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    Establishing a solid community with a highly proactive, supportive, and positive orientation as well as facilitating its development with a focus on the longevity of the community based around core concepts and notions.
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    Revenant [Revenant]
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    Guangzhou, China

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  1. @Groovin - Thanks! I'm really looking forward to working with some good people to create a fun, supportive, and stable, community for everyone to experience in virtual worlds.
  2. New Members: NawSnitchin TheShadow
  3. Nobles & Officers (provisional): No Volunteers
  4. About me: I started console gaming with an Odyssey but moved on to PC gaming with TI-99/4A and have not looked back. I have been doing MMOs since the MUD days on Unix. Furthermore, I specialized in service engineering & game theory during my undergraduate days at university and global modeling in graduate school. I have worked with several developers over the years such as Stardock, Cryptic, and Paradox, as well as many others on different projects at various stages from alpha to RC and beyond. I really do love this stuff but sadly due to my connection, age, and physical impairment
  5. Name: Revenant Unique ID: Revenant Concept: A global community of players varying from super casual to incredibly hardcore with a diverse age range as well as area of interests and play styles. Description: Diversity is our strength. Tenacity is our power. Longevity our glory! Mission Statement: To facilitate a dynamic, robust, and enriching, player experience through community interaction and development. Essential Virtues: Respect, Integrity, Discernment, Humility, Diligence, Temperance, Courage, Love Region: Global (Oceanic & NA estimated primaries regions) Size: Medium to large depend
  6. That would be extremely nice indeed. ūüĎć
  7. I'm looking for serious long term focused partners to create, establish, and develop a premier guild with a comprehensive focus within this intrepid community. If you are interested in teaming up to achieve such a lofty goal please feel free to contact me. 

  8. @Kraahk - Sure I understand. My comment was also in the same context hence I used the term populate being the most nebulous word I could think of at the time. I'm really, really looking forward to this aspect of the game most. Regarding planning, I hope to find a great team of people to work with fleshing out a comprehensive development and organizational structure. I was wondering what things would be be like if a Bloodstone and a couple Diamond people got together to make an EC. I think it would be astoundingly glorious!
  9. OK. I gathered from reading the (https://crowfall.com/en-US/promotions/crowrewards) page that gifting freebie goodies was permissible vs trying to buy or sell items which items which clearly is not. Maybe I read too much into the statements. Anyway, noted... Nonetheless I look forward to picking your brain regarding things in game if you dont mind of course. Regarding upgrading the package, yes I am working with Anshex closely to facilitate the upgrade to Diamond. The company has be nothing short of stellar in making things happen. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering such
  10. @Kraahk - Thanks for the visual resource. I'm so looking forward to getting a mountain citadel in the future. It is kind of like childhood dream come true actually. The idea makes me think of the good Dragonlance days. I'm amazed that nearly 1k people can populate it! I'm still trying to get a solid understanding of the scope and scale of things especially related to solo and guild ventures.
  11. I concur. Email, password, and 2FA should be sufficient methinks.
  12. @Caenth This is an awesome resource! I have been spending hours trying to compare information from many places and it was becoming seriously humbug. You saved me a great deal of wasted time and energy. Thanks! My original dream was to be a Bloodstone backer but that was literally impossible due to economic and legal reasons at the time. Consequently, my current dream is to upgrade to KS Diamond - one day... Sadly I simply could not support the the game back in the day due to geographical location (far north, northeast China), Internet access, and economic conversion costs but much of t
  13. @Surelia - Thanks for the feedback.
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