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  1. I dont like the shape-shifting concept. I would much rather see a summoning druid to a shape-shifting one. If they made shape-shifting a sub-class that could be ok, imo.
  2. I fully support Druid being purely casters. I don't really like the concept of Druids main them being shapeshifting, however I think they could add it as a sub-class to Druid. I was disgruntled when wow switch their Druid theme from masters of nature to masters of the cosmos, so I would like Crowfall's Druid to stick to the nature theme.
  3. Lmao. Anyways, i'm happy to hear your guy's decision about combat. I only got to play a lil bit on the 18th, but combat is well on it's way to being great! Also, I noticed that on the front page it still states that the next test will be in February? Will this be updated? I ask because throughout the video you guys kept saying there would be a test in January. o.O
  4. Recruiting for Crowfall! We shall reign supreme!
  5. vVe


    No thank you.
  6. Sylvari? Not to sure I would like that...
  7. What they lack in damage I hope they gain in utility. But i like that, its one of the reasons I go support classes and play dps on them.
  8. ooo I would love if the "Mystic" was a promotional class!
  9. True as in they are equal to nature and not becoming it.
  10. Lesser will be lesser. Homeless will be broke. Your issues are our own. Get back to me when you can actually format a sentence.
  11. Nope, would only tune into this page to respond, lol. * Went back and saw it,lol.*
  12. Those of us from higher society do not steal, such a action is for a lesser, which I find funny considering you a one. It seems your still to broke to get Rosetta Stone though.... as expected.
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