4. Crafting still has a random component but you can choose how much risk you want to take on after comparing your skills to the difficulty of the craft. If you play it at all conservatively there's no chance of a complete failure, and you can spend resources to improve bad rolls after you see them. If you already own the game I'd suggest you install it and take the Test Server for a spin, where there are vendors with all the raw materials and as much free gold as you want to play around with the system and see if it suits you.
  5. For Archdruid, locking mandatory tray swaps behind the GCD makes the class's core mechanic incredibly cumbersome- approaching unplayable in general use, which is a big part of why you pretty much only see ADs as bomb specialists. I realize you don't want to enable unlimited instant swapping and swapping back, but you can solve that problem by having each tray swap put just the other tray swaps into cooldown for two seconds or whatever a reasonable length of time is.
  6. Yes. Other races which should be capable of Duelist:
  7. They don't have stealth though. If you don't see the value of a stealthed antistealth platform then feel free to play something else.
  8. Great stuff! I assume this is coming, but I'd like to see the optional crafting inputs added e.g. hunger shards, runes for quivers and so on.
  9. Any thoughts on a broader comparison of the pros, cons, and playstyle differences between all the healer promotions? I bet a lot of people would like to see a decision guide for Crusader / Arbiter / Icecaller / Inquisitor / Paladin / Earthkeeper / Archdruid.
  10. I'm confused why you keep calling the class /blak gard/ instead of /blaggerd/.
  11. Control-rightclick to buy/sell without confirmation. Shift-rightclick to split a stack.
  12. When I hit the page at https://crowfall.com/crowcodes, I see that I have a digital game code, as well as a friend code for two free trials. Just to confirm, the digital game code is an additional license that I can give away or use for an extra account, not the key to my current account, correct?
  13. Received my CE packs today. The art+lore book is beautiful, and the minis are simply glorious. Very pleased.
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