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  1. People are so lazy that they dont want to even think, imagine play a game who make me think about my talents
  2. Did they fixed it or still useless?
  3. Can ACE PLEASE get 5min of their time to fix that f.ucking assassin ultimate? I already report that isnt working last month, in the Q&A and nothing was done until now, the class is already completely GARBAGE and you guys cant even fix the ultimate seriously? why dont you just delete assassin from the game until you decide to spend 5min to fix this poorly made sh1t ult?
  4. 23:fix assassin ultimate 24:nerf pepperbox CD 25:fix impale bug
  5. for the first beta campaign we doing good, no kings no chiefs no captain no caravan pigs and no fixes
  6. Where is all the chief/captain in the campaign? it used to be really easy to spot one but now seems like the spawn is broken
  7. it's just frustrating to be ganked by a slayer most classes don't stand a chance against it i think everyone agrees that the pepperbox shot CD is too low i feel bad when im playing slayer its just too easy i wonder how new players feel when they get destroyed by a slayer
  8. Woe

    Nerf assassin

    its a joke i know assassin suck in pvp, im begging ACE to at least fix our ultimate, or just delete the class from the game until they decide to fix it
  9. Lunge should happen in the keybind you want, just let people customize that and it will be good for everyone, if you just suggest a new keybind instead of hold, will just make it bad for another group of people, in the beginning i feel really lost cuz i was used to hold to basic attack, but you will get used to it eventually
  10. i hope you are right, the migration from live to test server was really bad experience for me cuz when i start to play the game i was really hyped and then we got update that will require wipe, so everybody leave live server and go to test, i had a good time in the test servers , i could learn about craft and do some small scale pvp in EK but its not the same
  11. Atm the assassin is the one who do not have a chance to fight, i dont need a op assassin, i need a viable one
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