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  1. Great job Bairloch, I also love the one you picked next
  2. I need moarr of your singing peeps
  3. Aww don't be shy, it's ok, you can join us
  4. Sweet lord lmao *runs and hides*
  5. It's either my singing or headlight's GIF killed the chat lol. C'mon people SING!!
  6. Freeze you should claim Like a Virgin, show them that Europeans got the balls, even though they cannot sing lol
  7. Here as promised lol. Even though I'm Ortodox religion, I love this song http://vocaroo.com/i/s1MNOGAXQS5B next song please: "Another one bites the dust" - Queen
  8. Hahah thank you so much Ben and Mal, it was GREAT! I promise to do it tomorrow, its 2 30 am here, so you guys will have to wait
  9. Waaaa you guys are epic , can't wait to listen more. To be honest I'd do this song that no one wants too, but english isnt my first language and it's simply impossible for me to break my tongue as fast as needed to cover this song lmao. *sits in corner and waits on mal and ben to cover it* <3 c'mon peeps we're not getting any younger lol
  10. I am not lost, I always find my way HOME <3, HOLAAAA!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXewIR7Y7cc
  11. jewels

    Oh.. Hey...

    Congrats Mal, I wish you nothing but joy and happiness. See... we DO have marriages and weddings on Crowfall after all
  12. Your work is AMAZING, can I have those boots lol, I need them irl
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