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  1. Crowfall is built on Unity, which is designed to be compatible with as much hardware as possible. The Crowfall FAQ says "GForce 600 series or better, AMD Radeon HD 6970 or better"
  2. Changing archetypes is certainly an option, but how effective it is depends a lot on the training path you've chosen and whether you're using VIP. Also, Frostweaver is the only archetype that uses Arcane Melee weapons, so Frosty may actually be the worst class to try to multi-class train for. If you're investing General Combat training in ice scythes that won't carry over to any other class, and if you aren't then switching from something else to Frosty will be a noticeable downgrade.
  3. Quad City DJ's vs Kansas: Carry On Wayward Slam
  4. Well, you have choices to make with your General training: you can only train one General skill at a time, so that can be either a crafting skill or a combat skill. Hauling will be under the exploration portion of the General tree so all 3 of those training goals are mutually exclusive: you can either split your time among multiple foci, or specialize in one area. With that said, even while your General tree is training crafting or exploration skills, you'd also be training an archetype skill, and those are all combat oriented as far as we know. So even if your general training is complete
  5. If you feel your backer rewards are incorrect you should email support.
  6. By all means, let's waste the devs' time by asking them to confirm that plain English means what it says for every single line of every Backer bundle, individually. All previous rewards means all previous rewards. Consider it confirmed. If it doesn't say "upgrade" or "replaces" then it's additional. In this specific case, god statues and cathedrals have nothing to do with each other and you get as many of each as your Backer level entitled you to.
  7. http://crowfall.com/en/news/the-big-reveal-crows-and-vessels/ is the biggest design change since KS. If you want to catch up on everything, http://crowfall.com/en/news/
  8. Hi Jackd- if you would like any suggestions on system builds take a look at the Tech forum and we're happy to help.
  9. Devs have mentioned leaderboards as something they intend to do, but we have no info on any specific stats they might be planning to track.
  10. You'll get your download link with plenty of time to install prior to the test servers unlocking.
  11. Guinhamsters get Kia Soul mounts confirmed.
  12. Canth provides actual answer to question being asked. Urahara says "hello". Best answer?
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