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  1. I may not be 110% on this answer but i think i can help you out. Poor refers to the materials that were put into it. So if you make a tool that has knotwood, slag, or cobblestones, it will be poor. There are common items like white grade birch, iron, or marble. These items can make a tool that isnt poor. BUT there is still a percentage chance you fail the assembly and it downgrades to poor value. To get a green uncommon or above ALL the materials need to be the required color. Further down when you have high upgraded rune disk and belt you can use green ore to make blue tools, blue to purple, etc. Providing the assembly and your experimentation procs high rolls.
  2. As much as i want to have "tons" of iron i respect that the first dregs isnt loaded with it. Armor should be something you feel accomplished to wear. If war tribe was BiS then crafting would be dead. But what if a guild had all purple gear day 5? I just think a semi- slow progression is ok. Don't get me wrong I want more iron too, i can just understand its rarity and importance.
  3. Think specialty seals... Now, there are values that increase as you go up in rarity. Say white is .5 purple is .75 mining. If I use a purple specialty seal on gear or a tool and it goes into a WHITE tool. Does the value that you then experiment on turn to the .5 value or still keep the .75 value. The idea is can I make a stronger mining tool or something and not have to make it fully into a purple item? but still get decent base numbers from the specialty seals?
  4. I don't want to stray too far off topic, but this topic was for a guild approach. It doesn't make too much sense to use this mechanic for a solo venture. If a group of people can't work together for a very small common goal, then what is the point in it all? I see your points with "the economy" and I feel you are thinking too narrowly. I have to agree with Pope in saying that this is a mechanical idea to help the people already going for group goals to keep the group moving along. I don't feel as though vendors are social interaction to drive progression. Working together and EVERYONE having a goal and an actual obtainable goal is far more rewarding than player-to-NPC interaction (or actual trading). I do think there is a lacking economy, but I also think that is on purpose. We need to create the economy via players, and since it is alpha/beta there just isn't a large enough base for that to happen yet, in my opinion.
  5. How does a buff to crafting or gathering hurt an economy? Its player driven, therefore you need players to go out and have a reason to use it all. It makes people go out and gather materials thus creating PvP. Creating a reason to make the gear in the first place. Everything is a resource, even gold. I don't see how making the effort you undertake and transforming it into a buff to help "the rest of the group" hurts. Maybe I'm wrong, please elaborate.
  6. If enough people request/suggest it in feedback we might have a chance! I hope that we can make a difference in someway.
  7. I have had an idea about campaign rewards and posted a lengthy explanation of it. check it out and see if it meets something that you might be looking for. I think most of us have a similar idea that there need to be something "more".
  8. If this sounds interesting please converse with your guilds and see if we can get this added or at least something similar! I would really like to see this system adopted into the game!
  9. TL;DR : Divine Favor (scoring mechanic) should be used as a currency outside of campaigns for guilds to purchase rewards. This creates a longer lasting goal for guilds over many campaigns outside of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places. You really should read it though! Feedback and suggestions are very important to the development of Crowfall, and I just want to put forth an idea that will be a potential positive addition to the game for everyone. Through our journeys of testing Crowfall, we have had many "late night saving the world" conversations. One idea keeps popping up and would seem to make most people go, "hmph, that isn't a bad idea"...so here it goes: Divine Favor is a metric that is tracked and used as a "score" in campaign modes. It is tallied from different sources/actions and combined at the end to figure out a "winner" of the campaign relative to effort throughout the 4 seasons. We think that the Divine Favor, used as a scoring metric, could also be turned into a Guild Currency. This currency would then be spent outside of the campaign at a temple to a certain god, or a specific vendor to acquire potential buffs/boons. In doing so would create a goal for not only for large guilds, but smaller ones as well. Guilds already select God of the Pantheon on the Crowfall website. At the moment, I don’t believe that there is a use to doing this, as of yet. This system would make a guild select a god and then work to gain favor for that god. In doing so, would allow them to interact with an emissary (NPC) to purchase buffs or items deemed worthy rewards. Picking a god could have long term benefits as well. The more favor gained could rank up rewards, or new options become available. The idea is to create a system that all guilds would have larger goals that work across many campaigns. The Divine Favor would be able to be gathered across multiple campaigns, but to keep it fair, there should be a maximum allotment. The top guilds seem to get near 100 points of Divine Favor in a campaign where they have many members. Smaller or medium guilds could likely achieve 30-60 points in a campaign. The bank could be set at 200 so large guilds would be able to hit cap easily and use their points as needed. The smaller guilds could work at it over 2-3 campaigns to achieve a goal. The idea of a cap is just to prevent a guild from overloading rewards/buffs. Using the current scoring system fits well because the way the cards play into each season. Each season has cards that reward Divine Favor. If a guild decided to only