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  1. Jihan

    Need new pc

    If you have room, sure, put everything on your SSD. If you have to make a choice between using your SSD for games vs OS due to limited capacity, then it's more important to have your OS on the SSD. A 250GB is plenty big for OS plus a few games. I'd recommend partitioning your SSD into a 100GB drive for OS and then a separate drive for game installations, so that you can reinstall your OS if you need to without losing all your installed programs.
  2. We haven't been told anything that would suggest such a feature, and it doesn't really fit with my understanding of the devs' design intent.
  3. It's no longer possible to upgrade a Kickstarter bundle to a higher tier bundle. However, you can purchase a la carte from the store, and your testing access will be upgraded based on your total accumulated spend.
  4. Bullets are not a substitute for coherent proposals A suggestion, without an explanation of why this is a good idea, is useless We know the system is nowhere complete so "X feature should be added" is premature You might want to pick the 2 or 3 ideas you're most attached to and create separate, detailed threads for each This many ideas in one place just blur together into tl;dr Remember to give a reason why anyone should care about the idea, not just the suggested change itself Good luck!
  5. I'm just gonna be spamming 111111111111 anyway. Hey, it's worked well for me in previous games.
  6. Please consider emailing support@artcraftent.com as an alternative to suicide.
  7. That's not at all the case. Just because the creating tree falls under the General category doesn't mean that it won't have branches. You'll have to invest a certain amount in the Blacksmithing subtree in order to unlock the Advanced Armorer child tree, etc.
  8. Either your client is receiving data about my character, or it is not. If your client is receiving data about my character then I have to assume that you are completely aware of my presence and location. Partial stealth is a non starter in a world where a ShowCF equivalent is a practical certainty.
  9. There is no risk in the EKs unless you choose to turn PVP on in your kingdom. Think of the EKs as a player housing zone on steroids: if you want to play Kingdom Dressup Barbie, you can, and if you want to play the merchanting game you can, but they're really just a sideshow for the real meat of the game which is the campaigns. If you don't feel like ever logging into your kingdom you don't have to. The only impact Kingdoms have on the campaigns is you can go shopping in order to gear up before entering an import-allowed campaign, and if you manage to export an Artifact or Relic from a campaign, you can display it in your kingdom to give yourself (and your vassals if any) a small buff.
  10. Depends on how you mean that. Testing access is based on total spend, not on the specific package purchased, so if you buy enough of anything from the store to get to $500 total spend you would count as Sapphire and move into the Alpha 1 tester group. However, that wouldn't get you the assets which are part of the Sapphire pledge bundle- e.g. the small castle, the divine cathedral, the 2 cottages, etc.
  11. How Can Crows Be Real If Our Skills Aren't Real.
  12. Upgrading a pledge package means, for example, upgrading your Gold package to Sapphire in order to get into an earlier testing phase or because you want other things that are included in the Sapphire package. If your bundle is still packed then you can upgrade to a higher tier just by paying the difference. Once you unpack a bundle you can no longer upgrade it to a higher pledge tier, but of course you can still buy individual store items to add to your asset collection.
  13. No, you cut the hoses on their scuba gear. Haven't you seen any Bond movies?
  14. Your search for the term "mobile app" returned 7 results
  15. Jihan

    Jihan > Tyrant

    Oh, there no way I'm catching up to the devs on LPR. They have that stat completely sewn up.
  16. Hamo, If someone ever tries to kill you try to kill them right back.
  17. Jihan

    Need new pc

    If you're worried about power quality, you need to put a line-interactive UPS in line to condition your power. Relying on your PSU to handle dirty power is a recipe for failure no matter how much you spend on it.
  18. Jihan

    Jihan > Tyrant

    Just a few short days after moving into the WW#1 spot on the Likes leaderboard for players, I've now surpassed Tyrant for the #2 overall slot. Gonna have to work hard to beat the End Boss though - Todd can generate Likes pretty much at will with chicken stories or goth pics or whatever.
  19. What backer tier did you pledge at? E.g. Contributor, silver, gold, etc?
  20. If you feel your backer rewards are incorrect you should email support.
  21. Here's a start: http://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/features.cfm?read=9325&game=1214&ismb=1
  22. Crowfall is not a game for everyone. Specifically, it's not a game for Diku fans for whom character progression is their primary gaming motivation. Those players are already well served by other games: Crowfall is not trying to compete for those players but rather to serve a different population with different gaming interests.
  23. The problem you're trying to solve is a deliberate design choice. ACE wants and has planned a system where you cannot gain power faster by grinding harder.
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