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  1. Not only do the chest/ cabinets make a loud noise, they create a large blue light that shoots up into the sky upon de-spawning in general as well. re-creatable via distance or collecting the items.
  2. Dirge of Dissonance is applying damage every 6 seconds instead of every 3. Its roughly timed to re-apply the damage when the animation occurs every 5-6 seconds. This will actually have some fun potential if the tick rate is adjusted to match tool tip. Thanks!
  3. Description of "Fly you Fools" on the "Field Surgeon" Major Disc is misleading. Specifically the targeting portion within the description. Discipline states " targeted allies" multiple times. The actual effect is only applicable to group members, and states such when viewed under current passives.
  4. I play an Icecaller for large and small scale fights. I also take refreshing breeze, but only for a linear heal. Refreshing breeze heals a modest amount for a 9s CD, but its nothing to write home about I agree. It would be a waste of time to try to place and pop stable ice. For me the main difference with an Icecaller is the amount of utility you bring as a healer. Sure, you dont have the same burst healing as an inquisitor, or a rescue; but you can setup a fortified protection stake, and shrink the pants off the enemy team's DPS. At that point you can heal for most of the damage your team will be taking with your AoE's. Large scale fights are where they shine though. A decent icecaller can easily get top healing in a siege. Each cool ice can heal 5 different people every 3 seconds. You place 5 ice in the vicinity of a blob, and you are servicing 25 people every 3 seconds for 500+ HP and resources.
  5. Not sure if its intended, but the changes to "Deadly Infector" Diffusion now does weapon based damage, instead of poison damage. Huge slap to plague vandals, It's kind of silly as most assassins who spec into plague domain, will take the shiv route ( which increases poison damage via efficient poison passive) If its intentional, may I suggest making the Poisoner major's "Poisoned weapons" Passive effect change diffusion and maybe a few other melee attack talents to do poison damage?
  6. Diffusion is applying your equipped weapon's damage type rather then the poison damage it used to.
  7. There is a couple second delay on the AoE knockdown when landing from barbarians leap.
  8. The Dire Gryphon of Gluttony , and the works to get there is very nice. I enjoy things like that, and it rewards exploration. nice touch. Now to find enough people to kill the darn thing. I Also got to sun temple around level 13, and facing the level 16-18 mobs right outside was a bit rough. The second time coming through made sense, but the captain ( event spawned) was lower then the local spawns . Id bump him up, and maybe make the sun elves around the tent 16-18. and scale back the ones on the road going forward to the treb and keep to like 12-14. -Edit I was also level 30 long before making it to the faction quests due to mob density, and respawn rate.
  9. So far there have only been a few hiccups With NPE for me. The "Bloodhunter" NPC that spawns after burning the book from the thrall camp spawned inside the area between the wall and rocks ( couldnt move) The unknown summoner was still "summoning" after you kill the Spirit Bear.
  10. The spawn rate at many of the War tribe camps on infected are awfully slow. Ive had to explain to at least a dozen new players that Its not usually that slow. They were struggling to level up, and find mobs. And when they get frustrated with leveling due to the prolonged wait times they tend to ask about more complex things like crafting and harvesting. Which isnt explained in game, and usually overwhelms them more. Please take a look at spawn timers for War tribes.
  11. Not sure how much longer, but they have been working on it/ aware of it for at least 90 minutes. The campaign rewards were very bugged. And it was a rather large issue. Thats what they are working on, if im not mistaken.
  12. The server is currently down for maintenance. For anyone who wants to track it there is an; Official Discord : https://discord.gg/Ykfe5SMZ Community Discord: https://discord.gg/PgZuJ8qp
  13. Check the guy who was to head this new branch for "Engine technologies "Josef Hall" He is now the lead Technology officer at ArtCraft Ent. LinkedIn is a wonderful thing. Sometime after **Early ** 2019 it seems the idea was scrapped/ plans changed. This is all just my interpretation of the information I found on his page and timeline.
  14. I could see that being an issue since there are a lot of nice talent nodes. Basically forces frostweavers to sink a point in that. So I see your point. I am however very happy with all foci access being combined on one node, instead of being split up.
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