participate in the minimum effort of sacrificing 1 item or capping 1 shrine they could achieve 1 point per season. All four seasons they could get 4 points at the absolute minimum and could bank that towards their goals. Now, obviously the more you try the more you should be rewarded. The cards for each season will matter greatly, and some guilds may have advantages over others. That is the reason why trying hard for 1 season would grant a lot of Divine Favor for the guild, even if they don’t win any other season. It would also incentivize them to constantly be working out what buffs to use, thus creating certain “guild missions” for their members within a campaign on top of basic game scoring. We want there to be a reason for each guild to continue trying, continue to push for something! These examples are small goals that would make the effort in the campaign feel worthwhile. It would create a mission, execution, and reward platform that might encourage players to do more than they normally would commit. To me, it creates a goal for the guild/group and you don't have to feel like you "lost" the campaign for the 4th week in a row because you can't take forts/keeps. It leaves a group with a sense of progression within their own power and by their own means. Once the Divine Favor was won from one, or many campaigns, the guild could then travel to their god’s statue and commune with an emissary (NPC). It would basically be a normal store vendor with specific buffs/items deemed worthy rewards.The details can be discussed. We just thought simplicity would be better. Either using an item for a guild wide buff or sacrificing an item to the god statue could be a way to start off the timer for the buff. Traveling to the God statue could be important from an immersion, or lore, standpoint for some players. An overall example would be: A guild split itself among two campaigns and had two missions in each. Both groups come out of the campaigns and come together to spend the Favor earned along with the materials earned to create new gear for all the players. Everyone is sharing materials and trading between crafter's to get everything done in the window when the favor is spent. Everyone is now a little better geared for the next campaign to kick off. The idea for Divine Favor is to benefit every guild. This could also add extra incentive to WIN the campaign. An idea would be to grant an additional fixed amount to the top 20 (scaled rewards) guilds in the rankings. There should still be a reward for 1st, 2nd, 3rd...etc. like a themed reward from their god of choice. I just want to still give a reason to WIN!!!! Now the actual usage of the currency varies on rewards and what would be considered balanced and fair can have further discussion. Some ideas were to allow guilds to purchase resource parcels for EK (example: grow specific trees), allow buffs such as 10% more resources gathered for an hour, less durability loss for a short time (more PvP focused for large events), or an effect like a bon-tipper for 30 min. There are many possible rewards. I just wanted to suggest a few to give an overall idea of possibilities. I hope I explained this well enough. I would like to hear other opinions on this topic. The idea is not fully flushed out, but I wanted to put it on paper for discussion. Thanks for your time!
  10. <Question> Templar and Knight Block skill has a different global cool-down than "regular" skills. When used in different intervals the timing of both of them becomes out-of-sync. Is there any way to look into making block a true Flash Cast where there isn't a timer?
  11. Part of this is a copy paste from my feedback post, but I have also added to it. I thought placing this in the actual Templar section would have a bit more exposure for just Templar users and those interested in it. I will likely continue to add to this post. Please share your ideas, and possible issues with the Templar. I do enjoy the class and would like to see it in a good spot among balance and usage. Blocking: The Templar block seems odd to me. First, you have to decide to take a dodge or a block. Therefore, you lose mobility to chase or run away. I understand that the style is to hold the line, block defensively, or absorb damage, but it comes at a cost and also an odd interaction with skills. Picking the block then has benefits to regen of PIPs and blocking some damage which is a good thing overall. Another bonus is that when you block a skill/attack you are allowed to parry with a skill that is very strong and can knockdown. I do enjoy the use of the parry, but its interaction with block and the skill "usage" seems odd. When you hold right click and block a skill, you have to release right click and then press "E" as fast as possible to execute the parry. If you do not release the right click, the parry will not execute or might time out. This creates an odd timing within the game that when you rotate between Block, parry, block, parry eventually the timing of skill/skill cooldowns means you have to eat maybe 1-2 attacks before the game realizes that you are now blocking and can now parry. I do understand that you need pips to successfully block, I'm talking about the ratio of time it takes for all global cooldowns to re-align back to enable a block-to-parry combo again. The choice of block vs dodge is an interesting choice but both come at a cost. Picking the dodge allows you to stay mobile and "keep up" with other classes dodges and other movement skills. Censure, is a skill that dashes forward and stuns targets at the end of the attack. This is a great tool to chase but is the ONLY mobility skill in the 3 Templar trees (outside of dodge roll). So if you pick the block skill, you are left with just 1 skill and a block. Most other classes have built in mobility on skills that fill a similar role to Templar. Knight has a dash on 9-10 sec cooldown, chain-pull (pseudo-movement concept of reversing someones movement), and a possible dodge roll. So in the math game of 1 mobility skill vs 3 possible mobility skills the Templar has no chance to chase or