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  1. Ya definite click bait, although I dont know enough about that particular content creator to discern his intent. Why scream P2W on a game not even in beta? I know there are a lot of sheep in the mmo world now but does this guy have an axe to grind or something? Didnt make sense to me.
  2. Elements of the guild play all sorts of games, its a large guild. Sadly this is usually how conversations go on MMO forums, the context is lost and individual insert their own agenda. The point of my post was to get talking points to have a conversation and upsell Crowfall. I never expected hundreds of people in the guild to say "yep youre right" this is the internet, no one is ever wrong here. A few people (out of hundreds) cited a you tube, I dont know if its factually correct or not I personally dont care really. I play games I think are going to be cool, I have plenty of disposable income to do so. What was problematic and you touch on was that a few people with an opinion (well informed, factual or not) can often deter otherwise reasonable people. A few of the people did come and look at this thread and I appreciate all your help. I dont think the guild will be doing Crowfall and yes its because some in it believe STRONGLY that its p2w. I prepaid for crowfall in 2015 because Walton is in on the project. I know with him involved the game will be decent and coleman is pretty smart too. Thanks for all your feedback I do appreciate it.
  3. Yes, being the OP I can confirm your hypothesis they didnt know much about it. After a little more discussion it seems 2 of them got a hold of a you tube that made the case that it was P2W. I did counter with a link to this thread and essentially said "what else are we going to do, everything else we've done" to which I dont have any witty, good replies. Essentially it would appear the guild is stagnating or rather is content with current games. We're in BDO, ESO and WoW, GW2 has a solid core of players but many of us like to RvR raid in pvp games couple of times a week. So I said lets give one of the new titles a look, Crowfall was my first recommendation. To be blunt I think there are other games coming that better suit this guild, there is a strong PVE raiding contingent and they keep citing Ashes of Creation. That title seems a ways off, Crowfall, of all the up and coming titles (the ones we looked at include this, CU, ashes and a smaller one called gloria victus)looks like its the closest to an actual playable game.
  4. Forum PVP rule 101: Never defend, always counter attack.
  5. Its the monetization of gaming that has people (at least in my gaming circle) highly suspect of how games make money. I agree with you, I think 15 bucks a month is reasonable for a good gaming experience, but gaming isnt like it used to be, so there are super skeptical people out there about it. Im not saying they should be about Crowfall.
  6. Ape, I cant comment on all your points, I simply lack the education on Crowfall to do so. I wanted to say thank you for replying and addressing things from your point of view in the manner in which you did. Making good choices requires review of multiple points of view.
  7. Thank you for proving the point. As a long time MMO player, its very easy to see. Good luck out there.
  8. Thats a good point. Its a large guild with people all over the world that play various games. We've been in mmo's for a while but after BDO we decided to take a break, most of us anyway. At the time several (50+) were early backers of Camelot Unchained but progress there has been slow so some of us checked out Crowfall. For now it appears the crowfall debate is over, the majority are still waiting for CU and happily playing WoW, ESO, BDO etc. I personally have no issue with a VIP, many in the guild wouldnt either. A lot of us were beta testers on ESO and PvP raided 2-3 times a week in cyrodiil back in the veteran rank days. Much less people play ESO now, we have people scattered all over the place. Seems like a lot of people are hoping that CU pans out as a good RVR pvp. Some of us are still in LOTRO too. Thanks for the reply
  9. I suspect no matter the articulation the likely hood of you understanding anything beyond what you want to believe is pretty dim.
  10. The ESO Sub model has a long evolution. At one time you had to be subbed to play, and while I think its a decent model now its had some bumps along the way. It does not confer to you any kind of advantage against another player. Perhaps one could argue that the XP bonus allows you to grind CP faster but since its capped its moot. This thread has gone a long way to explain why VIP is not P2W in crowfall. Its there if you want to see it, but because of how the skill system works E lawyers and the online semantics professionals are going to be able to dilute the literal. It always happens in mmo's. Thanks for all the replies it really helped.
  11. Im not saying its a big deal or its cost prohibitive. I simply tried to encourage my guild to try and these were the comments I got from them. Anyway, thanks for all the replies. Take care.
  12. I suspect its not going to take a zerg to kill you, you'll likely be one of the the 10% that cry on the forums because you died in a PVP zone in a manner you didnt deem fitting. Maybe we'll see you out there, who knows. You bet we'll zerg you, snowflake.
  13. Frankly my motivation for posting is selfish as I want my guild to move into Crowfall. Ive tested a little and it has a lot of promise. The campaigns are a real hook, I think its a great concept for an mmo to have the win parameters but the counter argument I got was that VIP were able to progress more skills than non VIP. I had no counter due to my lack of understanding. Several in the guild didnt think it was a big deal but many thought that at a guild level it would be a disadvantage. I then explained that campaign win parameters would be different depending on where we played and that seemed to go over well. I then got the reply "Will some of the campaigns be non VIP?" I didnt have an answer for that either.
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply. Can non backers read this forum? I can just point them here Im not going to be able to articulate all of that.
  15. I had an argument in my guild the other night, there are hundreds of people in this guild (not in the conversation) and we were chatting about starting a branch in crowfall. As an early backer I was of course excited about it and strongly supported the notion. The problem is there is a faction in the guild, that claim crowfall is p2w. They are saying this because Char experience and skills are time sinks in terms of training skills that VIP guilds and members will have a remarkable advantage. I had no rebuttal. Am I understanding the VIP correctly? Is it in fact faster to train your crow as a vip? I mean Im still playing either way but this faction within my guild seems to have the floor (they are driving the convo) as we are discussing new game possibilities because CU is taking forever. Anyway I could use a good rebuttal to this argument. Thanks
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