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  1. Yes it was a jab, but realistically why would I camp UXA or CC. You barely play it doesn't serve me any good to farm you. There's a reason for your war story we helped you and not hax. It was in our best interest to help you, because if you guys don't have a keep you bounce. Same with LOD, we camped them day 1 of the 8 day and they dip set after losing their keep. Big guilds want a goal to play the game, that goal ends up being build the keep and not winning the dregs.
  2. We can add all of this and I promise people will still be mad about stealth. It will make stealth less *wahh reactive gameplay*, but I promise we still slap barrias cheeks. Then again infected gamer.
  3. custard off, i need my double jump. ITS OP
  4. feel free to do all of this, but take away invulnerability outside of siege. All you care bares want candy land unless its siege window.
  5. I always laugh when people complain about graphics cuz I played csgo and literally no one cares about graphics, any gamer puts that at very low no quality to get max fps. Now fps is a completely different issue, and has imported since August but to complain about graphics in a game you should want max fps in... oof.
  6. You can also escape while dead, export your loot and it will come with you Ladders on the big keeps ward room aren't working 100% of the time. I dont know if it's because wards arent placed or something different. Will post video later.
  7. @capntastic This is gonna be smug, that's not how it works. You literally level 1 vessel and it stays unless wiped (which wont happen on launch). I've only played for 6 months and I understand this, when's the last time you played?
  8. I tried to recreate this in the same spot and couldn't. I tried different angles and ranges but couldn't reproduce. Boleo had a similar issue earlier with 2 hellcats. They jumped at him and he got "push" up 100s of feet in the air and died.
  9. Apparently there's of important things that this isn't important thing isn't on.
  10. arkdin youre missing the point, even if he adds 300 more man hours. It still gives more loot than it should.
  11. These "windows" you can't jump or attack through. Guards aren't leashing properly, or have extended leash range?
  12. Bad hit registration on test inside keeps. Messing around in Keep of Reuben Kain. Also confessor guards can do damage to their own keep structures, return of an old bug.
  13. Honestly feels like a temporary fix to Faerie Fire putting stealth on cooldown instead of just preventing stealth.
  14. I was just giving an example because it was once in the game.
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