run. Mrymidon, Champion, Assassin, Ranger all have some sort of skills that allow them to be mobile + a dodge. So what is the incentive to use block? If you do choose block, it is a very useful tool. But has some annoying downsides as well! When you block an attack you can reduce the damage by a % related to your CON stat line. Early in the game it would not be beneficial to put points into CON because the % value you gain for block is minimal and the HP gained per point is also minimal. I haven't done the perfect math but I am assuming that "damage" (stat for atk pwr) has a higher weighted value per point than CON does. So when people stat their characters, its for DAMAGE!!!!!. If I stat for CON and to block I can't block their damage and still take some because the block value is small. A.K.A I block and take damage while they attack, since I'm not attacking and chose to block, they still throw attacks and I take damage. If they kite me there is a world where I could die and almost never be able to hit them. All the while slowly dying because I cant block most of the damage. The issue here is that if I can't catch them I take small amounts of damage but cant counter with my own. I could parry but they could also dodge. If it is a range character you can't even block their attacks to proc parry, you only reduce the damage. I touched on this a little but you can not use block on a range character to proc parry. This is kinda rough when you have to face range classes once you chose to get in their face. You can use Censure to stun, but if you miss, they dodge roll once and you are out of range to attack. You can use reproach->cast-> radiant sweep to knock down but if they dodge roll twice, use a mobility skill or have a 20m roll you will outright miss. they get away and you have to wait 16-ish seconds for censure to come back for it to likely happen all over again. If you elect to use block you take damage for 16 seconds...great interactions! I feel that since the block skill has a cooldown of 1 sec, you have to make the conscious choice to use it, but you still take damage, are slowed (movement i think is 33% less movement than normal combat movement), and when you release you can not block until the GCD comes back. All the while the opposition is hitting you. If the blocking classes could move at normal combat speed maybe that would be a bonus to movement, kiting, combat reposition, and retreats. I feel that you have to sacrifice way too much to chose the block skill for ANY block character honestly. You can argue that you should just put points into CON so that your HP pool is large and your block can mitigate more damage. But there is a world where you need to attack your foe PvE or PvP and when you start to fight back you are a wimp in comparison. If you go all out your damage wont scale to affect their HP where their damage will affect yours. The trade off for the CON stat and the way it interacts with block is poor. The function of "block then parry" is wonky with global cooldowns. If anyone has some workarounds, or sees something I missed about the subject please let me know. thanks. Edit: Block Bonus stat is based off CON stat at 10% of the stat value. 250 CON points = 25% bonus block mitigation. Sadly i haven't yet tested the block value normally because I cant block and look at the detail page to see what stats it affects. Nor have I been a test dummy yet to look deeper into it....yet. There is a cap to block mitigation so you will take damage when you block. I agree I shouldn't be invincible while I'm blocking, but I shouldn't be overly punished in doing so in comparison to most other classes with damage and mobilty. Censure (Skill): The skill is the only mobility skill (outside of dodge roll) that is in the Templar kit. I don't mind the lack of mobility on the class (kinda), but can we change the ground tether of the skill? What I mean is, when you use the skill it goes 20m. if your target is 20m but up an small incline you will stop at where the incline is. Maybe that amount is ~9m away and that is how far you go. It is silly to just have 1 mobility skill that is also gimped upon usage.
  12. So one thing to take into consideration is that we are in the weakest possible vessels. there is a chance to have higher base stats just from the vessel. So you can have one with solid STR stat and then pump points into dex/int if you would like. There likely isnt a real cookie cutter build for white vessels. I think learning the flow and style of the class is more important. If you want to be tanky, then a pure STR build is prolly best to get decent base damages. If you are going a more DPS (top tree) I would go INT or DEX/INT to capitalize on the noble blood crit buff and the int for little extra damage from crits and such. Im also fairly new to knight as a whole so this is just my opinion.
  13. There will eventually be an alliance function. This might alleviate some of what you are describing from spacing out players/guilds. To kind of piggy back on spacing out fights, I feel outposts should have a higher "value". If there are 8 flags in the zone and a guild holds 6, maybe they get a movement, attack, or defense buff as a "reward". Then to bring the guild down to size you would have to cap it away and remove them from the buff. Secondary to this, if a guild is in a siege, the offensive party could attack outposts to gain the buff to help them take it and also maybe it weakens the defenders in some manner. making siege a multi layer assault instead of who has more numbers/comp. Making the outposts have a strategy value out side score point generators, I think that would create an incentive for smaller scale battles around outposts. Key points to hold while defending a keep for scout groups. Maybe on a Keep siege owning all the outposts weakens guards or makes the timer to cap faster? SOMETHING to spread the fights out could be interesting. you may need to have a guild with numbers but they have to all be 5 man groups used in a chess game over the whole map.
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