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  1. Frostweaver: All of the ice is buggy right now. Refreshing Ice won't heal. Volatile Ice doesn't do damage to mobs. Cool Ice does not restore resource, nor will it heal if you're an Icecaller. Frigid Ice's AoE doesn't work on mobs but the "stepped on" part is fine. All of these issues seem to come and go at random. The Volatile and Frigid Ice seem to work just fine against test dummies but on mobs it's hit or miss.
  2. It's possible to tunnel underneath the ground if there's somewhere to 'land,' specifically here one can get on the ramps at the front of a Keep. To reproduce: stand at the edge of the ramp but not on it and face it. Then stealth and tunnel forward such that your tunnel ends above where the ramp extends down into the ground.
  3. Fountain of Life can heal an individual multiple times per second if they run in and out of its radius.
  4. The Contagion ability from Plague Lord is doing Ice damage while on an Assassin. I would assume it should be Poison damage given the nature of the ability.
  5. I believe that Cool Ice for the Icecaller should be convertible by Refreshing Breeze. Without the conversion it feels like taking Refreshing Breeze would be a waste of a talent point, especially with a new healing ability along with Shattering Storm and Crystal Lance fighting for slots now as well.
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