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  1. Lunge should happen in the keybind you want, just let people customize that and it will be good for everyone, if you just suggest a new keybind instead of hold, will just make it bad for another group of people, in the beginning i feel really lost cuz i was used to hold to basic attack, but you will get used to it eventually
  2. i hope you are right, the migration from live to test server was really bad experience for me cuz when i start to play the game i was really hyped and then we got update that will require wipe, so everybody leave live server and go to test, i had a good time in the test servers , i could learn about craft and do some small scale pvp in EK but its not the same
  3. Atm the assassin is the one who do not have a chance to fight, i dont need a op assassin, i need a viable one
  4. Dude how the hell did you manage to stay stealth in 1:14, that means that the ult was working properly some time ago? cuz today it isnt working anymore
  5. no1 will keep playing when they know that wipe is coming soon
  6. I agree that lunge as it is now is broken, i think they could change it to use all your dodge pips, so races with 2 dodges dont be so OP with the lunge attack, i already report the problem with our ultimate it should make us immune to damage so even with dots you should be able to stay stealth while the buff is up, also agree that if you get hit by a dot and you have a barrier, it shouldnt take you out of stealth unless the barrier break or finish duration, we should be able to leave combat if we dont take direct hit, if my enemy is poisoned i wont leave combat until the poison is gone, that shouldnt be like that... 50% ult is also gd idea, maybe change the lunge dmg for a dmg similar to a basic attack and make it generate a pip would be nice
  7. Guinecean duelist impale is bugged, sometimes you will stay with the debuff until you die, also the cauterize skill shouldnt remove bleeding?
  8. At least you still have a gd skill, assassin has none
  9. its so bad that i dont know if i laugh or cry, at least fix our ultimate PLZ
  10. I also think that my dots on enemy shouldnt make me stay in combat, i need to be able to dot my enemy run and re-stealth, also the ultimate give us damage immunity buff for 6 sec but any dmg just break the stealth making the ult useless, the ult should be a guaranteed stealth while the immunity damage buff is up
  11. Why no1 is talking about how broken is the assassin ultimate? it should make you immune to damage but any dot just break your stealth right away and make it useless
  12. Assassin ultimate doesnt work properly, it should make me immunity to damage,CC, blind nearby enemies , also place me stealth but most of the times something happened and my stealth doenst work, idk if the damage immunity isnt working and any dot can just break my stealth but something isnt right plz fix it, everybody know that the class is trash but at least fix the ultimate plz Edit: As you can see, i have damage immunity buff but i still take damage and that damage just break my stealth, i may be wrong but the ultimate shouldnt be like a "stealth guaranteed" ? at least while you have damage immunity buff?I also think if you are stealth with shield and take damage and didnt break the shield , the damage shouldnt break your stealth
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