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  1. Is PVP ever going to be a part of the NPE? Could Infected become a balanced pvp leveling playground? Maybe a boost to even the playfield and/or 30's not allowed? Now a lot of people give up before max level because they think it's a boring game. They have no clue what is really there. The NPC's now are also useless if y want to practice to play a class. If somehow they do get through it and end up in campaign, they face experienced players with advanced gear and vessels. Not everybody has the stomach to go trough this process.
  2. Nah, much better this way, realistic graphics always look very dated after a few years.
  3. I would love this. Leveling beyond having a NPE is a complete waste of time.
  4. Top 5 Crowfall likes I like the freedom of the choice on how I play my character and the way it feels connected and responsive while moving and in combat. I like random small and micro scale pvp (max 20ish) because it's just awesome, unpredictable and has great performance. I like the new class/race/discs system. We can do lots of experimenting but it is also less confusing for new players. I like the graphics and lightning, the general atmosphere of the world, the sunset and the weather effects. Overall it looks really good. I like the organic development metho
  5. https://phys.org/news/2020-09-conscious-birds-brains.html
  6. Let me first say that everyone's experience is different of course. I have more than 1k games on pc and I have been bored for a very long time. Then I bought crowfall and I have been playing almost every day for about a month and a half now. Sure this game is not finished but it's the most fun I had in years. I see a lot of potential here.
  7. I bought this game about a month ago, a few weeks before the beta launched so the game was pretty empty at that time. I think that like most players I felt the potential of this game but I was really lost and even getting bored. Then I found the post here, joined and Caldera gave me a speed course with a week of hardcore training in our EK. It's only been a short time but I already had so much fun in this game, sure it needs work but it's awesome fun already, so thank you Caldera and thank you ACE.
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