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  1. Norads changes are what this game needs most, variety and content, variety in the content. Hot zones are fine for farmers. But that’s all there is. What about “hunger zones”. Put a hunger portal or something that threatens to expand if not closed. Loadsa loot, hunger shards, etc etc. It would also make a great community driven event… with the obvious ability for people to completely mess it up. If it gets too large, entire map gets destroyed. I think a wider threat for people to rally around would be a great incentive for people to unite, or not, in theory. Also, lore wise, it’d be good to actually add something from the lore and have it play a part in the game itself. Check out "Helldivers" and their meta progression/recession. Entire areas can be cut off and completely overrun if left unchecked, eventually leading to the homeworld(earth) and if the homeworld gets destroyed the campaign is over. Could do something similar with the temples and maps. I was also expecting Seasons to actually change the game somewhat, at the very least visually, but it doesn't. Winter feels the same as summer and vice versa. Each season should bring visual changes as well as resource changes, mob changes, etc. I want Winter to be an absolute hell hole where resources are scarce, roided up thralls exist, and hunger mobs are abundant.
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