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  1. EDIT: I have found a guild! Region: EU. Atmosphere: Looking for a more serious guild. Casual/Hardcore: I am a mix between both, I play the game casually on my own but when there are guild events then I try my best to attend as much as possible. Size: Does not matter. Playstyle/Experience: I used to be a Tank in Classic WoW (which means you are dealing with Monster Aggro and Team Management), and I tend to maximize my risk for reward. However, since I am new to the game I'm still trying to find a class and playstyle that I like. Commitment: I work almost every day from 16:00 to 21:00 GMT+2. Outside of my work hours I will be available to play. I tend to play quite a lot when things need to be done for the guild. Misc: As previously mentioned, I'm new to the game and I am still experimenting with my playstyle. As a player, I'm looking for a Guild that gives me a direction on what I should be doing. I'm definitely a player that tends to get into the meta stuff when it's about MMORPG's and I'm completely fine with a Guild Leader telling me to do x, y and z and requesting me to play x amount of hours per day to stay on par with other players and I actually prefer this. Voice Chat: Any, however I highly prefer Discord.
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