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  1. Ok and Dregs is the campaign stuff for pvp cool deal. Are there any good discords to join for more information to keep up with things? I will have to grab the Test Launcher today then and check things out. thanks @Arkade @Jah
  2. O yes I am trying to join a completed campaign as I just thought it was a world for pvp, is this not the case? Is everyone on the Test Servers or just kind of waiting for release? I recently found the game and purchased the beta access hoping to try some of the open world pvp and leveling but I'm guessing that it's not so populated atm with what you said @Arkade
  3. Rogues of Tyranny doens't want you, nor care about this............ JK I'm enjoying the crap out of this game so far, just started but I'm and amateur gamer of 20 years+ mainly PVP focused genres Would love to have anyone wanting to join for pvX play just hit me up I'll leave my Blank Discord and we can shoot the poorly made dergs see if it's right for you. We need everything I'm just starting here with 2 friends. Would love to see what's out and about. We will focus PVP, but have a main focus on PVE & Crafting as all great guilds have every type of player. https://discord.gg/psXvFdM Or find me at Https://Twitch.tv/RogueOfRot
  4. For some reason it says I have to many items to import, but I stripped everything sold all my gear and only have gold left. Can't figure it out
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