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  1. Bump to see if there has been any movement on the concerns raised within
  2. Warmth by kills distributing across a guild instead of one individual would compensate for full-time economy/logistical types and fit well with the whole interdependence theme. It could also be a method of a more natural Zerg control. Lots of people who get ganked instead of good will lead to a shift of attrition. Can't just rely on bodies that way if distribution scales with guild size.
  3. I'd really like that bolded part and the ability to import/export templates between our various characters. Good, clean work.
  4. Need to mitigate for likelihood of increase. For example, it is far more likely that someone upgraded from amber to saphire or saphire to ruby than it is upgrading from ruby to emerald or emerald to bloodstone.
  5. So I read this and thought it'd be a cool feature flavor item. On some stuns, maybe based on a kind of crit math mechanic, it'd be fun if a dizzy birds animation circling the head of the victim would pop up with a woozy character animation a la street fighter but with crows instead of tweety birds. Hat tip to headlight and adall.
  6. The footage and power scheme looked great, but that thing Blair was doing with his eyes was making me uncomfortable
  7. Suddenlink started that cap thing here a little while back. Mine is lower than yours. We exclusively stream content, I download games, all the updates for the devices, the occasional OS and programs, and we haven't gone over the cap yet. Might want to check and see if there's some torrenting going on.
  8. The only thing I have been a little disappointed in regarding the archetype system is that promotion can't come from more than one base the way it did in SB. Was that design decision based on some of the logistic concerns about animations and art that have been discussed previously, or was there something about the way that design works that the team decided was wrong for this particular game?
  9. What the tap-dancing custard? So let me just try and wrap my head around this for my own clarification... You want a game that is unabashedly marketed as a PvP/GvG game to pave the way for an innovative crafting experience and that's why you have pledged? Or did I misread that?
  10. So a follow up on the projectile/time thing... Is there a plan to increase the amount of time a projectile exists before blowing up based on an appropriate skill level, or will the flight time be standard regardless of skill level?
  11. Hope and trust are 2 different things. I hope for a game that gives me an experience I want, and frankly that means that I feel I have an obligation to do what I can to make it a reality instead of just gripe about the state of MMOs currently. So I do what I can to fulfill that obligation with the caveat that I may pay for it.
  12. The potential for a one-shot during specific moments of vulnerability that are infrequent but necessary does add to the experience. Sitting, looting, etc. When this is tied to a promotion class or archetype that has a counter during times while that archetype waits for the opportunity of vulnerability to open up it can add another cat-and-mouse pressure point to gameplay that can be fairly engaging particularly when those parts are what I would generally consider downtime.
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