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  1. as i wrote in my starter - 32GB 3200MHz @mystafyi iam coming from an i7 - 7700k and a GTX1070 - and everything ist going like 20-30fps up for me. just crowfall sucks
  2. What are your Settings so far? I have everything on medium - getting 30-40fps in 1080p. My 3600X is running at 4700MHz stable and my RX 5700XT Nitro+ with 2050MHz. Every game runs like butter... Also my RX 5700XT is only at 60% usage most of the time, it seems like the game dont get the full power of my GPU.
  3. First of all, if you want to joint this discussion - stay objectiv - no hate, no flame, no fanboy love. Just stay to the fact´s. Thanks! I know Crowfall come a long way, and it was a bumpy away so far. But thats the way things work in development - the team is small and the project and goals are big. So good things need time and i understand that optimization for a big scale mmorpg project is pretty tricky. But after all these years - the "alpha" (yes is 2020 and 2018 should be first "soft lunch") is still unplayable, the fps mess and optimization is really the worst i have ever seen in this state of development. i first thought i was my old rig, pretty good back then but it still was DDR3 Rig with a i7 and 980TI, 32GB of 2400Mhz DDR3 Ram. For the love of crowfall i upgrade my RIG - AMD Ryzen 3600X, B550, 32GB 3200MHz and a RX 5700XT 8GB.... i got a slight boost but still the Game is unplayabel. What´s going on? Crowfall always did a step forwad and 2 steps back - technical. When can we get a stable 60fps?
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