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  1. Yes, this needs to be done. They also need to add more to it now!! NEED MORE LORE!
  2. What you guys need to do is make these into desktop sizes so I can make it my background and start enjoying them more often.
  3. Yaaaaa we might as well go with this and then........ "Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!" Just be careful guys and be sure to use your sprints and dashes when you hear them start the carebear stare!
  4. I don't know, you can have both but limit how much active skill ups you can get in a day? That way if I do play more I can level them up just a little faster? Well ya, but there is a bunch of noobs to the boards today so they don't know ya! LOL
  5. Ya this is a little concerning to me. I wish they had done a mix of both active and passive but slim chnace of that changing now.
  6. I accept your challenge!! *slaps with gauntlet*
  7. I am very excited about this option, as I think a lot of you are. So far, the rules seem intriguing, to say the least. I know that not having this option was a very big turn off for a lot of you on the boards so now that it is a possibility, what do you think? 31. Can I attack another Personal Kingdom? We are working on a design that allows Kingdoms to War with each other. This idea is still very rough, and we consider this a secondary system to the Campaigns – meaning that, even when engaged in a Kingdom War, players will still be reliant on Campaign participation in order to s
  8. Well, thank you all for trying to make your dream a reality. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. On a side note, you can remove the timer now, it's in the negatives and looks all crazy. LOL
  9. Looking forward to the gameplay footage!! On a side note, any way you could give us an idea on the different prices and tiers that will be available? I would like to be able to get approval from the wife tonight so that first thing tomorrow I can give you my money. Well, at least as much money as my wife will let me give!
  10. Nice insult on the tweets but it just goes to further show how you really have no idea what you're talking about. I am not even going to bother to reply to anything else since even though you think you have super powers, you're still completely clueless.
  11. Wow... 19 pages..... that took way to long to read! This entire post is almost pointless since we do not know enough about this game yet to say anything here is fact. It's that plain and simple. There are a lot of assumptions being thrown around here as fact though I think near the end that started to be realized and most of you calmed down except for Sheen. I think Sheen was burned bad by a past game and now he is like a beat dog, as soon as the hand goes up he flinches.... You seem to assume to know what a small "studio" should be content with, do you have any knowledge of how
  12. We can definitely hope so! But hard to say once things get going. They are going to be busy keeping the game up and I would rather them spend time doing that than on the boards keeping up with us. Let's hope they select a person or two to keep up with the community exclusively after things get going.
  13. Wow, someone is a bit touchy about magic..... /picks his robes up slightly so they don't drag on the ground and walks to the podium. I think you should always get a bonus to hit if your on high ground but only physic based attacks should get a bonus to damage form high ground. /steps down from the podium, tripping over his girly robes and falls flat on his face!
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