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  1. This...pve needs content. The fundamentals are there for a sweet game. Just needs more stuff to do to create conflict besides sieges. Oh and things for lower member guilds to do. Same reason why last oasis died. Zergs.
  2. Clearly says 58 MB/s not mbps. That game which is 8gb took all of maybe 3 minutes. 8gb on almost 60MB***s should NOT taking 20 minutes lol. You obviously don't know what you're talking about so ill leave it at that. And @MacDeathThanks for the info. I had no idea that was a setting, or better, why it is a setting.
  3. I have 0 issues with steam or any other launcher bud, no hot spot here. Edit: "corona craziness"(...keep defending your game nobody plays) I want the game to succeed since they have my money ill never get back. But 25 minutes for 8gb is absolutely dumb. https://pasteboard.co/JRrSeVs.png
  4. If may/june is the prediction, it sounds like its being rushed to beat out new world. You can't even open your UI and move at the same time. 2-3 months sounds beyond rushed even for a game thats been in development for years. Edit: Heard there is sieges going on right now, I'm trying to update my client to see what's up. 8gb should take less than 3-5 minutes on a 500mbps(60mb/s) dl, its taking over 20 minutes......Not exactly making want to play even more....
  5. All this sounds like a large scale BR game with MMO sprinkles 🙄
  6. I've watched a few of them, not to be rude. But I could care less about a Q & A. I want to see things not hear about them. I can tell you I'm going to hit the lottery doesn't mean I will. Most developers that go dark during this time receive more praise when they finally do release something instead of making promises showing they were more focused on giving us something we wanted or needed instead of just constantly talking about it. They know what people want, skins and other cosmetic things should be this games last worry. Not in the "mid" section. No content, no game.
  7. Shocked I didn't get flamed, I tried to put my opinion in the most respectful way I could. Like I said, I love the concept and I understand the dev team isn't the biggest. I watch YouTube videos regularly of people covering up and coming MMO's, this game rarely gets mentioned and when it does, the consensus is the scope of the game isn't that big. There's no substance, no content that's fun. It's supposed to be PvP based but 99% of this game is crafting. Which is fine, but when you gotta grind crafting but not levels makes no sense. Small things like random world boss spawns, daily world event
  8. Also an after thought on my post, The content of the game should've came first, then rebalancing and adding. You have nothing to rebalance when you have no players or content. No body minds bugs/glitches/ect when its a game in beta. Valheim is a perfect example, as I have 200 hours in it already, had my ups and downs but the content is there. It really does feel like there is no base game. Everything is all over the place with no end game. Cheers.
  9. I got this game roughly 8 months ago from watching a streamer. The game looked interesting as it was described as a PvP mmo. The combat looked fun, somewhat new and all that good stuff so I decided to get it. Played probably 10-15 hours so far, found a guild and what not during that time. The game had 7-800 people playing. The more I got into it, the more I felt disconnected from the game. To me (this is only my opinion), there is 0 content after the starter area. I've played the campaign in a guild (mildly sized at the time) and just got my face wiped over and over by zergs, which is fine. Bu
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