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  1. Icecaller's Refreshing Ice that is spawned by Healing Flurries is not scaling/ working properly. - The refreshing ice procs are listed as " healing flurry" within my log, and are healing at 100hp ( 28 hp less then my healing flurry procs) , instead of my normal 339hp for Free weaving: refreshing ice. -It also appears that the Healing Flurry heals cant critical. The refreshing ice that spawns can still crit. -These issues currently make this already low healing, high CD " Icecaller special" really rather awful. If the move is functioning as intended with the refreshing
  2. Icecaller has some great AoE healing; However Healing flurries doesnt feel good . For how long the CD is, and how low the heals it provides; its not really all that worth it. Due to the nature of it being more of a utility healer, not many even play it. To put it into perspective : - Cooling Ice provides more healing, resources and only needs to be recast every 27 ish seconds for a 100% uptime. -Healing flurries Has a 45s CD, 30sec Downtime, and offers less then half the healing cool ice provides to a maximum of 5 people. And when the refreshing ice occasionally spawns, its still is
  3. Having a reason to upgrade the Exotic harvesting disciplines would be nice. There is no reason to currently go beyond green. Adding some Flat increases ( 5/7/10%) rare-legendary on some basic harvesting stats would go along way to incentivize people to upgrade.
  4. Trail Mix's increase "harvest chance: survivalist" by 3%. Its not reflected anywhere.
  5. @veeshan The Survivalist's exploration rune increases the apple harvest by +5%. Tested it, Sadly its still rather low. but ill take 7% over 2. Can we have the "trail mix" Also add apples harvest chance? It doesnt seem to currently do anything, although its supposed to increase "harvest chance: survivalist" by 3%. Its not reflected anywhere.
  6. The Survivalist Exploration discipline's " Bounty of the land" Doesn't seem to correctly add to your foraging. It reflects no bonuses but, shows the active effect being applied to you. Please fix, the apple shortage is real. Edit: Oddly enough after re-equipping my axe , it now shows the bonus.
  7. Tying in to survivalist bonus would be nice. At least it allows for some sort of bonus.
  8. Or at least give the option to toggle said feature. Some people may enjoy that. I agree, harvesting makes that feature rather annoying. However the Loot all function is complimented by the feature.
  9. Back online, for anyone who is waiting.
  10. Not sure how much longer, but they have been working on it/ aware of it for at least 90 minutes. The campaign rewards were very bugged. And it was a rather large issue. Thats what they are working on, if im not mistaken.
  11. The server is currently down for maintenance. For anyone who wants to track it there is an; Official Discord : https://discord.gg/Ykfe5SMZ Community Discord: https://discord.gg/PgZuJ8qp
  12. Big fan of the Outpost's chests spawn. Easy to get gear and distribute, or even sell for some extra gold. With it being more available and rather easy to get, I dont mind running around with an inventory half full of decent items and random items. Easy come- easy go. When the God Capture points were part of the cards, there was alot of small group PvP in the off hours. Seeing rewards for something like "highest total capture points acquired via Outposts, and Shrines" specifically could be fun. As they are always open to switch hands, and would give more incentive to continuously roam.
  13. Frostweaver's "Refreshing Breeze" Has clunky targeting. Rather then where you are targeting it casts in the direction your character is facing. Not typically an issue, as when in combat you will face the reticle. However it makes casting it outside of combat rather awkward.
  14. Ghost Army Skill ( From Death: Grim Reaper; Druid: Spirit Speaker Majors) If Ghost army is cast; and any part of the line of ghosts being spawned contacts something; the entire line of ghosts are removed. When casting the skill in an area without sufficient space (AKA the training dummies in GR) The ghosts will immediately be removed, and will look like the skill does nothing but a SFX and a little "Poof". Is it possible to add unit collision rules to each ghost? As it stands now, it's very situational and a gamble at best.
  15. Not sure if this is intended- Hydrologist Major's "Water Sprits" Skill can apply the "Soggy" debuff to the caster, and allies. ( Not just enemies). -Reticle turns red regardless of faction when targeted. ( party members, allied keep/ fort guards, ect) -Standing close enough to a target ( roughly 5M from projectile passing through something) Will result in a soggy state to said targets. Whether it be friendly, enemies, and even the caster.
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