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  1. If the fundamental issue is "focus fire is too effective", there are a wide variety of solutions to that problem which don't involve more healing. Give everyone a turtle mode to activate when they get focused. Enable friendly fire. Add penalties for too many attackers on the same target. Etc. Just because other games solve a common problem one way does not mean that's the only or best way to solve it.
  2. The only reason to consume now is if you want to trade or return individual items out of the bundle.
  3. You've just moved your DOS point from the login server to the queue server.
  4. might have ☑ might've ☑ might of ☒ Adjusting to the changing meta is also part of player skill. So is predicting what kinds of changes the devs are likely to make to currently-overpowered or under-powered abilities. Play the whole game as best you can and don't whine if someone else plays better.
  5. I'm not sure any package upgrades are available currently given the very recent generation change from 2015 to 2016 in the store. You can probably convince ACE to help you spend money by emailing the support address directly, if this is something you're sure you want to pursue now.
  6. Exactly right. If you had infinite training time you could train every skill in every tree to max; the choices you make just determine what order it's trained in. If you feel like you've completely mistrained your crow, you can at any time start onto a completely different training path just as if you had bought a new account- plus you'll have at least some benefit from the general skills you'd already trained.
  7. Since there's no cap on trained skill points, if you change your mind about what you want to train, you can just switch training to something else. Making good training choices is part of player skill and the economy of consequences; your choices matter and while you always have the option to change to a better path, it makes sense for someone who got it right the first time to have an advantage.
  8. The ranger powerset reveal must be accompanied by the theme "Go go ranger powers!"
  9. I'm offended by people who think that any disagreement with their bad ideas is a personal trolling attempt.
  10. What is "it" and how does it own March? http://grammarist.com/spelling/its-its/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc
  11. Pretty sure it's not about suggesting that the devs not make the game they had planned and make a completely different game instead. We've been clearly and repeatedly told that the PVE aspects of the game are intended as a resource faucet and as a general backdrop threat level, not as primary content. I have no issue with PVE proposals which recognize and comply with that design intent. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority do not. Given the signal-to-noise ratio of the suggestions board lately, they would best accomplish that goal by ignoring this forum entirely. I think that would be a shame.
  12. I have to wonder what kind of persistent confusion leads someone to say "I see that this game development company is working on a game which is clearly and specifically about player vs player interactions, and make dozens of posts about adding more PVE features to the game." It's like someone who wants a car going to Cessna and saying "hey guys, you could totally make a car!" instead of letting Cessna continue to make airplanes while you go down the street to the Honda dealer.
  13. No game-mechanic details have been provided yet- all we have about the deities so far is the lore.
  14. Devs have said that initial release will have only a single biome- the middle European style we've seen in the concept art. They'd like to add more biomes after release.
  15. Best by what standard? Of those options, Bloodstone has the most bundle contents, while Ruby is the least costly. Value per dollar is subjective based on your own personal playing preferences.
  16. The safe range where neutral wins can be tuned to be as narrow as necessary in order to make it fair for all the factions. In other words, if the VP spread over a number of campaigns turns out to show that about 1/3 of campaigns have a 4% victory point margin or less between chaos and order, then they can just make it so that Balance only wins if Chaos and Order are within 4% of each other.
  17. Everything is possible, each campaign will have its own numbers. Inner band campaigns (Shadow and Dregs) will tend to skew more towards winner-take-most (or -all) reward rules while outer-band campaigns will tend more towards more evenly balanced export rules, but the numbers can be customized for each individual campaign. If you choose to play in a year-long campaign with a loser's export = 0 setting, then yes, you get nothing if your team loses. If you don't like that idea, don't join that campaign.
  18. You've had a pretty easy life- count your blessings!
  19. Not compatible with the crafting system as described. http://crowfall.com/en/faq/economy/
  20. Not having all the info: No problem! There's a lot to catch up on as a new player. We're happy to answer questions. Proposing new features or design changes without first catching up on the features that have already been committed or rejected: bad idea. Lurk Moar.
  21. ACE has stated they intend to code the game in such a way that it cannot be run in multiple instances on the same box. Multiboxing will still be possible, but will require either multiple hardware instances, or a serious virtualization setup with a professional-class 3D rendering engine. (Consumer video cards don't virtualize for crap.) Most of the people talking about using multiple accounts intend to use them serially rather in parallel. ACE has also specifically said that they consider any kind of octopus setup to be cheating and they will take action if any such activity is observed.
  22. That's what Mal's hoping!
  23. Starting to suspect deliberate trolling.
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