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  1. DAoC Animist class had some heavy strengths and countervailing weaknesses. Getting a bunch of animists to build a mushroom farm was a very powerful way to defend fixed fortifications like realm gates and relic keeps. The class was weak in the open field, though- at least it was until they improved the bombers. There are a lot of ways a turret class could be designed, some better than others. ACE will need to be careful that they don't end up with a class that only gets logged in for sieges, though.
  2. Thanks for contributing your suggestion! You're making the Crowfall community a better place. It's always great to see the new,creative ideas that people come up with. If you're interested, you might like to take a look at some of the other new, creative ideas that some of your fellow crows have already contributed on this board. Here are a few highlights that you may find especially interesting: [PETITION] Necromancer Archetype Necromancer/Mastermind Archtype Necromancer Archetype Necromancer Archetype Necromancer Archetype New class: Necromancer Necromancer Archetype?
  3. Or, different materials could have different effects just as with other crafted items. One metal could be faster, another could have better penetration, a third could grant a chance of a rare bonus effect, etc.
  4. Gear=progression is not compatible with a full loot game. The primary progression models in Crowfall are player skill improvement and player social/political connections. Neither equipment nor skill trees will make as much real difference in combat outcomes as your personal talents for pushing buttons and for getting others to push buttons next to you. Crowfall is not a progression-focused game, and players for whom character progression is a primary gameplay motivator are better served by the many Diku-inspired games in the MMO market space.
  5. Jihan

    Dregs ruleset

    Dregs is a guild vs guild ruleset, not an individual scale deathmatch. This has always been the plan despite persistent misinformation.
  6. After the experiences both founders have had with absorption of their companies by larger publishers, neither one would have any interest in going down that road again.
  7. All funded stretch goals were added to the "core module" and are supposed to be delivered at game launch. This includes the Gods Reach and Infected rulesets. Was Shadow ever an actual stretch goal or committed core feature, or was it just part of the design docs?
  8. Check your Backer rewards under your account profile. If you see there the package you bought, then you don't have to do anything else until live release, unless you have a reason to unpack your bundle now in order to gift or upgrade individual items from within the bundle.
  9. How would you define the difference between "official guilds" and "a group of players making a makeshift guild" ? Since a guild is a social construct, the only reality it has is the shared agreement of its members that it exists. If you're asking if Crowfall has in-game mechanisms for guild creation and management, the answer is not yet.
  10. Jihan

    AMD APU info

    FYI, "GPU" applies equally to video chips integrated on a motherboard or installed as a separate card. If you're specifically interested in support for integrated GPUs you should indicate that.
  11. Remember that the current archetype buildouts are not an effort to present a rough draft of the intended final archetype design; they're purely a testing vehicle for a wide range of powers and tech features that will eventually be distributed among any number of other classes.
  12. So what I'm hearing is that you're not opposed to the idea of playing cooperatively with other people, you just don't trust anyone but yourself in charge.
  13. I don't know anything about Larry LaPierre personally, but he did oversee the transformation of the Need for Speed franchise into a microtransaction cashfarming operation, and then moved on to Zynga (!!!) and now he's at Daybreak. I don't see ACE throwing in with DBG any time soon.
  14. Obviously there's the Swordsman promotion class from Knight. But that's just a name. What does "Swordsman" mean to you in terms of gameplay style or combat type? In general, the knight classes are about armor tanking with 1H weapon (probably sword for you and shield, while Templar is more a Dodge tank with a two hander. If you want a fencer type DPS, you can probably make a character you'll like from a Ranger or possibly Stalker or Duelist although we don't know much about those yet.
  15. So you want the wiki to have a resource page for each campaign then?
  16. It has explicitly never been ACE's intent to appeal equally to all possible players. When they made the original "no firehose healing" posts they acknowledged that there were people who liked playing healers who wouldn't agree with their design choices, and that they were fine with that and hoped those players could find another game that they enjoyed. "We're not making a game for everyone" has been their consistent message from the beginning.
  17. It's probably easier and more useful to understand Crowfall on its own terms rather than trying to cram it into a "like system 1 but with features of system 2" box. http://crowfall.com/en/news/skills-faq-how-to-train-your-crow/
  18. I'm the local "calls people out on bad ideas and disingenuously vague thread titles". If that's shortens to "troll" for you, then sure!
  19. That's fine, I'm not attached to any one resolution to the issue; my point is that the OP shouldn't be attached to one either.
  20. So if I understand you correctly, you titled your thread "Game Paradigm vs. Player Base" but it should more accurately have been called "More Healing Please". Would you agree?
  21. Jihan

    Test Post

    Here ya go.
  22. I tried to consume my package once, but I'm not flexible enough.
  23. Bejeweled is an incredibly popular game but that doesn't mean we need /gems in Crowfall either.
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