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  1. ForumFall 2.0 is real. Carebears need not apply here OT.
  2. I agree. IF items are included with found legendary vessels, I think a drop is an OK idea but making them purely cosmetic might be a fun thing to do also. Since each map is unique and temporary, it would be fun for both the player and artists to design unique weapons/armor which is 100% balanced. This all depends on how they scale the crafting of course. We don't want the weapon to be powerful enough (like the rarest gear) that its worth a castle or two, ya know? Maybe just add a temporary 1-time skin? I know a lot of you don't like pve flare like this but I think harmless and an easy and
  3. Though the idea is fun, as others have said, it will just move everyone to third party platforms.
  4. I will have 2 accounts. My girlfriend likes playing with me a couple times a week so I'll be using her account as my alt... I guess using it as a crafting account if that's forced upon us?
  5. An additional reason this system would be very successful in Crowfall. It would be very fun to incorporate the idea of logistical warfare in the form of supply, which this system would almost surly form on servers with high equipment (arms and armor) destruction... The whole thing could be a sort of sub-battle. If you're enemy is pushing into your inner keep but keeps taking heavy losses (much heavier than you), it would be both interesting and balanced I feel to confer the logistical advantage onto the side which is able to keeps its people alive AND armed. It's also a VERY good anti-zerg mec
  6. I agree. Expanding what you can do at the crow level (meaning disciplines go on vessels only) means a better player experience. Plus, it fits their new explanations of what they are envisioning... and it fits the EVE model they are heavily being influenced by. Training skills at the crow level means you can train a mage, tank and ranged character at the same time. Then when you want to tank you make/buy/find a body with traits you want and BAM, there you go. Same for all the other classes. It's just more fun that way in my opinion.
  7. Its essentially warlordism. Ye doesn't NEED a crew, but how ye goin to be plundering the coasts alone?
  8. Personally I'm a big fan of later season mobs being extremely aggressive to where they could theoretically bunch up to chase an individual or group back to town. Perhaps late season, POIs that have been too firmly held for too long by one group may encounter large destructive zombie hordes? Nothing you can't mop up, but it might be fun to use PvE as a chaos factor in a mostly pvp game.
  9. This is vital. In a game like this which is both pvp and has destructible items, one would imagine a good guild would have an armory for guild members to pull from. They have mentioned that everything will eventually wear and tear and break. So its possible that during a long battle you would need not only a hefty supply of vessels but armor and weapons to make you viable in combat!
  10. I think this is both a fun and effective idea. However there would need to be a limit on how many "Player-NPCs" there can be, perhaps in relation to stronghold size since that would make the most sense. You don't want a bunch of fake accounts and zerg guilds so people will have 400+ NPCs in their stronghold. The idea is super fun though. Perhaps later after release you could customize "Guard Groups" to consist of specific archetypes so when you're offline you and some guildies might be roaming around town as NPC guards. I think it would be fun cosmetically and I don't imagine its too hard
  11. Be plenty plunder upon the seas as of late, matey!
  12. I don't think that be what he means by peg leg lass. har har har
  13. I'm a 1 character guy. I hate making alts... when someone say "just make an alt" it annoys the crap out of me.
  14. who cares if the world is closing?
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