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  1. Bump to see if there has been any movement on the concerns raised within
  2. The Laughing Pyre roasts heathens on the fire.
  3. I'm going with 20-something social engineering genius.
  4. I love this thread, it should never die. And I also thought santa would be happy with the news.
  5. santa, you will be able to fight monsters with your friends/elves in the EKs. Does this eliminate some of your earlier concerns?
  6. Santa, can you elaborate on a system you think might work and pull in more players? I am very interested. I proposed one system here http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5359-bossraid-npcs-in-eternal-kingdoms/ and would be interested to hear your feedback.
  7. I never want this thread to go to page 2
  8. Here's a marketing idea: MMOs started out as a social game with UO. Communities were built, friends and colleagues were developed, and it was all predicated on the need for social interaction. Over time more and more focus was given to interactions with scripted NPCs because a large number of people discovered that that was easier than dealing with complicated people who changed their tactics in combat and might disagree with you socially. Eventually massively multiplayer online games were released that required zero interaction with another player. What if we had a game where play
  9. santa, just an fyi...if doc abuses anything there will be no question whether there was abuse. And you'll probably thank him for it later.
  10. ok so I think you've convinced me santa. Now what are some of the ways you'd like to see this implemented in the campaign worlds? I'm at a loss for ideas at the moment
  11. He's the Dutch Santa. Treats and whippins.
  12. santa, will you bring more of your friends to the forums and game? Maybe if more show up you can convince them to add in more raid and PvE mechanics.
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