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  1. I'm not sure I see the point of a one-vessel altar, but a siege tent with guild-scale storage might make sense.
  2. Devs have specifically stated no minionmancer class. Do your own fighting
  3. The fact that you thought that the "off topic" forum was the best place to seek a solution for your problems indicates, to me, a high likelihood that your issues are self-inflicted. Whether that's the case or not, you'd be better off emailing support.
  4. An EK has very little in common with a "traditional MMO" beyond the fact that they both contain 3D world assets and simultaneous logins.
  5. Fair enough - thanks for the detailed response!
  6. > Guy rides down the road in UO > guy bumps into something invisible > guy discovers he can't move in any direction > 8 Shadowclan orcs decloak and kill him > then they kill his horse > 1 builds a campfire in the middle of the road > they roast and eat the horse right there and then > guy is watching the whole thing as a ghost > oooOOOooOOooooOOo
  7. I think that a good suggestion is one that integrates with the overall theme and design philosophy of the game, and that if you don't know what those are you're not ready to propose changes.
  8. That's fine, but not a complete response. Why can't there be a single static URL for each store item which, when requested, causes the server to respond with the account-specific item page based on the requester's account? That server side logic is already happening when I request the static URL for the item category page- the server response to that generic request is customized with the account-specific links to the individual items. All I'm suggesting is that that customization logic happen one layer deeper in the page hierarchy.
  9. The problem isn't "gamebreaking advantage", the problem is "revenue stream". VIP is $15/mo, a second account is $38 now or $45 in two weeks. Why would they give you the same benefit for just $25?
  10. You'll get an email shortly with download instructions.
  11. If this were true then nobody would have a significantly better record than anyone else.
  12. Jihan

    Need new pc

    Windows 10 Home Retail is $120. Or you can easily buy an OEM copy for $100. But with Microsoft's statements that Win 10 is the "last version" of Windows and that all future development will be patches to 10 rather than new full releases, it makes a huge amount of sense to buy the retail version which has unlimited transferability to new hardware instead of an OEM version which is locked to a single system. For an extra $20 now you never have to pay for Windows again.
  13. I'm baffled at the idea that you can't roleplay without a progression system.
  14. Progression progression progression progression progression. It's like nobody's ever played a game that WASN'T a Diku before. Play the campaigns. Strategize. Scheme. Win. Or lose, learn a valuable lesson. Play the next campaign and do better. If the reason you play games is to watch the numbers on your paperdoll and the spikes on your pauldrons get bigger, Crowfall is not being designed for you. WoW is thataway.
  15. If you've upgraded from a Kickstarter bundle to a later bundle, that locks out any further upgrades. If you upgraded within the same generation you should probably be able to upgrade further; email support if you think you should have the option but do not.
  16. The devs have stated that they specifically intend to disable running multiple clients on one system. They want to discourage multi boxing and would consider any form of octopus system an abuse.
  17. What Jah said. Also note that there's nothing special about the Small Keep in particular; the point is just that if you accumulate enough total spend from any and all purchases in the CF store then your testing tier access (and forum badge) will upgrade appropriately.
  18. Store category pages have human-readable static links, e.g. https://backers.crowfall.com/#/store/kingdom . However, if I want to link someone directly to a specific item e.g. a small keep, I get a hex-mangled URL which is apparently session-specific. Please provide permalink capability for store items.
  19. You can buy a small keep for $75, at this link : https://backers.crowfall.com/#/store/kingdom If you buy a small keep, you get a small keep. If your accumulated total spend is then $100 or more, you would gain access to Bronze level testing access (Alpha 3 group.)
  20. Jihan

    Need new pc

    That's a valid perspective. For me, I'd rather build it myself and have $200 more to tuck into garters. I guess it just boils down to each individual's personal thoughts on the value of their time vs their comfort level with technology.
  21. Well, you have choices to make with your General training: you can only train one General skill at a time, so that can be either a crafting skill or a combat skill. Hauling will be under the exploration portion of the General tree so all 3 of those training goals are mutually exclusive: you can either split your time among multiple foci, or specialize in one area. With that said, even while your General tree is training crafting or exploration skills, you'd also be training an archetype skill, and those are all combat oriented as far as we know. So even if your general training is completely focused on production skills you'd still have some comabt abilities as well assuming that your vessel is an archetype that you've trained for. Realistically, though, if you had multiple accounts in Eve for different roles, you'll probably end up wanting to do the same thing in CF.
  22. OK, so if you have this bundle: CONTRIBUTOR - EARLIEST BIRD: $30 + Digital copy of Crowfall (retail $50) + Access to Beta 2 + Thanks in credits as an early backer And you add this item to it: 2015 Small Keep This SMALL KEEP boasts an inner baily surrounded by four stout walls (a bastion at each corner!), a large inner courtyard and a GREAT HALL for dining and revelry! The surrounding area is almost 300,000 square meters -- adequate space for two small villages! $75.00* USD Then the net result will be that you have: 1 Digital copy of Crowfall Thanks in credits as an early backer 1 Small Keep Alpha 3 testing access based on $100 of total spend (Bronze access tier). You would not get any additional items that are included in the Bronze backer bundle, such as the mount figurines.
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