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  1. Really nice to hear that On the main page. You need to log and click on pledge
  2. It was bugged on Monday, but they solved the problem yesterday (I suppose)
  3. Paypal is abaliable now, but it only have 600 $ in a few hours. As european i didn't change my pledge to paypal because it will hurt KS, but now I'm afraid that we won't get european servers. When the KS ends, european pledges will contribute to the PP strech goal?
  4. The stretch goal is BETA&launch, gordon only confirmed european servers at launch
  5. Another quote. In europe u write dates: day/month/year not month/day/year like usa
  6. Srry im European, don't know ur time ... (and i failed so hard monday its 9 not 10) But I will be rigth u all will see (insert evil laugh here)
  7. No problem with this, its just on the standard deviation Also the Hype train INCREASING... but yes was math no science, my fail...
  8. Your data allow me to do a estimation about when we will reach 800K $. You can see it here. If u calculate it it's 322.068 Hours from the beggining, so Monday 9/3/2015 around 8:00-7:00 PM (ET) SCIENCE BITCHES
  9. Before archetypes they are promotion classes, so it doesn't matter too much. You will begin with a piece of wood, metal or wax and you choose what to do. Not all the tables must be made of wood. (I hope that u got the metaphor)
  10. P2W european servers and lags. I already have nigthmares about pay to get another bag on my character
  11. hmm i don't know if this will be great with the voxels, maybe so much lag
  12. I agree with u but money it's always a problem. I'm from spain like u and i will enjoy more the game if it's on my language, but its all about money. I already said this and i'm going to repeat it: Translation its great but no a real priority
  13. Engineer: Support/tank/siege Race: maybe the litle hamsters High dexterity intellect, low strengh spirit Just a support steampunk (based on cristal magic?), hability to spam turrets, automatons,... Crafting bonnus? Buffs to sieges, posibility to tank with exoskeletons Comment your ideas, suggestions, etc
  14. It could be great, but not a priority. There are so many things to invest before
  15. There were a poll about nacionality, and we where like 30-40%
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