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  1. I disagree. The hilt and blade were not one piece. Look at the Katana. Guns back in the day were metal barrels attached to wooden stocks. Taking them apart was not easy but it could be done.
  2. I am sorry if this has been asked before. I did a quick search and did not see anything. It would be nice to be able to disassemble weapons and such after it is completely assembled. As an example, I make a One Handed Rapier. The final requirement is Weapon Hilt and Weapon Blade: Thin to build the final weapon. At the time of making this all I had was Tin ore. The next day I get a shipment of Silver ore and I make a new Weapon Blade: Thin with it. It would be nice to be able to disassemble the Rapier back down to the Hilt and blade and reattach the new blade making a new weapon. There could even be a possibility of destroying the weapon while disassembling it and of course the normal chance to fail while making the new one.
  3. Part of my confusion was I had two different CE versions. I was unsure which one had the Alpha 2 access as you are unable to look up the different CE types to see what they come with. I can confirm I was able to gift the CE version to my friend and he was able to get into the game after accepting it and having the rights from the CE applied to his account. Pann, one thing I think is missing from the FAQ is how to ungift a package. If this is not possible then put in the FAQ that once it is gifted there is not turning back? I purchased a Contributor package for a friend a year ago and he is yet to accept it. Can I undo this and give it to someone else? LOL, it was a birthday gift and a damn good one too if you ask me!
  4. Thanks for the info. It was more of an account question which is why I wasn't sure where to ask. Can it be moved to the other section? I e-mailed them for clarification either way.
  5. How do I gift the Physical Collectors Edition to a friend so that they can use the Alpha 2 access from it?
  6. A lot of good info, can't wait to start watching these tests! Who are you calling a random!!
  7. You are German??.... that explains a lot! My best friend of 23 years is German so now I know why I have connected with you in such a special way. LOL The grey box is a wooden constructed fort and the poster is of the stone keep, two different buildings.
  8. Ummmmm, ok then. I am not a tank player but some of the powers you have going here look like fun. I really enjoyed how you are thinking ahead to try to make later powers easier to design. In regards to the chain pull power, wasn't there a physics part of it that was supposed to make him more dense so he could pull bigger object than normal or did that get tossed?
  9. Well, that's why I said lure them to the fort. Normally they would not attack a wall but let's say you attack them and then make them think you moved behind the wall thus getting them to attack the wall and possibly guards to get to you.
  10. ROFL, those were fun times!!
  11. But what if you could also use those wandering monsters in your attack? If you ignore them they can attack you from behind but if you find them and lure them to the fort and use them as your first wave of attacks and then follow in behind them to start your assault....... how fun would that be??
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