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  1. If you don't like the risk:reward for crowdfunding you're absolutely free to wait for retail release and buy a box like anyone else. Crowdfunding anything is a gamble, but nobody's forcing you to make a bet. Putting another game on kickstarter will not solve the problem of kickstarter games being a risk. Also, there are plenty of honest game companies making great games on kickstarter; it's just not all of them.
  2. Do all the tradeskills need to be equally convenient, or is it ok for some skills to be harder than others leading to lower populations and thus higher profits for those willing to put in the greater effort?
  3. Crowfall is built on Unity, which is designed to be compatible with as much hardware as possible. The Crowfall FAQ says "GForce 600 series or better, AMD Radeon HD 6970 or better"
  4. No idea, I still have Sheen on ignore.
  5. "engaging a different reward system" != "engaging no reward system". Civ games and FPSs both engage different reward systems from WoW but both genres are very successful.
  6. What Pang said. You can't gain player skill by letting your account age. Active play leads to character strength along a dimension which has nothing to do with the numbers on your character sheet.
  7. You won't be able to drop faction in God's Reach or Infected. Dregs, you're probably right.
  8. Friendly fire settings will be determined on a campaign by campaign basis. Feel free to choose campaigns with as soft or hard a core as you like.
  9. Yes, you will have access to every test once your group is added to the testing.
  10. SB and SWG are Crowfall's heritage, while SC and CU are their competition. It makes a lot more sense to recognize and honor the former than it does to promote the latter.
  11. Emulating Star Citizen's development plan is probably not on any serious producer's to-do list.
  12. Changing archetypes is certainly an option, but how effective it is depends a lot on the training path you've chosen and whether you're using VIP. Also, Frostweaver is the only archetype that uses Arcane Melee weapons, so Frosty may actually be the worst class to try to multi-class train for. If you're investing General Combat training in ice scythes that won't carry over to any other class, and if you aren't then switching from something else to Frosty will be a noticeable downgrade.
  13. Jihan

    The new Crowbox

    Here's a build log and case review if you want more detail. http://benchmarkreviews.com/23775/thermaltake-core-v21-micro-atx-case-review/
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