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  1. nappi


    Whoops... Sorry about that guys. I didn't see anything related to that IMHO,
  2. Here is the lore of the knight, and let me kindly highlight the important part, meant for this post: BACKSTORY "I don’t know you, and I don’t want to. I’ve been ordered to do this, and I do as I am told. Befriending you is not a requirement. Yes, I was a knight once -- “of noble blood”, whatever the hell that means. I died fighting for my family, for a King that I barely remember. I won him a glorious stack of rocks on a hill that no longer exists. That seems to be my fate; I bleed for those of royal blood. And those of lower birth? I make them bleed for me. Hell, it’s no different with the Gods – is it?" (And so on) "I died for my family". This basically means that, at least this particular Archetype is one that was once a mortal. The one telling the story clearly expresses his/her wish of going back to the "human stuff". So yeah, this is a little detail I find super-interesting, I hope you do too! =) Well, that doesn't mean that all immortals were once... mortals. For example, the Forgemaster doesn't seem like he would have been mortal. He looks like the type to be born immortal! ~Nappi
  3. Question! Have you guys focused on the landscapes a lot? I mean, of course you did! But: Will I have the chance to peacefully sit on the edge of a cliff and watch a forest as the campaign just began? Or watch it crumble to pieces as the campaign ends! This is usually the first thing I am looking for in a game!
  4. This is the best post I have ever read from a developer. No, this is the best post realized on a forum that I have ever read. For real. I mean, I have not seen in my life a group of developers so open to their fans. I mean of course, there ARE devs that communicate with their fans and stuff, but not like THIS! You sir just earned my respect! I have a good feeling about this game. I'm looking forward to play it! It does seem original and original is the key to the gates of popularity in the gaming industy of nowdays! =) Again, thank you for that post, you literally made my day much better =) ~Nappi
  5. Whoa, your idea seems very well structured, the devs should check this out! =) In my PERSONAL opinion, I wouldn't implement this. Not because it isn't well made. It's the opposite, it's VERY well made! Your idea is good, you even added anti-abuse ideas. But the game would lose it's core gameplay feeling. Because apart from the faction battles, and the guild warfare, the sole purpose of the game is to survive the Hunger! As far as I know, the Immortals are immune to the direct infection of the Hunger. However, they CAN be affected by it indirectly, like being killed by the infected animals/infected mortals, lack of resources/food. Things like that! But I don't think Immortals can be infected by the Hunger to spread it further. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong at this one! But again, a very nice idea, I like it! =) ~Nappi
  6. Well, that was a really nice thing to read for my today's last post! =) The Hunger seems something that affects the living. However, the Immortals are most likely untouched by the infection itself! Also, the hunger seems to affect living like this: "The hunger starts to infect the creatures": The creatures are maybe showing strange behavior? I don't know how they would manifest, but "infect" means that they show symptomes. As the name implies, the affected beings are given an uncontrollable sense of eternal Hunger. This might be what turns them against the Immortals. They (the immortals) are like ever-lasting meat for the hungries! There are two screenshots that show the way the Hunger manifests during each Season. It seems to firstly affect the living like any illness, as they were sick. Then, their tissues start to fall off. Muscles and stuff, they all start to rot! (Ew, that's gross, but that's what this screenshot says: http://community.crowfall.com/public/Crowfall_ZombieLineupConcept.jpg ) In the final stages, their bones turn to crystal. They aren't blue. They aren't coloured. That's crystal. Or diamond. Or something hard enough to sustain a skeleton, because their tissues are gone, and all that's left is a hungry soul in an empty shell. That's my opinion on the Hunger. It's going to be fun to fight It! =)
  7. Maybe the Hunger affects Mortals only! We already know that there are Immortal beings, which will be us, the players! There is a possibility where Mortal people are turned into Immortals, beings immune to the Hunger. Plants, animals and such are dying beings, so they're bound to be confused by the Hunger! Since Immortals are.. well.. Immortals, they are somehow immune to the Hunger. They are most likely to be the only ones to be able to enter that safezone the Devs had mentioned! That's MY theory, yours seems viable too! =) We shall see whose theory will be right, once the game comes out!
  8. I don't think bought access to certain realms would be of benefit to the game. There is a good amount of games that have a huge potential, but ruin everything with their pricing style. In most cases, P2W styles. Anyways, we all obviously have a reason to want certain payment kinds! One-time purchase might be the best solution, in my opinion! Also, you might know me from another game's forum. (It released last week. I'm Deius over there. )
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