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  1. I dont see the slightest reason why we should take the risks and the ones receiving the money getting the profit or run away with the money.


    If you don't like the risk:reward for crowdfunding you're absolutely free to wait for retail release and buy a box like anyone else. Crowdfunding anything is a gamble, but nobody's forcing you to make a bet.


    Lets found an honest game company, which will create great games.


    Putting another game on kickstarter will not solve the problem of kickstarter games being a risk. Also, there are plenty of honest game companies making great games on kickstarter; it's just not all of them.

  2. Changing archetypes is certainly an option, but how effective it is depends a lot on the training path you've chosen and whether you're using VIP.


    Also, Frostweaver is the only archetype that uses Arcane Melee weapons, so Frosty may actually be the worst class to try to multi-class train for. If you're investing General Combat training in ice scythes that won't carry over to any other class, and if you aren't then switching from something else to Frosty will be a noticeable downgrade.

  3. There is no "leveling" system as such; character development happens via the passive training tree, which is time based rather than level based.


    Per account, you can train one general skill and one archetype skill at a time. If you're paying for VIP status, you can train one general skill, plus one archetype skill for each of three different archetypes.


    General skills are divided into Combat, Crafting, and Exploration. If you want to make a crafter, you're probably going to dedicate your general training to the crafting tree. If you want harvesting abilities or stealth, those are in Exploration. Combat is self-explanatory.


    You're not locked into any particular general training path; if you want to move your training to a different node or a whole different tree, you can do that whenever you like. However, if you want to be really good in any one role, you're probably going to want to focus your training there.


    Archetype training is almost entirely combat oriented, with the obvious caveat that skills you learn for a Myrmidon vessel don't carry over if you switch to a Confessor.


    So, if you want to have strong combat skills with any vessel you choose, you'd want to invest your General training in Combat. On the other hand, if you narrow down your favorites to 3 preferred archetypes (or just a single archetype with a basic account), then you might consider getting your combat bonuses from your Archetype training while you spend your General training on Exploration or Crafting abilities.

  4. I like to think everything is subject to change


    And that's where you're wrong. Crowfall is not going to turn into a Tetris clone with different shapes of falling crows; it's not going to turn into a hidden object game where you have to find 17 hidden crows peeking out from behind random objects in a kitchen, and it's not going to turn into a crows vs monsters game where the server's players unite against a common AI foe. Crowfall is about player faction vs player faction combat and if you want a different kind of game you should be looking for it elsewhere; the fact that the devs could in theory make this game is superseded by the fact that they've already told us that they won't.


    You're free to post whatever suggestions you want. If your suggestion is irrelevant because we've already been told that's not the direction ACE is taking this game, everyone else is just as free to tell you exactly that. I could post a suggestion that JTC come to my house for Christmas dinner and bring one of his world famous blueberry crumble pies, but just because I think it's a great idea doesn't mean that there's any point to making the suggestion because it's not going to happen. He has other plans for Christmas, and he has other plans for this game.

  5. This is a design flaw and one that is so big it scares me. Why the hell would you force someone to be fully blinded in a full loot PVP game to craft something for 2 minutes. I think ACE is aware of how upset people are about this and I would expect it to change.


    Because that incents a crafter+guard symbiosis dynamic as opposed to a self-sufficient hermit playstyle.

  6. The Food mechanic is an importand anti zerg mechanic. A big guild needs a lot of food and if they dont stockpile enough food in the beginning of the campain , then they may starve off in winter and even loose to small guilds in fights.

    Nonsense. Assuming similar individual activity levels, food maintenance requires the same percentage of activity in a large guild as a small one. If 10 players need to dedicate 20% of their game time to picking apples, then 500 players also need to dedicate 20% of their game time to picking apples.


    If we posit that a small guild probably has a higher individual activity level than a large guild, then the food mechanic actually penalizes the small guild.

  7. a sort of pacifier out of the pram mentality when anyone tries to make a "suggestion" that does not sit with your own ideals on what this game should be.

    Here's the thing though: if your suggestion didn't sit with another random player's ideas for the game, that's fine and whatever. But if your suggestion goes against the repeatedly stated design principles of the developers making the game, then you're going to get shouted down and rightfully so.


    Artcraft has told us over and over that they're designing this game with the idea that players are the content. PVE world events are not a part of JTC's plan, there's no point suggesting them, and there's no point arguing that that suggestion is valid.

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