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  1. On the one hand, I very much like the idea of meaningful, persistent character progression as a result of campaign outcomes. My gaming hindbrain says that of course the resources I bring out of a campaign should in some way make me better or more powerful in a lasting way. On the other hand, though, as soon as you do that Uncle Bob is back in the game. If campaign victories lead to EK character power increases then eventually some group or group of groups will "win" EKs, eternally. If the whole idea of the Crowfall design is to get away from the trap of server stagnation then EKs cannot be in competition because that competition inevitably will turn into stasis. So character power is out as a lasting benefit of campaign success. However, cosmetic improvements are very much a different story. If I successfully bring home enough resources to build and maintain a griffon hatchery, then perhaps I'd be able to select a griffon mount instead of a horse- same acquisition process and same mechanical stats, but a visual difference that says "this guy has accomplished something significant". Or if my EK has a fully upgraded summoning circle, maybe my pet can have a unique demonic appearance which isn't available to anyone who hasn't built the same infrastructure.
  2. Sitting on a POI that nobody is attacking is boring. People don't look forward to logging in for a 2-hour guard shift. We want to encourage a design where people control and protect important locations and infrastructure, but we can't do it in a way which doesn't let people play the game and have fun while doing so. DAoC did a very good job with this. There were two key features of the keep siege system that made it work very well: Passive defenses, and notification. The keep gate and NPC defenders were durable enough to hold off attackers for long enough that nearby defenders could respond to the attack, and those defenders were alerted immediately when an attacker started their assault. Also, there were mobs in the frontiers, which meant that people on guard duty could be doing something useful while waiting for an alert. Obviously I'm not suggesting that CF copy this system exactly. But I think those key features are necessary: People on guard duty need something interesting to do within reasonable range of the thing they're guarding. They need to be notified when the thing they're guarding comes under attack. And they need to be able to trust that the thing they're guarding can resist breach long enough for the guards to get back there and get into the fight. Without that dynamic, you end up with a situation where it's much easier and more engaging to go capture a replacement thing than it is to sit aruond bored waiting to defend the thing you already have, which means your raiding parties end up just playing musical keeps instead of actually fighting each other.
  3. I'm unclear on whether there's any mechanical benefit to developing my (or my guild's) eternal kingdom, or if EK structures are purely a dress-up game. I would like to see the ability to merge multiple players' kingdoms into a single continuous guild empire, with seamless travel, while also retaining the right to secede.
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