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  1. *shrug* i dont understand why people like vanilla either, i mean, chocolate is clearly superior. also, seconding the invert y-axis option, then i could play without alternating strictly between staring at my feet and staring at the sky
  2. prealphanotbad.obamaface

  3. Jesus why would you even bring this up? Archetypes locked to a single race - what a terrible idea. If there isn't some horrible lore breaking reason to permit a race access to an archetype, then there should be as much diversity as possible.
  4. As long as Stoneborn don't get handicapped into oblivion a la SB faction-wise and are competitive with ARAC, I'm all for it. Should be able to make it work with the lore.
  5. Glad to see you guys take a page from SB Dwarf lore - it's the most original and best I've read.
  6. Yessssss.... glorious stone people with beards of awesome.
  7. SB Dwarves > Tolkien-esque Dwarves. The better question is whether or not a Dwarf-only group/guild is going to be severely handicapped in comparison to ARAC like it was SB.
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