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  1. The spawn rate at many of the War tribe camps on infected are awfully slow. Ive had to explain to at least a dozen new players that Its not usually that slow. They were struggling to level up, and find mobs. And when they get frustrated with leveling due to the prolonged wait times they tend to ask about more complex things like crafting and harvesting. Which isnt explained in game, and usually overwhelms them more. Please take a look at spawn timers for War tribes.
  2. Back online, for anyone who is waiting.
  3. Not sure how much longer, but they have been working on it/ aware of it for at least 90 minutes. The campaign rewards were very bugged. And it was a rather large issue. Thats what they are working on, if im not mistaken.
  4. The server is currently down for maintenance. For anyone who wants to track it there is an; Official Discord : https://discord.gg/Ykfe5SMZ Community Discord: https://discord.gg/PgZuJ8qp
  5. Check the guy who was to head this new branch for "Engine technologies "Josef Hall" He is now the lead Technology officer at ArtCraft Ent. LinkedIn is a wonderful thing. Sometime after **Early ** 2019 it seems the idea was scrapped/ plans changed. This is all just my interpretation of the information I found on his page and timeline.
  6. I could see that being an issue since there are a lot of nice talent nodes. Basically forces frostweavers to sink a point in that. So I see your point. I am however very happy with all foci access being combined on one node, instead of being split up.
  7. I would be shocked if people don't take free weaving. Being able to cast one free weave followed by as many ice weaves (to cast whatever you just free weaved) as you can afford/ want is pretty nice. Instead of being restricted to CD's from those conversion skills, and the range/ Aoe limitation of them. I am also basing this off my play style too though. To each their own I suppose.
  8. Yes I have experienced this as well. I have only noticed it a few times though.
  9. Icecaller: -Refreshing ice does not heal anywhere close to the tool tip 39+157% Sup power. 1112 support power with a 19.6% final healing bonus nets me a 255 heal. Like wise refreshing breeze does not heal anywhere near the 61+251% Support power. Seems like they are just missing decimals in the tool tips. 15.7% and 25.1% are pretty close final heal values.
  10. Frostweaver: Icecaller The GCD on frost armor is still weird. You can spam the spell, and create many frost armor icons. Thankfully only frost armor nodes separated by about 2 seconds ( it will properly remove mana to cast it) will actually provide the buff. Downside is there is alot of clutter that will not remove until the node would typically "time out" . Volatile ice visual effects do not match the damage. ( seems the explosion animation immediately initiates as soon as volatile ice is created. Where as the damage is dealt 3.5 seconds later. ( SFX is around 3 sec mark)
  11. Frostweaver: -Casting any ice forms from free weaving, or ice weaving immediately followed by auto attacking causes the next 3 autos to be executed extremely fast, with the animation, and projectiles, however no damage. ( seems to happen if AA is prompted before the cast animation for ice ends) Auto attack speed returns to normal, and applies damage afterwards. Delay in damage due to this; as opposed to waiting for animation to end to AA seems negligible, as it is around 1 sec difference. -Volatile ice's does not have the static model ( that should remain until exploding), it start
  12. Frostweaver's ice ( all forms except refreshing, and volatile.) models are not remaining visible for longer then 4 seconds after casting before they become invisible. The effects are still applied for regular duration. Changing the ice forms with spells still works, and refreshes to display the correct model for 4 seconds and disappears again.
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